Crop Circle Shows Up by Stonehenge
Wow -- A Crop Circle composed of 151 circles shows up near Stonehenge in less than fifteen minutes on July 7th in England. . . Check it out!!!

NASA Astronauts Who've Seen UFOs
A sharing from various NASA Astronauts who have seen UFOs during their active duty!! In addition, if you are interested in hearing [wave format] from witnesses who have reported seeing UFOs, click here

Kenneth Arnold Chronology
An article printed in UFO Search Magazine shares a perspective on what really happened to Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who spotted saucer shaped objects in Washington State, June, 1947.

Inside the Military UFO Underground
An article by A.J.S. Rayl featuring three individuals involved with the U.S. military that have spoken out about their insights about UFOs. (Includes: Robert Dean, Bob Lazar and Col. Charles Halt.

Federal ET Law
Was a Federal US Law passed to deal with contact with Extraterrestrials?

Fire Fighter's Manual
Chapter 13 of manual used by Fire Fighters explaining information about UFOs and How to Deal with Them!

Star People & Wanderers
Information about Extraterrestrials who have incarnated into Earth Bodies to offer spiritual guidance to humanity. This information is a part of Joshua's book, "UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age", featuring quotes from the published titles: "The Star People" and "Other Tongues, Other Flesh".

Joshua's Adventures in UFO Land
Excerpts from Joshua's book, "UFOs, Spaces Brothers and the Aquarian Age". Some general background on how Joshua got started in his personal journey to understand the UFOs and why they are visiting us today

UFO's in Peru with Illinois Shapiro
Illinois' Experiences in Peru in 1989 & 1990. Evidence of UFO activity in this Sacred Land. (Article done for newsletter for UFODRIC, Dec. 1990)

Orientation of ETs Visiting the Earth
Discussion in the Lightworker's mailing list about why the ETs are coming here. We hear quite a number of viewpoints which show why the general public is confused whether we should be welcoming these visitors or be cautious of the visitors