An Interview with Gordon-Michael Scallion
by Sw. Nostradamus Virato
(c) 1995 New Frontier Magazine.

(From the May 1995 edition
of New Frontier Magazine.)

We have all been seeing massive and dramatic changes in earth phenomena over the past few years. Last year alone, there were more earthquakes than ever in the same time period in recorded history (214 in February of this year alone, with 39 of them over 5 points on the Richter scale in this country !). This past winter's temperatures were the warmest ever in the northeast, while the floodings in California were unprecedented. Last month, US TODAY reported that 80% of the ocean's plankton are now gone.

As we enter the new Millennium, visionaries are now stepping forth offering their earth predictions. One of these is Gordon-Michael Scallion, who claims to have had a powerful vision in 1979 that changed his life. Today, he has become the most noted earth changes predictor in the world, with over 85% of his predictions becoming reality.

While New Frontier Magazine has never been a "doom & gloom" promoter, we also have seen so much in the way of earth changes that we felt it was time to speak to some of these prediction makers, and see what they had to say.

Gordon-Michael Scallion was on the top of the list. The Director of the Matrix Institute in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, his newsletter, The Earth Changes Report, is now printed in several languages. Over 100,000 copies of his Future Map have been sold in 52 countries. For further information write The Matrix Institute, P.O. Box 336, Chesterfield, NH 03443, 1-800-628-7493.

NEW FRONTIER: You are a visionary and a futurist. I am interested more in the metaphysical and spiritual implications than the geophysical implications of your work. What exactly happened in 1979?

Gordon-Michael Scallion: It all began with a health crisis. In retrospect, I would say this was my spiritual awakening. One afternoon I lost my voice entirely in a split second. When that occurred, it set in motion a series of experiences. A few hours later, I was in the hospital, and a few hours after that, I saw colors and lights. It was a true opening. I believe it affected my throat because the throat represents an inner desire to communicate and to be more aware.

NF: What did the doctors find as the cause of the problem?

GMS: After a series of tests, they found nothing wrong with my vocal chords, larynx or throat muscles, and claimed it was psychosomatic. They said perhaps I was going through some stress in my life. I didn't think so. I was living on a thirty-foot sail boat in Mexico, making incredible sums of money and was very happy. There was no stress that I was aware of.

NF: What happened after you left the hospital?

GMS: After I left the hospital, my physical vision had changed. Although my voice instantly returned the next morning, I could now see colors on and around animals, trees, plants and people. I began a search for other conventional doctors to get my vision corrected. Again, nothing showed up in the tests, and the outward visions persisted. I now realize that these visions were naturally seeing the aura of all life forms.

Several months went by, during which time I was led to different doctors and therapists. Finally, I decided that no one could help me because they all wanted me to undergo shock therapy or powerful drugs. I decided the best thing to do was to leave Florida, and perhaps this would all go away. I went back to New England, and it was quiet for two months. My vision returned to normal. I saw no lights or colors.

But then, it reoccurred. This time, I began to see moving pictures in my peripheral vision. Usually, they were scenes of people doing things. Many of the scenes were ancient places, such as Grecian temples. Other times I would see visions of communities in rural settings. I would see glass, glittering domes scattered throughout the countryside. It appeared like they were located in the Carolinas.

NF: I heard that they were located around the mountain areas, right around Asheville, North Carolina, is that correct?

GMS: Yes, that's correct. I saw this area as one of the areas of new thought, and an educational center for the country. It's also an area that was the mining center when they were building the temples now outside of Bimini. Those stones that were used to make the temples came from quarries in the Asheville area.

NF: What prompted you to begin making predictions?

GMS: About a year after I started seeing these visions, a couple of gentlemen dressed in business suits, who appeared to be in their seventies, knocked at my door. They said that someone had given them my name because I "saw visions." They claimed these visions could be used for healing. I didn't know what they were talking about and said, "Who gave you my name?" They replied, "You really wouldn't understand right now." I demanded, "Well, I really need to know before we go any further in this conversation." They replied, "This comes from spirit."

Immediately, all the fears in my life poured forth. All I could think of were the visions returning and losing my voice again. I tried to dismiss these people, but they were very pleasant and sincere, and were convinced that I could help one of them that was undergoing a health crisis.

NF: Had you been following any spiritual or metaphysical path up to this point?

GMS: No. I wish I had. It certainly would have been easier. Up to my teens I was an active Catholic. From my teens on, until I lost my voice, I was in some neverland, where I didn't believe and I did believe. But I had no religious or spiritual structure. I was someone floating through life, very much into the material world.

NF: Let's get back to these two individuals that visited you.

GMS: One of the gentlemen reached over and touched my hand. I can remember feeling an electrical sensation. He said, "If you just hold my friend's hand, you will be able to heal him." At that point, I stood up and said, "Look, we're heading up the wrong path here. I am having a difficult time in life, and I can't really help anyone, or do the things you think I can do." He stood up and placed his hand compassionately on my shoulder and said, "Just try this and you will be given a vision to help him."

After several times of repeating this, the other man simply got up and took my hand and said, "Please just tell me what you are seeing." All I could think of at that moment was being visited by Jehovah Witnesses in the past who had tried to convince me of their point of view. I was very rigid and tight.

Then all of a sudden, I relaxed and started seeing visions. I explained to them, "All I see is pools of mercury and lab coats, something out of the thirties or forties. I also see stainless steel and a granite table and all kinds of molds." The gentlemen looked at each other and nodded and they asked, "What does that mean to you?" And I answered, "I have no idea. All I sense is mercury poisoning." They encouraged me to go on. Then I saw a mortar and a pestle and various herbs being ground up along with oils and I described each one of them. Finally, I broke the vision and said, "Look, I really can't help you folks. You need to go to a doctor."

The man put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Mr. Scallion, I am a doctor." He explained his lifelong friend had mercury poisoning because he worked in a dental lab for over thirty years. They thanked me and left. About three months later, they returned and said, "As you can see, my friend is well."

I never saw them again, but the doctor started sending people to me. People would just arrive at my door. Sometimes it was medical issues and other times it was more to do with personal relationships. While this was occurring, I searched through books to discover if there were descriptions of this phenomenon in any text. I would find bits and pieces, but this only confused me more, so I stopped reading entirely.

Then, one day in 1985, an inner voice said, "We're going to start training." I asked, "Who are you?" And they said, "This is your monad." I asked, "What do you mean, 'monad'?" They said, "You will need to discover this for yourself." They kept on using the word, "we", so I assumed that this inner voice was more than a singular personality. But it kept on insisting that it was part of me. It wasn't a separate spirit floating around. It was just part of my "monad".

Consistently, for the next several years, the voice would come and discuss how the body or the earth worked. It always seemed to occur around 5 a.m. and last about fifteen minutes. There were lots of details.

(His First Major Vision and Its Implications About the Future)

In this same time period, I also received visions of things happening in the world. The first major vision, received in 1984, predicted that Mexico City was going to have a major earth quake. Over 5,000 people would perish, and this would signal a shift in the earth's matrix and consciousness would shift with it. It marked 1995 as the year a major window of transformation of consciousness would open, and the world would become polarized at that time. On the one hand, incredible discoveries would be made as to who we really are, discovering our ancient past. Also that the world would move toward a tremendous spiritual awakening.

At the same time, this same force would work in the other direction. There would be genocides and ethnic cleansings. The Soviet Union would break up into smaller countries, and war would break out involving Russia, Africa and the Middle East. All these occurrences would be focused in 1995. So, between the time of 1984 and 1991, there were continuous nonstop visions.

Then, in 1991, there was a major abrupt change. In August of that year, I started having nightmares. Now, I have had nightmares since the whole thing began, but I tracked these nightmares to my own inner fears. During the nightmares which began in 1991, I was observing, in a very lucid dream state, that the earth was a sentient being. It was similar to the visions I had during the 1980's when I would look into people and see what was wrong with their physical, mental or spiritual bodies. But now, I saw the same thing with the earth. I would see the rivers and oceans, which translated to the blood vessels and the arteries of the earth, and I would see all sorts of deposits of minerals and gases of the earth, similar to minerals and gases found within the body. Then I would watch some of the part of the earth in pain.

The first night, I got up and talked to my wife about it. In the past, if I talked about these dreams, it lessened the severity or the amount of pain I carried. I'm still trying to translate this to my own personal life, that somehow I wasn't seeing or doing something right. These nightmares continued for exactly 29 nights. Each night I saw the earth, going through some different pain, and I saw something shifting or changing in the earth. On the twenty-ninth day I got up and decided I could not handle any more of this, and sat down by my computer an write what I was seeing. I then decided that I would send the material to one hundred close friends. Many of these people were therapists, medical doctors and others were on spiritual journeys.

I thought that either they would see that these dreams were true on some level, or that they represented something I was going through. I asked for opinions. Within a month, everybody responded and asked if they could make copies of what I sent them, and send them to others. I said, "Fine."

Within a month, some of the events on those lists began to happen. One of the first events that occurred was a volcanic eruption in the Philippines. I envisioned this would eventually spread, resulting in three earthquakes in Los Angeles between 1992 and 1995. So, that was the beginning of the "Earth Changes Report". Since then, the visions I saw at that time and continue to see, are printed in this report.

NF: Your earth changes map has become quite a conversation piece around the country, when and how did it come about?

GMS: Between 1979, when I lost my voice, and 1982, I saw visions of ancient cities and domed cities in the future. I would be looking back at the earth in some of these visions, but I didn't know if it was a past or future earth. So, I just drew down what I saw. Then, I would get a globe out and turn the globe in an attempt to figure out what I was seeing. Finally, in 1982, I realized I was seeing the United States. The only piece I was seeing at that time was North America.

NF: When you say "seeing," could you explain what that looked like? Did you see something on the wall, or inside you?

GMS: These visions would happen anywhere, while sitting down, driving a car, etc. It would be like watching three movie screens. One to the right in my periphery, one to the left in my periphery and one straight ahead. Yet I was able to see all screens clearly at once. And the screens had different degrees of color. The center one was usually the most colorful, the one on the left tended to be more gray, while the one on the right tended to be washed out. It was the same scene, but different aspects. One might be looking at the tree in full color with flowers blooming at the base of the tree. The second screen might be the same tree but cut down and the third screen would be the tree withering or dying.

NF: Like overlays?

GMS: Yes. I finally realized that what I was seeing was three of the probable realities of an event. The more colorful ones indicated the most probable future reality of that tree. The second one, if gray, was highly improbable for that tree, while the third, only if consciousness was changing or building, could possibly change the future outcome for that tree.

It was telling me that no vision I see is 100%. Everyday, depending how we interact with the planet, events form a chrysalis. When I just see a color image and the other two screens are washed out, I then say that the probabilities are extremely high that this event will happen. That's how I make forecasts. I only make forecasts when I see full color.

NF: I have talked to quite a number of people over the years about creating our own reality. Some people would say that by bringing these so-called prophesies of "doom" into people's consciousness, you are helping to create this reality What is your reply to that?

GMS: I have received many letters from people who have written that by publishing my visions, I am creating that reality. I think that gives too much power to me or anyone else who makes forecasts. We are looking at a planet that has more than five billion people, yet the number of people who are aware of geophysical predications are a very tiny number. For instance, one forecaster can say the stock market will go down, while another can say the stock market will go up. Those are known events. We know the market will either go up or down.

However, if I predict that volcanoes which have been dormant for hundreds of years will erupt, or earthquakes will occur that had never happened in this location or magnitude, I am creating a track record. If I put my neck on the line and publish forecasts and statistically these things are happening, then people will say, "We need to look at this because it is a potential possibility." I know that we predicted Hurricane Andrew a year ahead of time, and a month before we stated the time, the date range and exactly where it would come ashore We notified as many people as we could. Now, granted, the number was small, but people said," I didn't know whether to believe you or not, but we took a vacation during that time frame." We know it has made a difference in saving some lives.

Any futurist, whether it has to do with geophysical, economic or social changes, is only presenting a potential. This gives people an opportunity to work through their own inner fears. I believe that consciousness today can alter events. I also believe that visionaries receive visions for two reasons. First, so we can prepare for what is to happen. For instance, in the Bible they were warned to store grain to prepare for seven bad years. The Mayans and the Hopi also used predictions to prepare for conditions in the future.

Secondly, visions are given so that we can change the probable reality. For example, the more people become aware of animal rights issues, the more others join the animal rights movement and try to change what is happening. The same thing is happening with the rain forests and the ocean. We see action because somebody made a stand. The nuclear movement and the war in Vietnam are other cases in point. Each time someone brought the war in Vietnam up, it created a rift in the nation. Many people who were totally supportive of the war as time went on, changed camps. In either case, the war in Vietnam changed, and it changed because of consciousness, not because of military action.

The same things are happening with environmental awareness and animals rights. I think visionaries bring to focus the events that are happening and how it plays out is up to the collective consciousness.

NF: In the television special, Ancient Prophesies, the message was several times repeated, "We as a whole have come to an intersection. One path leads to doom whereas the other path leads to enlightenment." Did you contribute to this statement?

GMS: Yes. I agree with the statement that we are at the crossroads. Are we a spiritual consciousness on this planet that will learn to respect the planet and all of its inhabitants, or will we continue to decline into the material world? I do see the world as a polarized planet right now. There are still choices to be made. The jury is still out. It is not yet finalized.

NF: You just returned from Egypt. Could you share with us some of your experiences?

GMS: Sure. I've been trying to go to Egypt since 1981. First there were wars, then there were terrorist activities. I was booked to go six times, and six times it didn't happen. I finally gave up, and it wasn't until last year when the inner voice told me, "You need to go in January because something wonderful is going to happen," that I finally went.

I was shown extremely detailed visions, all a part of this continual vision I've had that 1995 is the year of great awakening. First, I was able to see in great detail what is buried there, even though there were some places I wasn't allowed access to because of construction. One of the major things I did perceive involved the Sphinx. There are records in chambers and other structures--such as an observatory and a museum--that will be discovered this year. I would just walk up to the pyramid and sit there. Eventually a vision would appear. I came back with the knowledge of what that site was about when it was built.

The message came that it contains the history, in library form, of everything that happened in the ancient world. It is a time capsule, and it's going to be extremely helpful in the next three years in our history. It's going to show that we're a much older civilization than we had thought. In fact, when these structures were built--more than 12,000 years ago--the people there had reached incredible spiritual heights. They left behind a time capsule, much like we do in the various space probes we send out, knowing through the priests of their day, when these things would be discovered. They included the prophesies of their times, as well as their prophesies of our times.

This information will change history and consciousness as we know it. It will be like lifting a veil and taking another look at who we are, creating great debate. Egyptologists will come down hard against it. Parapsychologists will come out strongly for it. As these two sides do battle in the media, it will focus our attention away from O. J. Simpson and other sensationalist news, to the pyramids. All of this will add to conscious awakening. Of all of the many experiences I've had since 1979, nothing has come close to what happened in Egypt.

NF: Are you writing a book about this?

GMS: Writing a book takes much too long. To get this information out quickly and make it affordable, I decided to write an installment each most in the Earth Changes newsletter, along with a question and answer column where people could write in questions. Each issue for the next ten issues of the newsletter will include a chapter of what I discovered in Egypt, and what the practical implications of those discoveries.

NF: There are so many more questions I could ask. Tek-Light from America Online on the Internet wants to know how much accuracy you see with the "I Am America" map?

GMS: There are currently twelve maps that have been sent to me from around the world over the past couple of years. What I see in common with the "I Am America" map and these other maps is they all show a similar pattern geophysically with the land masses. Some may vary a couple of hundred miles here and there, the width of a river fifty miles, or a part of a state missing, etc. But, if one were to just look at these maps as a cookie cutter, or as drawings in a cave, one would say that this is all the same picture. We are now receiving this information from many sources.

NF: During your visions, can you identify any entity forms, such as entities that come through channels?

GMS: No. As I said earlier, I was told from the very beginning that this information is not coming from an external place. It would have been easier for me if it were. It was from the "monad".

NF: Other people are claiming entity forms giving them information on earth changes. What is your feeling about disincarnate beings, or people operating from different dimensions?

GMS: Throughout my fifteen years as a futurist, I have encountered many cases from clients and have been privy to people who were channels for consciousness. First of all, there are so many different entities of consciousness. Yet, they are all from the same source. If we look at the soul as our spiritual essence, we would see in these universes, that all these souls would look the same, like lights.

How these souls experience or represent themselves varies. Some of them do it in physical form, while others relate through inner dimensions. There is a multitude of ways that a soul can experience its life. What I look for is something similar to what Edgar Cayce would have done. In his case, he was a medium and brought through his higher self as a teacher--as a copartner. However, at other times he also brought through spiritual entities that were on different planes, or at least communicated with them.

What I look for--and the reason I do what I do--is that I publish it. I look for things that have validation. Simply because an entity purports to com e from another dimension or another level, doesn't mean that it is true or untrue. The only way we have to judge information is by the validity of what occurs: If it's prophetic, or if a makes a positive change in someone's life. Great masters like Buddha and Jesus often taught by example. They did give prophecies, and they did do healings , but it was usually by example. If there's prophetic information or guidance coming through we need to look at its track record. We need to see what was said and how this thing plays out. That's one barometer of looking at credibility and usefulness of the information. What we're experiencing now in the spiritual world is nothing compared to what we are going to experience in 1996 and 1997. We will be seeing an explosion in spiritual communications. We saw channeling in the 80s and spiritualism at the turn of the last century. We will be seeing a dimension in the next two years that will not be like either of those. Consciousness will expand at an incredible speed. People are going to be searching for a closer relationship with God.

NF: What do you see the prime earth consciousness path will be in the coming years?

GMS: The polarity that we are now experiencing in the world of consciousness will become wider. *One path is going to lead us to the building of a great number of smaller communities forming in rural communities such as in the Asheville area. This area was an area in the early 90s that I forecast was going to become one of several dynamic points of light, and will draw people to it. From these communities will spring up educational foundations of new thought. We are going to see a great move of consciousness toward new thought not tied into religious thought, but highly spiritual. These things will expand.

However, at the same time there will be an opposite polarity that is going to want to hold on to the old paradigm and the old thought form. This is what will bring about global war, and will accelerate earth changes. So both things will occur. The end result--the visions which are in full color for me--is that the world does not end on some magical day, but continues on and enters into a whole new spiritual realm. Even today people who are in the metaphysical field and are aware will have difficulty in comprehending what consciousness will be like five years from now. It will be that different in a very positive way.

NF: A question from someone on the Internet asks what will be the most significant event this year, and when will it happen.

GMS: From a geophysical point of view, the sequence has begun with the Kobi earthquake in Japan. The sequence is this earthquake, and the next will be an event in the Indian Ocean, which has not occurred yet. After that, there will be a major quake in South America, and the final event will carry it over to the western United States.

There is a timing cycle. The first one has begun. We are going to see pivotal floods, tornadoes and other wind damage, and a third Los Angeles area quake. Each time a quake occurs, the timing cycle will be measured in weeks rather than months between each event. So, if we see an event greater than 6.5 on the Richter scale in the next couple of months, we would then say that the percentages are higher that the next two events will occur.

NF: Have you heard about the third prophecy of Fatima?

GMS: Nothing other than the prophecy involving a pole shift of the planet occurring after a sequence of events that dealt with Russia, but I have no further comments on that.

NF: Any comments on people's view of a coming ice age. In the past few years the winter wheat crops have failed in places like Canada and Russia. Do you have any comments on a coming ice age?

GMS: There will be a complete change in the world's climate, which is already occurring. It will become dramatic between 1998 and 2001. We are already seeing seasons drop from four to three in some areas, and unseasonably record warm temperatures. I have also seen visions of volcanism causing three days of darkness in between 1996 and 1997, which will in turn create a dust bowl in America, and a crop loss. We will see that, but when the poles do shift--and I am speaking of a magnetic pole shift--will bring about changes causing some areas that are now temperate being covered with ice, while other areas that will become deserts again. As far as global ice age that last five or ten thousand years, I don't see that.

NF: Any reason that you selected Chesterfield, New Hampshire as your home?

GMS: In 1984, when I began to sense that I needed to move--that it wasn't healthy energetically to stay where I was in the Connecticut Valley--I sought inner guidance. I thought I would like to be where it was warm such as Florid a, but the inner vice said that I should locate within a 10 mile radius of the Vermont-New Hampshire border, which would be best for my own soul development. It was also a safe area as long as I was at an elevation greater than 300 feet above seal level.

NF: Why do you think you were chosen to give out these messages and prophecies?

GMS: That's probably the hardest inner question for myself. A month doesn't go by that I don't reflect upon this question. My conclusion from a spiritual perspective--and I have been fortunate enough, and done much hard work to make an inner connection to my own spiritual being, and had enough validations of it where I trust it implicitly. So when it said go to Egypt, I went, knowing that it was something I needed to do, and didn't have to know all the reasons but that it would come out.

This has been the pattern for the last five or six years. In that spiritual matrix of myself, I am aware of me at other time periods. We'd have to get into the concept of reincarnation, of which I am a total believer. While I haven't had reflections of who I've been, I have been aware of other times when I've been in similar situations when an ancient land, known as myth now, was in its last days. I was involved at that time, received prophecies but "rode the fence," and did nothing.

NF: Are you speaking of Atlantis?

GMS: Yes, Atlantis. I was aware of another time when I had more play, and did speak out. However, even after speaking out, only a very small portion of the population at that time did anything about it. These things are now interplaying with my current life. (The fact that we go through these cycles in history--where civilizations rise and fall--we can see things.) I think that because I was spiritually failing in 1979, and wasn't on my life's path, having no spiritual ideal, this was a 2X4 board effect [laughter] needed to wake me up. It gave me an opportunity, a choice. I could continue on my old path or explore, reach within and see what I could do to make a difference. It was an opportunity to fulfill my own Karmic destiny, and my own spiritual desire. In the process, I personally have gained such richness that I can not begin to fathom it.

I knew there had been great changes when my mother recently sad to me, "I don't know who you are, but you're not the same son I bore in this life." She was referring to my personality that has dramatically changed. It really is my opening up to seeing a much wider picture of existence than I had ever seen before.

These gifts are given to everyone. No one comes into the world without these latent gifts, It's our choice. We can either close them down, as I did, or open and apply them If we do that, we can become healers, teachers, counselors and guides. We can become artists, musicians, etc. The list goes on and on... All of these things are driven by spiritual values and spiritual ideals. It's up to us to make that decision.

NF: which leads to my final question, As the most popular futurist and prophesier in America, what words can you leave with us?

GMS: Each of us is so much more than we can ever imagine. As Buddha said, it all begins with a single step. That step comes from what I call the great awakening, or awareness. All we have to do is to have the desire--the will--to risk going within, to allow our inner mind to be our own guide. While we will challenge that along the way--constantly arguing with it, not trusting it--if we spend a minimum of seven minutes a day and take that first step, then a much more panoramic world opens to us.

That begins the step of this great awakening, that I see that we are now a part of . If there were ever any time in recorded history, at least based on my time journeys, this time period now--the end of the 20th Century--is so much faster than any other time. Every minute, every second the world is going faster and faster. It will accelerate ten-fold this year, which means that we will be able to make great inroads--or great failures--very quickly. We can do so much more now than at any other time. It all begins with that single step. I would encourage everyone to take that first step.

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