Hale-Bopp. . . A Sign of the Times!
In this section, we explore the comet Hale-Bopp. We are receiving conflicting reports about this comet ... some astronomers say it is moving in an erratic path, not like a normal comet should. Could it be some type of spacecraft? Recently a companion object has been discovered following it.

Included in this section are a number of stunning photographs and a ton of links to Hale-Bopp related sites.

The Roswell Incident - July, 1947

This section takes a look at the Santilli Autopsy Film reported to have been taken following the UFO Crash at Roswell, NM in July 1947.

Included in this section:

Discussion about the purported film taken at Roswell found in
the U.S. by a British Film Producer.

Various articles posted on the Newsnet, sharing evidence from
witnesses about this case.

Images from the film

UFO Cover-Up & Theories?
In this section, we offer information which has been posted on Internet
that is of a controversial nature offering some possibilities to explaining
past events related to UFOs and what types of activities continue to occur.

It is a selection of Editor's Choice for material.

Abduction & the Greys
This section covers information related to:

People having an Abduction Experience
Ways to Protect Oneself from Abduction
Information about the "Greys", one of
the ET races performing abductions.

Reported Alien Life Forms
This section covers the types of aliens as they have been
reported by witnesses.
Images contributed by Sentinel.

The Hollow Earth
Today, more and more stories are coming out about people who are having contact with races who live on the Inner Surface of our world as well as claiming that flying crafts come out of openings at the poles from these people. If you want to better understand the world we live upon please read this section .......!!!