International UFO News
This section is miscellaneous reports of UFO activity in
other countries outside of the United States ...

List of UFO Crashes
From various emails and newsgroup posts .. we have put together
a list of UFO crashes that purportedly have occured all over the world.
page setup by Siam.

Dave Vettrick's Home Page
UFOs for Dummies!! Join our new assistant, as he scans the world for the latest hot stories to show that UFOs are real and they do exist! Join Dave as he covers the lastest developments around the famous Roswell Incident; and . . . Richard Hoagland's reports about the Moon and Mars (ET Structures); and . . .The Rockerfeller UFO Report; and . . . Graham Hancock and Ancient Civilizations; and lastly, hear what Former Astronauts are saying about UFOs (some of this material is cross-posted to existing sections . . .

"ET" Hiway Celebration in Nevada
Thanks to our friend D.K. in Nevada, who was present at this ceremony, the U.S. now has a highway called "Extraterrestial Highway" in Nevada. Read all about the christening on April 17th ( my birthday coincidentally - Illinois ) with photos from D.K.