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New CD Released
by SAdENESS Software, UK

(Offered through V J Enterprises)

SAdENESS Software is proud to announce the coming release of 'The Hidden Truth'. Over the past year, SAdENESS has been busy compiling what will be one of the most interesting and exciting CDROM releases of the year.

This CD is a massive HTML multimedia extravaganza! Featuring sound samples, movies, pictures, interesting text files and more. Covering a wide range of topics - ranging from UFOs to Government Conspiracy to Science Fiction.

100% HTML

(World Wide Web) documents Including HTML3 features, such as Tables, Javascript, Custom backgrounds and colours, Image Maps, Gif Anims and more!

SAdENESS has taken the time to ray-trace several headings and animations, to make this CD a joy to explore.

They haven't just put some Web sites on this CD and forgotten about them - SAdENESS has cross-linked many areas of sites to other areas of relevance on the CD.


In addition to the V J Enterprises web site participating in this project, you will find various other well known UFO Sites as well including:

Sci-Fi Prodigy Page
DragonBane's UFO web site
Malta UFO Research Home Page
Close Encounters of the WWW Kind
GLUFON UFO group Web Site.
Anomalous Images/Info from Russia.
Wally World UFO Home Page
Arne's UFO Site
The Anomalist - Internet Magazine
Pictures of UFO sighting in Culross, Scotland
UFO Folklore
Ron Bertino's - Alien Information
UFO Researcher (Australia)
The S-4 Database
The Australian UFO Sightings Page
StarDrive - The Quantum Magicians Of Terra
Talisman Media Site

Other stuff like a massive UFO photo gallery (with 100's of pictures), and UFO movies, sound samples (like Roswell radio report and more).

Featuring Gif Animations, AVI animations, Javascript, WAV/AU Sound samples, JPEGS/GIF pictures, HTML documents, MPEG/QUICKTIME movies and more!

Unlike many other CDROM titles today, we have virtually filled this CD to the brim, with only the best data around (over 600 Meg of Files).

Also included are various bonus programs such as multimedia Roswell guides and paranormal databases and more.

Allowing you to very quickly find your way around the CD, and find exactly what you are looking for.


This CD will be one of the best resources for anybody even remotely interested in Alien Life Forms, Unidentified Flying Objects, Alien abduction cases and Close Encounters etc. With hundreds of informative and interesting text files, a comprehensive UFO image gallery, some of the very best Web Sites, masses of quality animations and sound samples and more, this is a real multimedia experience.


Did you ever think that there were things that your goverment wasn't telling you?? Well, there is! Some of the most top-secret documents, pictures and files are here for you to see. Majic 12 UFO group documents, 'authentic' military UFO photos, and much more - like some of the most interesting theories on the JFK assassination.


From Independence Day to The X Files some of the most popular Sci-Fi is featured. See movie clips, samples and pictures from your favourite shows.

Including detailed SETI information. Also, the very latest updates on the amazing news of fossilised Life signs found on a meteorite from Mars by NASA!


On this CD, there are details about the World's greatest Science-Fiction artists! For example, we have created a special exclusive H.R. Giger (well known for his work on Alien) gallery!

Plus More............... Such as crop circles, space, time travel, worm holes etc. etc.


RELEASE DATE: April/May 1997

PRICE: $39.95 (U.S. Dollars); 29.95 (29.95 UK Pounds Sterling)

(U.S. price includes handling and shipping)


IBM/PC: - 8 MB RAM minimum, Working Web Browser software recommended, though a web browser is supplied. Windows 95 highly recommended.

MACINTOSH: - 8 MB RAM minimum, Working Web Browser software recommended, though a web browser is supplied. System 7 or higher.

AMIGA: - 4MB RAM minimun, AGA chipset (Graphics card recommended), Workbench 3.0 or higher. An installed and configured demo of Aweb2.1 is supplied.

Great looking Talismans of the designer David Weitzman.

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