Revelations about the Varginha Case

By Vitorio Pacaccini, Consultant

Date: Sat, 22 Jun 1996 19:24:33 EST5EDT
From: Pedro Cunha {}
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Subject: Article: Vitorio Pacaccini comments about Varginha

Message originally posted in BR.UFO, Rede Brasil
Translation to English by Pedro Cunha:

An Article by Vitorio Pacaccini in UFO Magazine nr. 44/June/1996, published by CBPDV, Editor A.J. Gevaerd:

The Varginha Case is, without any doubt, the most important case in brazilian ufology and, possibly, worlwide. It started with the testifying of three girls that had a sighting, but already has reached proportions beyond this. Associated to this case, UFOs over the south region of Minas Gerais State, became more constant since a few days ago. We have contusive witnesses evidence of sightings in four different towns, apart from each other about 80 Km. One of the witnesses is the Mayor of Monsenhor Paulo. Because of these happenings, people from the region stayed alert and interested in everything that occurred.

From them, we had the opportunity to contact Fire Corps representatives and also Military Police in Varginha, and from Escola de Sargento das Armas (ESA = Sargeants Arms School) in Tres Coracoes, which increase the unumbered details to the investigations, being possible to affirm with tranquility the truthfullness of the fact. It is extremely pleasant for me and for Ubirajara - ufologist who also commands the investigation - to be able to be involved in this research. We always read and heard talks about the cover up by the Arms forces, but it is something distant of what is happening in this case. We are here, living the facts and feeling on our skin all the cover up that is being done, all the counter-information that the Army's Secret Service and also Military Police are doing to disturb the investigations.

COMPLETE PROOF - We are feeling on our skins all the intimidation those authorities are exerting over the involved people in the operations and over the population. There are proofs that there exists an international intention to cover up the Varginha episode. This is not only a brazilian authorities thing: we have the knowledge that, in other countries, this also occurs. But here it is in an extremely violent form. Even though we are fighting against those military forces - in the sense of taking the facts to the public -, what has been valuable so far were the contacts that we maitained with military people, which allowed us to find out how the captures of extraterrestrial beings occurred in Minas Gerais.

It were those military people who, asking to be anonymous (and we garanteeing them this {NT: they mean they would keep it secret}), informed us in detail how the Army took these creatures, who commanded and who were the involved people in this operation. We also found out who ordered everyone to shut up, what hospitals and hours in which the beings were in, etcetera. There are only missing now photographs and films of the fact, because, in what refers to Varginha, everything is practically uncovered. It is a great honor to take part in this research, because when I first knew the facts, in past January, the Centro de Investigacoes Civil de Objetos Aereos Nao Identificados (CICOANI- Unidentifyed Aerial Objects Investigation Civil Center), in Belo Horizonte, and we decided that it was necessary a detailed investigation. As I was raised in the south of Minas Gerais State, knowing well the region, I was indicated to support the research. As soon as I arrived, asking questions and collecting information to know the veracity of the fact, I had contact with a military witness, whose identity is still kept secret, and that was the beginning of everything.

I was frightened with what I heard from that person, because what I found out was only the tip of the iceberg. I installed myself definitly there, in the South of Minas, because the subject is of such a gravity(NT: such importance) that I could not leave Ubirajara alone, such is the volume of things to be investigated. We established a partnership since the beginning, even though I only came to meet him there. We are working on this everyday, because we believe in the importance of the elucidation to the Mankind.

If we had not taken seriously the testifying of the girls, that was what originated all and that gave enough reason for us to ascertain the veracity of their witnesses, we would not continue the investigation and would not get to where we are. Ubirajara and I are involved here in this research to try to prove definitily the visits of extraterrestrial to our planet.

The officials at Escola de Sargentos das Armas (ESA), in Tres Coracoes, are professionals that follow superior orders and that, obviously, will not reveal anything about it, because it is not the interest of the Army Forces that this happens. For us, it doesn't change anything the fact of them denying everything, including accusing the investigation of ridiculous and inconsiderate, in an official note. We continue to respect the institution, because we know of the relevant services done to the community and to the country. The process of ufology cover up is worldwide - and in Brazil it would not be different.

The Brazilian government is under strong international pressures. It is not a surprise for me, because I already expected this negative conduct, but it will not change, in no hypothesis, the rythm of the investigation.

SOURCES IDENTIFICATION - What was revealed from us to the public is limited only to what can be the truth, to what is verifiable, because there are information that, in case it comes to public, we will end up involving and identifying our information sources, which need to stay occult for obvious reasons. These people have access to the knowledge of the operation, what is restrict and highly reserved. With the intention of preserving the identies of the sources, we are being very carefull when we speak to the midia about our investigation. The quantity of information is a lot bigger the one can think of, but we can't disclose them now, because the proofs that we have are only testimonials.

And the witnesses - civil and military - will not show up to the public because they fear a series of retaliations, and with all the reason. The only substancial proof that we would have for this case, that would be the creatures, was removed from the scene by the Army. Whoever did this operation wanted me, and any other person, to know nothing. It is clear that the captured extraterrestrials aren't in the south of Minas, but were transfered to places of maximum security. Possibly, similar cases to the Varginha have already happened throughout Brasil, only that they were controled in such a way that it was not possible for us to know about them. [Editor's note: for the luck of brazilian Ufology, the case occurred in a town where there are serious active ufologists. What if it had happened in a village in the interior of the Amazon, where there are no ufologists? Would we know about the happenings?].

Nothing impends that intelligent beings have already found us. This impact will be very strong and the Human Race will have to be ready for it. We are not alone in the Universe. Perhaps all this serves to man to think better about a series of things and to take care of his planet. It is unavoidable, that later on it will bring benefits to all the population. We believe that what we are revealing now will be a counsciousness reconquest in relation to the possibility of intelligent life in other planets. No doubts.

Vitorio Pacaccini is a member of Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisa de
Discos Voadores (CBPDV) and consultant for Revista UFO.

Address:   R. Tupis 265/804,
            30190-060, Belo Horizonte (MG).


Pedro Cunha

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Graham Birdsall Response to V. Paccacini

(Editor of UFO Magazine in England)

Date: Fri, 05 Jul 1996 23:44:00 EST5EDT
From: Don Allen {}
Subject: Article: Vitorio Pacaccini comments about Varginha

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> Ola All,
> Message originally posted in BR.UFO, Rede Brasil
> Translation to English by Pedro Cunha:
> Hello All,

> An Article by Vitorio Pacaccini in UFO Magazine nr. 44/June/1996,
>published by CBPDV, Editor A.J. Gevaerd:

>By Vitorio Pacaccini, Consultant

[ Mass deletia of previously posted article - Don ]

relating to the so-called Varginha case of 20 January 1996, perhaps a few words will help those among you who seek some independent comment.

I had the good fortune to travel to Curitiba, Brazil, and spend a week discussing among other topics, the Varginha incident, with Mr. Pacaccini and several other leading researchers. Over 50 Brazilian UFO organisations were represented at a conference staged in the city between 6 - 9 June, attended by the likes of Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter.

Clearly, something of potential significance has occurred, of that there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever. The Brazilian investigators have researched the case to the best of their ability (which contrary to popular myth is considerable) and accrued over 60+ first-hand eye-witness accounts.

This was only made possible because they moved quicker than the authorities, and everyone involved in the case knew everyone else. Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers and significantly, several military personnel are on tape.

Let no one be under the slightest illusion that this is just another sensational story to come from Brazil. It most certainly is not. I was as sceptical as everyone else, until I spent hour upon hour listening to people who made me privy to some astonishing facts, the likes of which will become all apparent as further news begins to break about the incident (and there was more than one).

I've been involved in this subject since 1967, and I can vouch for the sincerity and credibility of those Brazilian researchers who have worked themselves into the ground to bring this case into the open.

My opinions are based on what I saw and heard in Brazil. I made a round-trip of over 10,000 miles to meet these people, and listen with objectivity throughout. I returned to England with an abundance of information, and will happily disseminate as much as I can through the pages of UFO Magazine and at future lectures, beginning this weekend in Amsterdam where I will share a platform with Stanton T. Friedman.

Read yet again what Pacaccini has to say about this case, and digest every single word, and then perhaps the magnitude of what he and his colleagues have uncovered will strike a chord with those who have sat on the fence. This case above all others, is set to explode.

All the best,

Graham W. Birdsall [Editor]

UFO Magazine

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Stanton Friedman's Opinion on Varginha

Date: Fri, 05 Jul 1996 10:28:27 EST5EDT
From: Don Allen {}
Subject: Stanton Friedman's opinion on Varginha case

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Subject: Stanton Friedman's opinion on Varginha
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I sent an e-mail message to Stanton Friedman asking his opinion of the Varginha, Brazil, case. Here is his response:


Subject: Re: I'd like to know your opinion...
To: (Jeff Miller)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 16:21:11 -0300
X-Info: Brunswick Micro Systems, (800) 561-4124

Jeff: Yes , you may quote me. Based on my discussions down in Brazil I am satisfied that some very strange creatures were picked up by the government and that there were medical exams and military personnel involvement. Very likely there was a crash of something from space. Whether the beings were cargo or crew is another story. More investigation is going on. The case is very promising but still in my gray basket. If more testimony is obtained because of the favorable news coverage, and despite the attitude of Friday's Wall Street Journal, it seems likely we will learn much more.

Stan Friedman

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Varginha Case Blows Wide Open

Date: Sat, 06 Jul 1996 13:48:58 -0700
From: Albion {}
Subject: Re: Stanton Friedman's opinion on Varginha case
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The reported capture of aliens at Varginha, in the state of Minas Gerais, on Saturday, January 20, 1996 continues to make headlines in Brazil.

The July 1996 issue of UFO Magazine, published in the capital city of Brasilia, contains more detailed information on the saucer crash and subsequent capture of its alien occupants.

According to ufologist Pedro Cunha, witnesses in Varginha now claim that up to seven occupants were captured. The group included one dead alien, two badly injured and five more flushed out of hiding in the neighborhood of the Jardim Andere, a park on the north side of the city. The dead alien was first taken to the Regional Hospital in Varginha on January 20 before being shipped on to the Hospital Humanitas in Campinas in Sao Paulo state for an autopsy.

The magazine article published more detailed descriptions of the UFO occupants by the three girls who encountered an injured one in the Jardim Andere at 3:30 p.m. on January 20. The girls were Liliane Fatima Silva, 16, her younger sister, Valquiria Fatima Silva, 14, and their friend, Katia Andrade Xavier, 22, all of Varginha. The girls were walking home from their jobs as housemaids when Liliane spotted an alien crouched about 25 feet away.

In this week's article, the girls described the alien as "being dark brown, with a small body of 4 to 5 feet in height, no hair at all, big brown head, small neck. It also seemed to have some greasy dark oil on its skin. The head of the creature had two big red eyes, no pupils, very small mouth and nose and three protuberances on the head. The girls described such protuberances as horns."

On Sunday, June 16, the show "Programma de Domingo" aired a Varginha story on Brazilian TV. According to this story, many witnesses saw Brazilian Army trucks heading for the Jardim Andere at around 10:30 a.m. on January 20. The show also revealed that the Varginha Fire Department received its first call just after 9:30 a.m. Someone complained of "a wild animal" loose in the park. Figuring that they were after a jaguar or a peccary, the firefighters arrived with nets and cages. When they encountered their first injured alien, the crew chief immediately put a call through to the nearest Army base, the Escola Sargentos de Armas in Tres Coracoes. He reportedly spoke to the school's commandant, Gen. Sergio Coelho Lima, who ordered troops into Varginha to seal off the park.

"Programma de Domingo" also identified the men involved in the three-truck convoy that transferred the aliens to Campinas on January 22. According to the broadcast, Lt. Col. Olimpio Wanderly Santos commanded the convoy, accompanied by two officers, Captain Ramirez and Lieutenant Tide, plus a Sergeant Pedrosa from S-2, Brazilian military intelligence. Corporal Cirilo and Sergeant Pedrosa drove the middle truck with the aliens inside. The other trucks were driven by Private Vassalo and Private de Mello.

Gen. Coelho Lima is reportedly cracking down on leaks in his command. Soldiers have been warned not to talk to ufologists like A.J. Gevaerd, Pedro Cunha, and Vitorio Pacaccini. Personnel returning to Tres Coracoes from leave have been confined to barracks and, at last report, at least one talkative sergeant is in the guardhouse. (Note: Tres Coracoes is also the birthplace and childhood home of Brazilian soccer star Pele.)


Rumors of American involvement in the Varginha saucer retrieval and alien roundup of January 20-22 continue to surface. According to Brazil's UFO Magazine, an American civilian was present when the wrecked cigar-shaped UFO was loaded aboard a flatbed truck the morning of January 20.

The crash site is said to be "north of Varginha." Wherever it is, it had to be within easy walking distance for the two injured aliens, as they reached the jungle-covered Jardim Andere before daybreak, i.e. before 5 a.m. The most likely sites are the coffee-growing country northwest of Varginha, between the village of Tres Pontes and the reservoir, and the forested serra, or ridges east of Tres Pontes. Both areas are within 10 kilometers (6 miles) of Varginha.

The UFO was first seen at 1 a.m. by Eurico and Oralina Rodrigues at their farm midway between Varginha and Tres Coracoes. The cigar-shaped UFO was flying slowly and enveloped in white smoke. The crash must have happened between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Brazil's UFO Magazine claims that the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) tracked the UFO late Friday night, January 19, and alerted Brazil's CINDACTA that it was coming down somewhere in southern Minas Gerais.

Luiza Helena Fatima de Silva, mother of two of the girls who saw the alien in the Jardim Andere on January 20, says she "noticed a peculiar smell" when she went to the park at 4 p.m. Senhora de Silva also claims that she was visited by four men last February. The unidentified men, who were not Brazilian, wore white and cream Armani suits and offered Senhora de Silva "a large sum of cash" if she would come forward and tell the media that her daughters had made up the story about the alien.

Senhora de Silva said the men showed up at her house while her husband, Jose Lopes de Silva, a bus driver, was at work. "They said they would pay cash," she said. "They also said they would come back but we cannot hide the truth."

(Persistent rumors that cannot be substantiated -- Senhora de Silva's callers drove a navy-blue 1994 Lincoln Continental with Distrito Federal (Brasilia) license plates. The presence of a USAF transport plane, either a C-5 or a C-17, at Sao Paulo International Airport on January 20 and at Campinas airport on January 22. The presence of several unidentified American men at the restaurant Churrascaria Gaucha, Avenida Dr. Campos Sales 515 in Campinas late in the evening of January 21.)

Well, what do you think?


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ISCNI Report on Varginha, May '96

Date: Sun, 2 Jun 96 22:14:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Blue Resonant Human {}
Subject: Aliens Captured in Brazil?

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Aliens Captured in Brazil?

First Detailed Account

[The May 16 edition of ISCNI*Flash carried a brief mention of
rumors concerning the possible capture of one or more alien
beings in Brazil.  Now we have learned that the story has made
major headlines in that nation.  The description given of the
alleged aliens is oddly similar to descriptions of the so-called
Chupacabras, whose activities have been often reported in the
Flash.  So far, however, we are not aware of any claim directly
linking the Brazilian events with the Chupacabras.  Thanks to
James Sutton for forwarding this item, received from a woman
named Regina ( and compiled from Brazilian
news sources.] 

Regina writes:

The [alleged] incident involving the capture of an ET in Varginha, a small town in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is being considered the most impressive example of immediate contact with aliens here in Brazil. The story made headlines in all Brazilian newspapers, magazines and TV programs. Here are the details:

On January 20, three girls were walking across a vacant lot on their way home. It was a bright sunny afternoon. All of a sudden one of the adolescents (16 years old) looked left and screamed. A strange creature was squatting by a wall with its long arms between its legs; it had shiny, slippery skin and what looked like three short horns on its head.

"But what I noticed first of all were his eyes, huge and red," says the girl who saw it first. She was so frightened she turned to run but her sister and her friend couldn't move from sheer terror and just stared.

"It was the most horrible sight I've ever seen," said one of the girls later on. "It didn't look like anything I've ever seen. It was neither an animal nor a human being," said one of the girls who is married and has three children. "The creature seemed afraid and only made a slight movement with the head. We ran like hell," she said.

Apparently, the day before, an elderly couple living on a small farm a couple of kilometers from Varginha woke up to the noise made by the cattle. They went out of the house to see a UFO over the front yard, about 5 meters from the ground.

Ufologists have been to Varginha and concluded that this apparition was not only authentic but also the most extraordinary contact ever registered in Brazil. Professor John Mack, Ph.D., from Harvard came to Varginha with the specific purpose of talking to the women who had seen the alien. Ten organizations which study UFOs have signed a document testifying the seriousness of the incident.

The complete story seems to indicate that the ET seen by the girls in broad daylight was the second one to be captured; the first one was spotted 5 hours before, at 10:30 a.m., precisely, in a wood about three blocks from the place the girls are said to have seen it . This first creature was said to be captured by the fire brigade. In an article written for one of the most respected magazines in Brazil, the reporter wrote that this first ET was captured by the firemen, put inside a wooden box in an army truck and taken to an army camp a few kilometers from Varginha.

The day after, some people report having seen unusual movement in front of the local hospital (where supposedly, the girls' ET was taken) before being again removed -- this time already dead -- to Campinas, a big city in the state of Sao Paulo. Army officers who were accused of conspiracy to hide the whole episode from the public, strongly denied everything. However, the Ufologists who were in Varginha claim to have a recorded statement given by somebody from the army who was directly involved in the rescue operation. This person, according to the specialists, said that when the ET was removed from Varginha to Campinas, the body was already smelling pretty bad.

- - - -

The following addition comes not from the ISCNI Flash but a piece of mail I recently received from Donna Higbee [], a licensed CA CHT:

Have you notice that besides the Chupacabras, there seems to be a number of very strange entities showing themselves these days? I just got a copy of the National UFO News today and was surprised to see write-ups of several different kinds of creatures being spotted these days. Really does seem as if the barriers between dimensions is thinning or weakening in some way. Very interesting times.

Wanted to tell you of a conversation I had last Monday, May 27, here in my home. I was visited by a researcher friend of mine who had joined up with another researcher from Florida and the two of them went off into the interior of Brazil to research the claims that 2 living ETs were captured there in January of this year. What they found was dozens of eyewitnesses to the event. Seems that on Jan. 20, 1996, several children were seen on top of a hill throwing rocks down onto some poor creature at the bottom of the hill. A housewife looking out her window saw these children and ran out to stop them. When she looked at what they were throwing stones at, she about died. There was a humanoid creature with big red eyes trying to huddle down and escape being hit by the stones. She herded the children away and then called the Fire Dept. (which is a branch of the military) and they came out with nets and caught the creature. It was NOT a Chupacabra. It was completely non-violent and did not fight them. That was at 10:00 A.M. At around 3:00 P.M. a mother and her two teenage daughters were walking near that same hill and saw another creature crouching down in the weeds near a wall. She, too, called the Fire Dept. and again there came men with nets. This poor creature was so frightened that it just stood there shaking. As they approached it, it tried desparately to talk, forming words with its mouth (but words that we don't recognize on this planet). It, too, was nonviolent. The military hauled it away in a truck. There were many witnesses to both events. My researcher friends interviewed dozens of witnesses and were written up in several newspapers and a UFO journal down there. They are much more open than we are about all this. Some time later the U.S. govt got involved and had the two creatures brought to the U.S., where they are now. My friend got photos of some of the witnesses and also photos of the area where the 2 poor creatures were caught. I only hope we treat them decently and don't abuse them -- they certainly didn't fight us. I'll let you know when my friend learns more.

- - - - -

Excerpt from:

ISCNI*Flash -- Vol. 2, No. 6 -- June 1, 1996

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