A Secret Tunnel
Being Excavated in the Great Pyramid?

By Richard C. Hoagland
1997 The Enterprise Mission

The following is a preliminary report of an "Enterprise Mission Terrestrial Archaeological Investigation." It concerns recent "curious activities" apparently occurring inside the Great Pyramid, now confirmed by on-site Enterprise representatives reporting back directly from Giza, Egypt.

As many reading this already know, for more than a year before this writing, a new, private research expedition to Egypt -- headed by Dr. Joseph Schor -- has been conducting a series of scientific investigations of the Giza Plateau. Though, technically, the Egyptian licence for this activity only allowed for "exploration of underground geological faults and cavities ... possibly injurious to tourists and the ancient monuments," many have inferred that the scope of the "Schor Expedition" extended far beyond this public disclaimer. Some (because of his extensive connection with "ARE" -- the "Cayce Foundation") have implied that Dr. Schor has been interested in nothing less than confirming Edgar Cayce's fabled "readings of Atlantis"-- Including, discovering the legendary "Hall of Records" itself.

But, after more than a year of carrying out extensive new scientific surveys of the Giza Plateau -- including several in the immediate vicinity of the highly-controversial Sphinx -- involving seismological investigations, ground penetrating radar of the subsurface Plateau geology, and sound experiments conducted inside the Great Pyramid itself -- nothing definitive has been reported to the world at large. And, there has been no follow-on permission by the Egyptian government to actually dig at any of the intriguing sites discovered. The "Schor situation" has grown increasingly similar to countless other highly-publicized investigations of the Plateau and Pyramids in recent years: where -- after a flurry of initial press reports over "imminent new findings" -- a veritable curtain of secrecy subsequently descends over all further public findings ...

It was against this increasingly frustrating backdrop that a member of the Schor Expedition approached the Enterprise Mission a few weeks ago, and offered to publicly reveal several crucial details of what has been occurring "behind the scenes" on the Plateau. This individual had become convinced, over the increasingly interminable "delays" and "excuses" issuing from key authorities in Egypt, that it was the intent of some members of the Egyptian government NOT to reveal these exciting new archaeological discoveries, brought to light by Schor's investigation -- ever -- but to "sit on them" ... indefinitely. By offering to make certain details public -- including actual video and instrumental readings substantiating these heretofore hidden new discoveries -- this individual hoped to inform other members of the government of Egypt of the apparent "agendas" of some ... to create sufficient public political pressure to bring this intolerable situation "to a head."

Though primarily concerned with the geology of the Plateau itself, in the course of our extensive conversations discussion turned to Schor's various activities inside the Great Pyramid as well. And it soon became apparent that members of the Expedition had unwittingly witnessed (and recorded -- on video) something truly remarkable occurring inside the Great Pyramid in the last year or so -- while all eyes and attention have been focused on activities taking place outside ...

For, revealed in our conversations was the unmistakable possibility of a "hidden excavation" proceeding for the last several months inside the Great Pyramid itself!


The time line for this activity -- "none" in April, 1996; the initial beginnings of a "clandestine tunnel," above the King's Chamber itself, actually videoed by Schor's party, in November, 1996; and the introduction of a (literally!) "hot" new power cable to these upper chambers, extending upward from the famed "Grand Gallery," in February, 1997 -- left little doubt that someone was secretly driving a new tunnel deep into the Pyramid. There also seemed only one objective for such elaborate and obviously clandestine tunneling activity--

The so-called "Isis Chamber" (so-termed by us) -- hidden behind the now-infamous "Gantenbrink Door," discovered at the end of the 8-inch-wide southern shaft leading upward from the so-called "Queen's Chamber" deep in the center of the Pyramid; a sensational discovery that Rudolph Gantenbrink's intrepid "little robot" had first brought to light in the Spring of 1993.

But, like Schor's current "situation," that expedition, too -- after making its sensational discovery -- had been politically unable to get permission to simply, logically follow through-- To see behind the door.

But now, according to our careful analysis of Schor's on-site witness -- "someone" was apparently physically attempting -- by digging a clandestine tunnel toward the hidden chamber from above the King's Chamber to do just that--

Without the rest of the world finding out about it! Because of the highly controversial nature of this evidence, if not the extreme political sensitivity of the entire situation in Egypt, we felt it incumbent upon us that we dispatch a personal representative to gather independent evidence of this activity. Such corroboration was simply imperative -- before thinking of "going public" with such information.

Fortunately, Mr. Larry Hunter -- a colleague, and independent researcher with almost 20 years of detailed, on-the-ground experience in Egypt -- was planning a trip within a few days of our discovering the potential critical importance of "the Schor information." We quickly arranged for our "on-site, Enterprise verifications" to be carried out, along with Mr. Hunter's other research, on his upcoming trip. The result is the sequence of dramatic, highly "revealing" photographs displayed in conjunction with this article.

These photographs document not only the striking presence of fresh "snow drifts" of highly powered limestone, covering almost all available surfaces within the Pyramid (left), they also confirm the presence of the new power cable first reported in February -- that was "hot" to the touch! -- seen ascending into the upper, dark reaches of the Pyramid ... above the King's Chamber.

The photographs have also documented the unassailable presence of burlap bags of freshly-tunneled limestone rocks -- just sitting on the "Great Step," apparently waiting for "someone" to carry them the rest of the way from the Pyramid, as part of the continuing excavation process being carried out, out of sight, far above the Grand Gallery itself.

In the upward-looking Grand Gallery photographs secured for "Enterprise" by Mr. Hunter (and his able assistant (left) ), one can trace not only the new power cable disappearing into the tunnel leading to the so-called "Davidson's Chamber," at the upper, southeast corner of the Grand Gallery (the Chamber which was the reported site of the new tunnel caught on video by Schor's own cameras (right) ), but also something else-- A fraying rope -- dangling provocatively over the edge of the Davidson tunnel far above -- directly over the waiting limestone-fille d bags obviously lowered by that very rope to the Great Step, far below it!

Taken altogether, this photographic evidence is highly provocative corroboration that "something" is currently going on inside the Great Pyramid ... NOT in accord with known archaeological protocols or procedures. Before leaving Cairo with this evidence (as well as approximately 10 lbs of the freshly-tunneled pristine Tura limestone waiting in the bags themselves --), Mr. Hunter deposited copies of this evidence with the appropriate military and civil authorities in Cairo, officially charged with overseeing the archaeological well- being of the Giza Plateau, and its crucial monuments. In particular, Larry left copies of all the photographs displayed with this article with Mr. Mohammed Sherdy -- Assistant Managing Editor of "El Waft" ("The People"), a leading Cairo daily newspaper. Mr. Sherdy, in turn, promised a "full investigation" of this compelling evidence of "clandestine tunneling" inside the Great Pyramid; we shall follow his, and the other military investigations, with great interest ... here, on the World Wide Web. So -- examine the photographs which accompany this article carefully, and draw your own conclusions. If you are so inclined, write to the Ambassador from Egypt in Washington, asking for an official inquiry into this "most unusual situation." And, above all-- Stay tuned.

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