One of the most controversial subject or phenomena of our times are UFOs and the presence of Extraterrestrials on our Earth. The goal of this part of the VJ Site is to share the most interesting information we have uncovered which supports the existence of UFOs being piloted by extraterrestrial races, inter-terrestrial or people of Earth (using some sophisticated technologies received from contact with other galactic beings).

Each person must make their own decision about the existence of ETs and UFOs. If we were to look at this phenomena from a totally open perspective we could say:

On the one hand, how can we ignore UFO sightings and say that people are hallucinating when so many people from every country of the world are either seeing some type of unidentified craft in the skies or having a (strange or mysterious) contact with beings that are not human and .....

On the other hand if we are having this contact, what will this do to our way of life? Can our modern culture survive the shock of contact with possibility a more advance race of intelligent beings which provides evidence that our perceptions of reality and God's universe are far beyond what we comprehended?

We feel that the issue of UFOs is one of the most important activities of the 90's that will shape our future and the evolution of humanity. We also feel intuitively that absolute proof of the existence of UFOs does already exist and such evidence will be presented to the public in the not too distant future. Therefore, our objective here is simply to act as a guide, as another source of information who is doing their best to point other people, those who have a strong interest in the UFO Phenomena, in various directions that are helping to inform and educate the public about these incredible historic breaking events.

Lastly, we should add, that in our opinion, we are having contacts with many different races, and not all of these races are here totally for the benefit of humanity nor are they here to interfer with our own process of evolution. We believe to fully understand the phenomena of the UFOs, one must not only scientifically research into physical evidence left behind by any ETs or UFOs, or documented sightings but, most importantly must have an openness to a paranormal or dimensional perspective of this phenomena as well. Thus, this multi-dimensional quality and possibly the ability to travel in time, makes the UFO issue one of the most challenging and exciting of all fields of study in the history of mankind.

We hope you enjoy this section, we have also tried to list
other sources of information that can found on Internet as well.

To the Journey Ahead .....

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

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