Whitley Strieber

( Well-known UFO
Abductee and Author )

Whitley Strieber is of course known throughout the world as a famous novelist but recently, with the advent of his own UFO abduction by the 'Visitors', he has written a series of best selling books about his experiences. The previous titles of his UFO related books include "Communion", "Transformation" and "Majestic" (about the Roswell Incident). In May of 1995, his new book, "Breakthrough" was released further expanding upon his insights related to UFO abduction experiences. I think that we own Mr. Strieber a great deal of gratitude for his courage to publicly share about his experiences. As a result of his book, many other abductees, who were afraid to share their own abduction, now are seeking answers and coming out publicly as well.

In addition, Mr. Strieber is interacting with other people through various computer online systems. We are including a link from this page to some of the other interviews he has given online ( including Compuserve and America Online). Also Mr. Strieber is open to answer people's questions and you can send him an email (see my questions listed below or at the end of this page for his address). So I felt it was important to share some of the information he is providing as I feel the abduction experience is increasing these days. Below you will find an index for the information contained on this page or link to a few other pages containing information by Mr. Strieber. Happy reading ..................


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Questions from Joshua Shapiro

From: wstriebe@InterServ.Com
Date: Wed, 17 May 95 21:30:59 PDT
Subject: Re: Breakthrough -- Reply
To: "Richard L. Shapiro"

( Q: - Question (Joshua); A: - Answer (W.Strieber) )

Q: There is a great controversy at the moment about abductions. First, some people feel violated because they are taken without permission. From your first two books, it seems this process happened with you as well. What is your viewpoint about this scenario?

A: The abduction is a horrific experience. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. To wake up, as I did, and find yourself surrounded by monstrosities is absolutely appalling. With God as my witness, I will remember that moment forever and ever. BUT it was also the beginning of my awakening. I would never, ever have made the journey I have without it. Good or bad? You decide for yourself. For me, it became good because I made it so.

Q: Do the visitors you discuss have some connection with the race known in UFO circles as the Grays/Greys?

A: Most of my visitors appear to be grays.

Q: In your experience do you remember seeing a blue color light, this seems to come up for people who have some type of contact. If so, what does this light represent?

A: Blue light is probably the most common effect. Read the Grimm's tale The Blue Light. In past times, it was also called the ghost light. I've seen it many times.

Q: In your new book, it seems that you are looking at a new perspective of this abduction experience, more of the spiritual aspect. It seems that when one has a contact to these beings, they are exposed to a new reality and it effects them by making them more psychic or telepathic. Was this true for you and why do you think this happens?

A: The visitors tell me that there is an organic quality in our skulls that dampens telepathy, and that this is going to fade.

Q:If you could summarize in a few sentences, what is your opinion about why abductions are occurring (at least being reported) more frequently now? What is the purpose of this? Are all the ET races who are doing this of a beneficial nature for humanity?

A: This is occurring because humanity is changing in some way. I suspect that we are going to take a leap ahead in the evolution of consciousness.

Q: What suggestions would you give to other abductees how to better deal with their experience. It seems that quite a number suffer either mentally or emotionally from this traumatic experience. How we can educate or help these people to get past this?

A: Getting past the trauma is important if we are going to increase the value of this very difficult experience. That's why I wrote Breakthrough.

Q: Do you have any insights into what the Government knows about the visitors or contact we are having?

A: I'm not real interested in the government because the visitors have bypassed it. It isn't up to the government to confirm. They don't have that right. It will be done by the visitors at a time of their choosing.

Q: In your book Majestic, you presented many new aspects to contact with the aliens, such as people who were abducted having their soul transferred to another body, being controlled by the ETs and even Government officials being controlled by the ETs. Was any of this information substantiated via some research you have done?

A: The visitors orchestrate the secrecy, in my opinion. In this sense, they are behind the coverup.

Q: What do you see in the future in regards to relations with the visitors? Will the visitors come out openly one day?

A: As we grow and evolve, our relationship with the visitors will become more open. When we develop hyperconsciousness and are fully invested in reality, with full self-knowledge and a richly rewarding understanding of the universe, we will be on our way beyond the visitors.

Q: Besides, writing your new book, what activities are you involved in at this point in time?

A: Right now I am very involved with the visitors, trying to change in ways that will enable more fully realized and intimate contact. I would like to go to another world, if that is possible.

Q: Do you have a personal message you wish to share with others, related to any thoughts or feeling you have about UFOs in general, ET Races (the visitors) or Abduction?

A: My personal message would be that we need to work through our fear and denial so that we can make informed decisions about how we want our relationship with the visitors to evolve.

Q: Is there something people can do to help you in your own research related to these topics?

A: What we can all do to help each other is work on our own individual contacts. Where one goes forward, all go forward. In this, we are always together--no leaders, no followers, no authorities, no rulers. Here, everyone is his own leader, and we all are at the same level.

Q: If people have questions about Abductions, can they contact you via e-mail?

A: People can email me.

To send an email to Mr. Strieber, his internet address is:

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Joshua's Response to
Mr. Strieber's Answers

Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 06:45:51 -0500 (CDT)
From: Richard L. Shapiro
To: wstriebe@InterServ.Com
Subject: Re: Breakthrough -- Reply

Mr. Strieber,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. What I hope to do this weekend is to take these response plus the information on your new book that you published (BTW, congratulations on the book, being a fellow author I know how time and energy this takes) and add it to our Abduction section.

One quick question: From the answers below, it appears that after analyzing all that has happened to you and is happening to you, even though the visitors did experiments upon you, you still feel that they have a positive work to do with humanity.

This issue is probably the most debated issue at the moment, for to some they would see this as a violation of their free will. On the other hand, if we accept, from a spiritual perspective that we are responsible for all things in our lives, then each experience we have, whether the most joyous or one of pain, is involved in the evolution of the soul.

If I might, I will share with you my observations and insights and if you wish to comment, please feel free to do so.

I believe there is a divine plan to move our Earth into a higher level of consciousness, vibration or dimension. The visitors are a part of this plan as they are indirectly stimulating awareness that there are far more things in God's universe than our reality here. I believe that they are working with humanity for their own purpose, perhaps a survival or to find a way to go past some situation they find themselves in at this time. The survival of their race requires a contact with humans. But I think just as we can learn from them, they can learn from us. I believe that inherent within Man, or at this point of time, is an explosion occurring to reveal to man his true spiritual identity. I think that we have an easier time to evolve in that direction than the visitors, who lack our emotional or flowing nature. If the two races would work together instead of taking things from each other, the possibility of advancement is great.

I feel that the process of abduction although on a higher level is serving a purpose, is not in their best interest. We as researchers should try to the best of our ability to educate people what is happening, as far as we know it, and to send to these visitors the love energy in our hearts and not fear them. This love energy invites them to open up to their more spiritual side and to work hand in hand with us. There are many souls being born now, who's true essence (i.e. Brad Steiger's Star People) is cosmic and they are here in an Earth body to awaken their brother and sisters too. Unfortunately, I think the people on the Earth work in extremes and change only comes from some very tramatic challenge.

Indeed it will be interesting to see how events go forward. I believe each of us must know send our mother earth and all living beings somehow connected with her this love energy. The old pattern of competition and mistrust will no longer work. I agree with you, I am expect our visitors from many different worlds and dimensions, to do something soon that will be quite visible for all to see. The official agencies who have the information are caught with their pants down thus they are permitting more of a free flow of the truth to come out via other sources. If my guidance is correct, something major will occur before the end of the year is out.

I send you all the best on your work to help to make sense of the UFO situation with others. I know that many respect your perceptions as it is helping them to deal with their own situations.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to address my questions. If we can be of some assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joshua Shapiro
V J Enterprises

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Mr. Strieber Responds
to Joshua Again

(Email received from Mr. Strieber,
May 26th, 1995)

The issue of free will is an enormous one. I was initially approached and abucted without my knowledge. Nobody asked me my wishes. However, in my case I would definitely have asked for it! I do not feel that I would have noticed the visitors or even believed that they were real unless they hit me over the head--which they certainly did!

The moral problems comes with people who do not want the experience but get it anyway. This problem seems to me to have three levels. First, there is the question of whether or not the people felt more co-operative consciously than unconsciously. Second, there is the issue of hypnosis. Is it a reliable way of uncovering memories or not? Third, and related to the previous issue, is there a difference between the experiences and the memories?

My response to the first level of this question is unequivocally that people who don't want the visitors should not be compelled. I feel that these people should seek any means that they can to break off contact. It seems to me that the support of mental health professionals is an appropriate recourse as well. What we need to do to help these people is to find ways of breaking off contact that work reliably.

Now, the issue of hypnosis. I got 140,000 letters from people who'd had contact or were curious about it. Of these, only a very few reported a desire not to have it, or what I would describe as a dysfunctional relationship with the visitors, and these few had, without exception, been hypnotized. A small number of the hypnotized people reported the "abduction scenario," which I suspect is probably an artifact of hypnosis and not, in general, a real thing.

What I think happens with hypnosis is that the person perceives the hypnotist's request that he remember as a demand for narrative, and he and the hypnotist then construct the "memories" out of what they expect from things they've read, playing off subliminal cues from each other. Hypnosis is not a window into the truth, it is a demand for narrative issued to a mind in a very suggestible state.

This reaches the third level of this issue. People who have never been hypnotized usually report concern, confusion and a relatively minor level of fear. I was much more fearful than most of my correspondents. They have a lot of trouble rendering their experiences into a coherent narrative.

I do not think that we presently have the tools of concept and language necessary to really create an accurate narrative of contact. As a result, it is ineviable that fear of the unknown will enter into it, especially when the mind is in a suggestible state and narrative is being demanded.

I feel that contact should be approached with open-minded caution, and that the fearful abduction scenario should be questioned very seriously. It should also be borne in mind that the number of people who need help with their experiences appears to be quite small--but it is also true that the UFO and mental health communities see ONLY these people, and are therefore unable to correctly assess the situation. Their view is distorted by a self-selected sample of help-seekers.

This is nobody's fault. It is a side-effect of the fact that our culture denies contact and heaps ridicule on the claimant. Therefore, people who are not in trouble keep pretty much to themselves. I was fortunate that so many of them wrote me, I think.

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Excerpts from "Transformation"

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 22:16:57 +1100
To: snet-l@world.std.com
Subject: Incredible but Credible Whitley S.

                                      to while away ten happy minutes
                                        per day in reassembly.....]
Whitley Strieber
(Beech Tree Books 1988)

selected excerpts follow:


Based on the actual outcome of what they did to me, they must be counted the allies of our growth.

This is a subtle, complex group of phenomena causing experience at the very limits of perception and understanding.

There may be quite a real world that exists between thing and thought, moving easily from one to the other - emerging one moment as a full-scale reality and the slipping the next into the shadows.

The visitors have forced me to....seek a completely new vision of this magnificent, mysterious and fiercely alive universe.

Abduction by non human beings is a part of much folk-lore. Whether the abductors are called demons, gods, fairies or ailiens the experience is always devastating to its victims.

....a few of the modern abductees have been dirven mad, died or disappeared. The great majority have simply borne their difficult, incomprehensible, and socially unacceptable memories in silence.

.....an encounter....can either be destructive or it can be used as a golden door to inner understanding....people who cannot make use of their encounters are often shattered. At its best the experience shocks minds to openness. It creates in its victims a hunger to develop and enrich their spirits.

There is no certain way to know how many people are being affected but the numbers are very large and they are growing.

Precognition, apparent telepathy, out-of-bod perceptions and even physical levitation are commonplace side effects of contact with the visitors....some of them have happened to me as well.

A typical night-visitor episode begins with a sudden awakening... the victim opens his eyes and usually sees entities standing around the bed. The victim cannot move at first,, but the moment the paralysis breaks, the entitites disappear.

What I saw in the sky, apparently no more that a few hundred feet above treetop level, was a gigantic blackness. It covered easily a third of the firmament, blotting out the stars. It was simply immense, a featureless void.....it could as easily have been a hole in the real as a disk hanging silently in the air.

Suddenly I heard a voice, clear in the silence. "Can you go back upstairs by yourself or do you want us to help you?" ...on the far side of the road I saw three dark shapes hanging above the brush. ..... I realized what was happening: there was a gigantic unknown object up there, and my son must be in it.

...the object...seemed to be shrinking....now disappeared completely - suddenly reappeared as a flat yellow disk about half the size of a dime. Its glow took on a faint pink tint and it darted off to the north, streaking like a meteor.

Half a dozen solidly educated scientists and medical people had offered me professional support....their counsel had been brilliant, supportive and useful. Learn to live at a high level of uncertainty. Keep the question open.

I know there are priests who would have thrown me out of their rectories, and priests who would have proclaimed me the victim of demons. But I did not meet such priests. The priest I talked to said: "No matter what they are, they can only increase the glory of God."

I sensed that they were in the bedroom with me, but that didn't seem to matter. I might as well have been paralysed for all the control I had over myself....morning...I heard the pad pad pad of my son's footsteps....he was warm and real and I hugged him hard.

I was eager to tell the scientists.....about this new experience, a waking hypnopompic state with extensive hallucinatory involvement.

My boy...grew tired of his game.....

"Y'know. I've been thinking. Reality is God's dream.........what happens if God wakes up?"....Later...."The unconscious mind is like the universe out beyond the quasars. Its a place we want to go to find out what's there.".....after sunset...."I dreamed I was floating in the woods and this huge eye was looking down at me...like it was real but it was a dream."

Somewhere there is a place where the truth is known.....

....discovery that the star language spoken by Betty Andreasson Luca when she was under hypnosis might have been Gaelic.....phonetic renderings are taken from _The Andreasson Affair_ ....a careful and accurate job of transcription...The Translation therefore reads:

The living descendants of the Northern Peoples are groping in universal darkness. Their (My) mother mourns. A dark occasion forebodes when weakness in high places will revive a high cost of living, an interval of mistakes in high places, an interval fit for distressing events.

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Strieber on Harrassment

Subject: Strieber on Harassment
From: searchnet.zec@channel1.com (Searchnet Zec)
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 06:41:00 -0400
Sender: snet-l-approval@world.std.com

From: charlefr@qm.wv.tek.com (Steve Frost)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Strieber on Harassment
Date: 27 Dec 1994 23:27:12 GMT

The following was written by Whitley Strieber and is replicated here with the permission of ISCNI.

UFO Watchers Item
Saturday, November 5, 1994 12:36:19 PM
From: Linda Goranson, Dimensions Online
Subject: Harassment
To: UFO Watchers

Here is a short piece on Harrasment by Whitley Strieber, author of Communion and Transformation.

Quite a number of witnesses report harrassment after their experiences. I have had a hell of a lot of this myself - a protracted reign of terror, in fact, that includes many provable incidents.

A few days ago I got an incredible letter from a friend who was threatened while breakfasting with me at a hotel in New York two years ago. A business partner was accosted on a plane in Feburary and asked questions about me by a person showing an NSA identification card. My home was broken into on May 28 of this year and a virus was put on my computer and a six thousand dollar check stolen. Ultra-high-tech electronics that involved the reprogramming of my alarm system's CPU were used in the break-in and the virus was extremely sophisticated.

These are only a few of the things that I've endured, and others have been much worse. My first run-in with the CIA came in 1983 when I was doing research for a book about mind control called BLACK MAGIC. Ironically, and to my own disgust, Wm. Cooper has accused me of being a CIA agent, which is utterly false. Budd Hopkins has said in lectures that I probably know more about what is going on inside the government than anybody, implying that I am somehow a part of the "inside" - I, who loathe the whole concept of insiders and consider official secrecy a crime against the Constitution.

I have written the whole story of these problems and will publish it in BEYOND COMMUNION. But I'm REAL interested in other witnesses who have been harrassed. I know that there was a harrassment panel at the Whole Life Expo in LA last year. Was anybody on this forum there? What was said? I am being practically beaten to death by this. Literally, in one case. About two weeks after I refused to help (the) CIA in '83, I was beaten almost senseless, and bear some permanent injuries to my diaphragm. Of course, I was never able to prove a connection. But when I went to the NYPD, I started getting death threats on the telephone, a nasty male voice threatening to pull my son's head off. He was just a baby then. Attempts to follow up these calls with the NYNEX nusiance bureau and the police were unsuccessful, and no charges were filed as a result of the beating, although I was able to identify the assailant.

I consider the secret government a costly, unconstitutional and downright evil enterprise that we ought to get rid of. Period. It has no business existing in a free nation like ours. No more CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO, or military intelligence beyond the battlefield. And throw open every single existing file to public scrutiny, without exception. Maybe it was OKAY during the cold war, but that's over.


Peace -

-Steve Frost

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More Information from Mr. Strieber

To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Subject: Strieber message...
From: Sheldon.Wernikoff@ocular.com (Sheldon Wernikoff)
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 1995 21:53:48 -0600
Organization: Ocular Resources 708/299-1291 Voice

Hi Joshua! This reply from Whitley Strieber explains a bit about what's been happening to him over the past nine years. What do you think? --Shelly

========BEGIN IMPORTED TEXT========

FORUM:   Internet/UUCP                        HOST: EYERES
DATE:    Dec-28-94 2:53pm                     MSG:  202 PVT
FROM:    Whitley Strieber
TO:      Sheldon Wernikoff
SUBJECT: Physical Reality
I'd be glad to be in touch with him.

I'm interested to hear that you were in a Communion Group. I intentionally broke off contact with them because of the fact that the press was trying to say the whole thing was a cult. I have no idea if they're still going.

Perhaps I might also expand a little on what has been happening over the nine years. What I have essentially been doing is attempting a communication that would establish the degree to which the visitors were a separate physical reality from us, and to determine what they were actually doing or--if 'they' were us--what we were doing to ourselves.

In 1989 I was handed a very elegant proof that they were, in some sense, real. However, it and all else that emerged suggests that they are not only physically present, they have an incredibly detailed and intimate connection to us, one so profound as to make it impossible to find a clear dividing line between 'us' and 'them.'

I decided that the best thing to do was to try to determine what they were actually engaged in, rather than address the question of who they were directly. I set up very specific criteria: I would not respond to anything they did that emerged out of my dream life, or happened when I was alone. There had to be witnesses, and we had to be awake.

The results are: I was taken by them to the home of friends and was able to observe them engaged in what would normally be taken as an 'abduction' sequence. Over the next few years, I followed the results of this contact in the life of the family involved.

With another witness present, I went either into another dimension or forward in time, I don't know which, but it was a physical experience.

A group of witnesses had an encounter with a visitor at my cabin and were able to touch him, then observe him move through a series of different physical states, including complete invisibility.

With a close friend who was dying, I had a face-to-face exchange with a visitor, and was then able to participate in the process of his dying from within his mind.

Sheldon, these were profound and unprecedented experiences. They have completely overturned my sense of the real. I have also had numerous extraordinary events happen while I was alone. These include movements backward in time, and a two-year period during which I meditated with a visitor nightly for as long as six months at a stretch, and became, to a small extent, a shared mind with him.

Still, though, I don't know what they are!

However, I do know why this is. It is because they possess a dimension of mind that enables them to address physical reality as a plastic, and enables them to see it from outside of time. Their message is actually quite clear: we can reach this also. The reason that I cannot articulate what they are is the same one that would prevent a two dimensional creature--the proverbial flatlander--from describing a solid object except in terms of the lines it presented as it moved through his plane.

I have discovered that there appears to be a very broad extension of the physical world that includes the aspect of being we have intuited as the soul. My impression is that the most fundamental forms of the real emerge here. I also feel that there is--or must be--a sort of hyperphysics to describe movement in this context. This post-quantum physics, for example, would include time as a physical dimension of objects, and they would be perceived physically with this dimension.

Understanding all this as part of the physical, identifiable and eventually measurable world has been essential to my work with the visitors. I am not interested in dreams and superstitions. We have thus addressed this realm for years, and it's enough.

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