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As part of our continuing service to help usher in the Aquarian Age, we are offering space on the Internet to New Age organizations and individuals who offer products and services valuable to health and spiritual fulfillment. We are taking advantage of the World Wide Web's unique ability to provide shoppers with an easy way to learn about new products and services. We urge you to contact our advertisers below to obtain more information about their offerings. We are doing our best to work with companies who provide quality products and services.

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VJ Enterprises

VJ Enterprises is a New Age organization dedicated to providing insightful information related to the Golden Age through books, lectures, and classes. Topics include UFOs, crystals, healing, Crystal Skulls, working with inner awareness, Peru, and more. They also offer metaphysical journeys to sacred sites around the world.

Ka Gold jewelry
Great looking Gold jewelry of the designer David Weitzman.

Crystal Skull Products

VJ Enterprises offers various books, on-line mailing list and public events about the mysterious Crystal Skulls in order to provide more education to the public about these sacred artifacts and why they are important. We also offer people the opportunity to acquire their own newly carved Crystal Skull which can be used to enhance one's personal spiritual growth or enhance your personal meditations.

The Planetary Light Network
On August 17th, 1997, the Planetary Light Network Initiative opens it doors to the New Age / Holistic / Spiritual Communities.
The goal of the Planetary Light Network is to create a central nexus where any individuals or organizations involved in these type of activities can put out their message about their specified services, products, resources or interest as well as be able to link quickly with other like minded individuals. The Planetary Light Network (PLN) is the creation of various individuals and organizations collaborately sharing their resources to make this new service available online. Also through the generousity of Global Visions, PLN has its own online searchable database. V J Enterprises is a founding and supporting member of PLN, Joshua Shapiro is the initiator of this project. We hope you will consider becoming a member of this initially free service to work with others to create a harmonious world.

The Hidden Truth (CD-ROM)

SAdENESS Software of the UK in April/May (1997) is releasing this most interesting CD ROM (for PCs or Macintoshes). It is a compilation of some of the best information about the HIDDEN TRUTH related to UFOs, Cover-up, Mysteries, Science Fiction and more. A number of well-known web sites have agreed to allow their material to be reproduced. THE CD includes quite a collection of multi-media materials from Sound, to incredible graphics (images of UFOs for example) and movies. V J Enterprises is proud to be a participate of this year long project. If you have an interest to have access to about 95% of our pages without downloading, you will find this information on the CD. Good Job SAdENESS!

Star Love Network Journal

Our dear friends Kadar Raja and Moria Dove are the founders of the Aquarian Mission. Joshua was there in California in 1985-1986, when the Mission first formed and helped them with their first newsletter which has now spread as the Star Love Network Journal. Here is your chance to read about this special publication dedicated for sharing information and truth and provides insights from our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters from the Stars. In addition, the Mission has begun a new project called the Sangre de Cristo Monastery, a special community and retreat for Lightworkers to visit and do personal meditations at.


Egyptian jewelry
Some great looking Egyptian jewelry of the designer David Weitzman.

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