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A special place that my wife and I have had a number of synchronicities with is the country of Greece. For example, we were doing a local class in our home last year ('95) and we had a gentlemen named Tassos, who attended that was from Greece. Tassos knew of our interest in the Crystal Skulls and thought, no one in Greece has ever heard of these artifacts. When he returned home he saw a New Age Magazine and found three issues had articles about the Crystal Skulls and even mentioned my name.

I had noticed as I was surveying our web forms, that we were receiving a good number of people visiting our site from Greece. In January ('96) we heard from George Pantoulas, who runs a TV Production Company that creates documentaries around UFOs. George start talking about a crash of a UFO in Greece and many sightings. So I invited George to share what he could about UFOs in his country. Below are some emails I received from George about the crash in 1990. He promises to send us more information in the future. To contact George by email write to:

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 14:39:57 -0200
From: "George N.Pantoulas" {}
Subject: UFOs in Greece

Dear Joshua

I read your fantastic WWW page about Roswell afair and I decide to e-mail you because we have an almost similar case in Greece!

September 2 1990, near dawn a UFO crashed in the area of a small vilage named Megas Platanos in central Greece. Almost all the vilagers had seen the crash. For the rest of the night a group of UFOs came in the area and colected all the remains of the destoyed UFO, an operation that also took place in front of the vilagers. Next morning some of them found and collected small pieces of the destoyed UFO which they kept till today.

Anyway there are a lot of details that, if you are interested, we can discuss later in time.

I was in the area six months ago filming a documentary on the case. I made a further research in UFOs apearances in Greece and I found extraordinary informations for a lot of cases!

So, if you are interested about UFOs in Greece please contact me by e-mail or fax.

Happy to contact you,

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:18:33 -0200
From: "George N.Pantoulas"
Subject: UFOs in Greece


Thanks for the quick answer

Here is the story of the UFO crach near the village of Megas Platanos in Central Greece on September 2, 1990:

About 03.00 hours that night, shepherds and some villagers observed a small group of 5 - 6 UFOs aproaching the area from the North. One of them had an unstable flight and seemed to be with a problem. Strange lights came out of UFO's fuselage, but without any noise.

As an eyewitness, shepherd Trantos Karatranjos, told me, suddenly the troubled UFO lost altitude and crashed to the ground at a distance of about 500 metres away from him. He didnt hear any noise but a fire started burning the bushes. Trantos Karatranjos was very afraid to get closer and stayed in his position watching the phenomenon.

The rest of the UFOs in this group stoped over the "accident" spot and 2 of them landed near the destroyed UFO. In a few minutes the fire in the bushes was terminated (probably the crew of the landed UFOs stoped the fire). For the rest of the night, till dawn, there was an unusual traffic from the ground to the flying UFOs. Light spots (something like small space rafts??) went up and down, probably collecting the pieces of the destroyed UFO and the bodies(?) of the crew. They finished the collection before sunrise and after that the rest of UFOs took off and were lost in the sky!

Meanwhile all the villagers had been awakened and had seen the whole operation.

Early in the morning the villagers went out to the spot (where all of this occurred) and they saw on the ground a burned oval shape in the ground with a cut pine tree in the center (it is still in this place); and very small metalic pieces and pieces of wires around the tree. Some of the the people, like Argyris Alevantas, collected a number of these pieces. One strange think was that at the edges of the burned oval the fire stopped like it had been cut by knife!

Some hours later a team of Hellenic Air Force personel came in the area and told the villagers that this was nothing serious, maby a Soviet satelite crashed or a plane! They took some pieces of the UFO too and left the area.

Argyris Alevantas sent a piece of the UFO to the Space Research Institute in Brussels and they replyed to him that the item came definitely from space!

That's the story. If you think that we need more informations we can get more because I have a very good relationship with the people in the village of Megas Platanos. You see, they don't like to talk a lot about this story because they are afraid that someone will think they are crazy or something!

Of course there are a lot about UFOs in Greece and I will send more if you want to!


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:11:46 -0200
From: "George N.Pantoulas"
Subject: UFOs in Greece


Thanks for the answer

Yes! its OK with me to list me as a contact if someone wants more about the subject.

Also I want to inform you that I am runing a TV productions office, "EIKON Press & Visual Entertainment" specialized in documentary productions on subjects like UFOs, Mysteries, Strange Phenomena, Mythology etc.... So if you or someone else is interested to colaborate with me or needs any information or help in Greece, please advise.

Thanks again,

Waiting news from you


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