Star Love

(Celebrating 12 years of bringing
Revelations of the Age of Aquarius )

A Journal of Aquarian Revelations!

We have entered the Aquarian Age.

When Jupter aligns with Mars,
Then Peace will guide the planets,
and Love will steer the Stars!"

These prophetic words of the famous song portray the true purpose behind the modern day phenomena we know as UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Beings. With all of the mass hysteria as regards to the negative aspects of this phenomena it is hight time that the WHOLE TRUTH be made known behind the Goodly Purpose of our Cosmic Visitors!

The Star Love Network Journal has been revealing these truths for over 12 years in a unique format the enlightens and empowers. Many who have undergone abductions or who are in need of healing, have received marvelous blessings from absorbing the holy revelations contained in the journal. Gently working behind the scenes of the controlling forces of the Shadow Government, is a power far greater than any negative alien power-play to control this planet. This glorious TRUTH will set groping humankind free. Don't you think its time to know the Whole Truth?

Coming Topics in the Star Love Network Journal are:

  • Earth Changes
  • Sananda's Mother Ship
  • Return of the Christ
  • Dolphins Healing the Earth
  • Building a Space Ship
  • The Ashtar Command
  • Extra Terrestrial DNA
  • Love will Heal Gaia

Viewers of this web page may take advantage of a special trial offer of the Star Love Network Journal by sending $4.95 to the contract address listed below. As a special added bonus, we will send you absolutely free of charge the Aquarian Love Pod Communiquè, a dolphin orietated publication!

Subscriptions to the Journal run $25.80 per year { 4 issues }. Order your subscription or trial issue today!

Star Love Network Journal
Attn: Kadar Raja Dove
1409 Zepol #305
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Telephone & Fax: 505-473-3744

Sangre de

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The members of the Aquarian Mission, started by Kadar Raja & Moira Dove, are in the process of creating a new spiritual community center which they call the Sangre de Cristo Monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The people who decide to come and live, pray and play under the wondrous influence of the "Land of Enchantment", surely have found favor in God's eyes. they are the ones' who intuitively understand that we are the trustees rather than the possessors of this sacred land. It is with deep reverence, and a sense of joyous gratitude for our good fortune and a realization of our divne duty that we embark on the Sangre de Cristo Monastery project, to share this bounty of grace with our global family.

The Monastery is located on 90 acres of rolling hills, open meadows, sparking streams and towering pine trees. Included are a 6000 SF loadge containing 5 befrooms, 1000 SF guest quarters which sleep 12, cozy cotages, a chapel, pirors cottage, a hermitage and a barn. The unique property was a former Benedictine Monastery and a Sri RAmana Maharishi Retret center.

The Sangre de Cristo Monastery is dedicated to disseminating the teachings of the Inter-Galatic ConfedeRAtion of Peaceful and Loving Planets, and the mystics of differing Earth Traditions. Included will be the building of Pyramids and Healing Temples. Living at the Monastery will re-establish meaning in our lives as we face various global crises, including the vast EARTH CHANGES and EARTH CLEANSING now upon us. This is not a home for the profane or the curious. Only the series seeker need apply. This is not a community of the 60's, but a Monastery for Galactic minded souls here on Earth to serve, to heal and to love.

But we need help. Great Spiirt has dedicated this land as a permanent refuse for truth seekers since Lemuria! We joyfully, therefore, invite the leaders as well as the chelas of all Paths to join us, in this place, to fulfill the Plan the Masters Know and Serve. To aid in this Plan, we are humbly, but courageously seeking sponsors and benefactors - individuals, and organizations to make tax deductible contributions to the Sangre de Cristo Monastery.

If you feel called to serve, live, heal, play, learn or teach at the Monastery, please call or write to:

Aquarian Mission
1409 Zepol #305
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Telephone & Fax: 505-473-3744

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