Dr. Yan Xin and
His Chi-Emitting Lectures

During the predawn of the New Age, many people are learning through meditation, prayer, martial arts, etc. ways to develop and harness their individual power. This power or bioenergy is called chi (some times spelled qi, ji, or ki) in the Chinese culture. By developing chi, some masters have what appear to be superabilities. Dr. Yan Xin is a Chi-gong master.

What is very fascinating with Dr. Yan Xin's work, is that he is using modern scientific methods and tools to prove (to the Western mind) that the focusing of chi onto substance such as DNA can be measured. Besides conducting studies, he has given Chi-Emitting Lectures to millions of people. In these lectures, he sends out healing energy to the audience, in which people may be healed of an affliction, and he teaches them a form of meditation in which they can learn to heal themselves.


Dr. Yan Xin

Dr. Yan Xin (pronounced yan shin) is a physician of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Research Institute of Chongqing, Sichuan province, China. Before he studied Chinese traditional medicine, he studied in two colleges of Western medicine in China. He is a graduate of the University of Chinese Traditional Medicine in Sichuan and has taught Chinese traditional medicine for five years. During the past few years, he has engaged in scientific research on Chinese traditional conception of the body. He has made many successful scientific studies in cooperation with major research institutes and universities both in China and abroad.

On top of his formal medical education, Dr. Yan received extensive training in traditional Chinese Qigong since he was four years old. Qigong is a mental and physical training method which enables human beings to acquire skill or strength through working with the body's bioenergy. It is the basis of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and most styles of Martial Arts. One of the most attractive features of Qigong is its effectiveness in health maintenance and self healing of many chronic conditions. A well trained Qigong practitioner can also utilize the bioenergy called "Qi" to treat other patients. As one of the highest level Qigong masters, Dr. Yan is well known for his ability to treat difficult diseases including some terminal cases.

General Research Findings

In exploring the secrets of Qigong, he has collaborated with Beijing University, Qinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other scientific research organizations. The scope of his experiments has been extremely broad, they have included the fields of Medicine, Biology, Physics, Nuclear Energy, Chemistry, Optics, Astronomy, Geology, Industry, and Agriculture. The results of his research shows that the latent potential that every human being carries far exceeds the knowledge of contempary sciences.

As a result of Dr. Yan Xin's research, it has been shown that the mind power or Qi emitted by a trained Qigong master can influence or change the molecular structure of many test samples, including those of DNA and RNA, even if these test samples are 6 to 2,000 kilometers away from the master. Qi can also effect the half life of radioactive isotopes and the polarization plane of a beam of light as emitted from a Helium-Neon laser. His discoveries are changing the way modern science is viewed, and challenging many of its assumptions. Up to the present time, he has published thirty-six scientific papers in collaboration with other scientists. Some of the research results have already been put into use in industrial areas in China.

Chi-Emitting Lectures

To satisfy the great demand by people interested in Qigong and to help patients with difficult-to-cure diseases, Dr. Yan invented a way of teaching and healing called the Qi-Emitting Lectures. During the lecture, Dr. Yan emits "Qi" to the audience (who may be in the same room with him or listening on the telephone) while speaking on the principles and methods of Qigong. He has given many lectures in mainland China, Japan, Southeast Asia and millions have attended. During his lectures, many people were cured of their illnesses or their condition considerably improved.

International Yan Xin Qigong Association (IYXQA)

For more information on Yan Xin's research, lectures, or training workshops contact the IYXQA headquarters.

                IYXQA Station A
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Membership into the IYXQA is free and open to all individuals who want to improve his/her mental and physical health condition, prevent and heal diseases to prolong life, and exploit latent potential through studying the scientific principles of Qigong. Currently, members are located in more than 90 countries. In North America alone, there are almost one hundred local chapters in leading universities and communities in over 40 states.

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