Links to UFO Sites

Compilation from various sources of UFO related information on the Internet
(Web, FTP, Mailing List, Newsgroups, etc)

UFO On-Line Newsletters
Interesting On-Line Newsletters that one can subscribe to.

We provide the following:

ORTK (Operation Right to Know) Bulletins #1-3,

ISCNI Letter on America OnLine, 3/31/95, has some interesting information
on a Disney special on UFOs)

UK UFO Mailing List provides some interesting news in Europe and Brazil!

Suggested UFO Book List
Courtesy from Joshua's UFO book (This list contains books from 1987 or earlier. See next choice for more recent UFO books.)

Updated UFO Book List
There are so many new books coming out related to UFOs, which are included in this new list and compiled from various sources. This is a text file which will be converted to page format later.

A UFO FAQ, nicely done by Cram which offers some good UFO related definitions and list of various UFO resources.

UFO Files to View/Download
Provided by Bob Garth of, He has various UFO files you can view or download. The files are sorted Alphabetically.

Side Note -- V J Enterprises offers lectures and classes in an effort to help share information related to the UFO Phenomena. Please feel free to click on this link to find out more. One of our reasons for offering our Web Site is we believe it is very important for the public to be informed about various information associated with a number of topics (spiritual/metaphysical/new age) inculding UFOs as to their possible origins; suggestions on what their purpose(s) and intention(s) may be in visiting our world; any information being communicated telepathically or directly and how the existence of the UFOs will impact our lives today and in the future. Also we feel it is important to look at both the physical aspect of this phenomena as well as the spiritual or dimensional nature. We feel very strongly (more from an intuitive level) that many revelations related to the UFO issue are coming soon, especially in 1996 & 1997. We do offer a book called "UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age", which shares information related to UFOs through 1987. For information on this book feel free to send us an e-mail at our address:

Also, we do offer tours to Peru, one of the most well known locations on our planet where there has been reports of a number of UFO sightings and contact. See our Tour Section for more details. Hope you can join us!