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First of all, we should state that we are not a traditional travel agency that just offer tours. The journeys we share are sacred to us. We see this service as part of our mission as Spiritual Beings. The most important reason we offer this journeys is YOU, because we know that to go to Peru is a dream for many. We therefore make it our intention to provide the best service and quality that we can so each passenger can fully experience these sacred sites. It is also very important to understand that our journeys are spiritually planned and guided by our mentor and friend, CHUMA.


Based upon the financial requirements requested by Peruvian Tour operators and the airlines in which we work with, the minimal number of people in a group is 10 members. The maximum number of participants permitted in our groups is 22, as it is not efficient to travel with a larger number and still be able to provide the high quality of service to assist each passenger. We understand the importance of such a journey for each participante and do not wish that each person feels as if they are just another individual traveling with hundreds of others. The smaller groups provide an opportunity for each participante to spend a quality time to experience each place and an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the Andes Culture and Tradition. In addition, there is always a special group of people who travel with us which provides an opportunity to make many new close friends, part of your extended family.


Peru is a country of rich history, rich civilizations, different geography, climate and magnificent natural beauty. The land is magical and its past inhabitants used its power to develop a very advanced spiritual life. They knew that each person is a spiritual being living an Earth experience and they devoted their life to learning how to grow as a spiritual being in this physical dimension. They knew that between humans and nature is no separation, that all that exists is the creator and the creation which is part of the same source. With this knowledge they became Masters of Time, Space and Energy. As Masters they respected all of life and used all tools provided by Mother Nature to assist them in their development. Most of their ancient culture is still preserved and available to us, even though modern society is still trying to comprehend the mysteries of these civilizations. The answers to many of our inner questions can be found in Peru.

We know that a twelve days journey is not enough time to explore all that is in Peru. However, based upon our years of experience and following the guidance of our Spiritual Mentor, we believe that we chose the right combination of places to visit plus special native medicine people who will share the wisdom of their ancestors and plant the seed of their tradition, which will open a transformational process of rediscovery of self.


Today people are becoming more aware of their spiritual essence and are seeking out places that provide profound experiences. Therefore, Peru has become one of the most favorite places in the world for travelers and specifically for spiritual seekers. This increase of interest in Peru is very beneficial to those who are seeking the experience as well as to the country of Peru. For many years the people of Peru have been living in a very restricted way. However, the current President has corrected so many problems related to the economy and political unrest in Peru that now tourism has increased a thousand fold which has brought prosperity to the country. In the case of the tourist market, this has had the opposite effect in that there are more people now who want to visit Peru then ever before. Thus to provide a better quality of service for this demand, the local merchants have increased their prices tremendously. Most of the places we visit have a limited amount of good hotels to chose and in some places there is just one hotel in the area that provides nice, clean and comfortable room with hot water for showers. We work with conscious people in Peru that provide to us the best service and has the same intention that we do. So our prices is based upon the size of the group, amount of days, the variety of places we will be visiting and the quality of services that you will be receiving.

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