Successful Time Travel?
Interview with Steven Gibbs
( Appeared in Strange Magazine, Spring, 1995 )

Is it really possible to travel in time? I would have to answer this question with a resounding YES. Ever since I was young, I remember always being fascinated by stories of time travel. Even now (May 1996), my eyes were glued to the TV when Fox (here in the US) showed us the newest version, a movie called Doctor Who (from the British series which has aired there since 1969 ... longer than Star Trek, about a Time Lord traveling through Space and Time from the planet Galifrey). Or what about the Time Tunnel, a tv show of the 1960's as well.

The only point about time travel that didn't make sense to me was how could time be preserved if one is able to travel into the past and change it which would effect the present? That is until about 4 years ago, when I came to better understand the idea of parrallel universes, or parrallel earths (as shown in the US TV series "Sliders"). If I go back and kill my grandfather, how is this possible for example. If my grandfather died, I would not be born? The answer is parrallel timelines ... that at the moment of the alteration, a new time line where I don't exist or perhaps I do exist, in the past of that timeline and I can not return to my own timeline?

There are many stories told of the visiting ETs having the ability to travel in time ... and with the apparent exchange of technologies we are receiving plus the stories told that the U.S.S. Elderige when involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, did travel in time ... it seems to me that we are on the verge of a quantum shift in our little universe. But what would it be like to really travel in time? On this page is an article supposedly with a person who has traveled in time ... it makes quite interesting reading and perhaps is a report of how things really are ...


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The Steven Gibbs Interview: Practical Time Travel

Successful Time Travel Claimed
Steven Gibbs, Interviewed by Mark Chorvinsky

A version of this interview appeared in
Strange Magazine No.14, Spring 1995.

Mark Chorvinsky: How did you get interested in time travel?

Steven Gibbs: In 1985 or 1986, I was contacted by a guy from Fitchburg, Massachusetts who read one of my articles that I had published in the Journal of Natural Health and Parapsychology in Canada on time travel, back in 1983. Mike Arkliniski got the article and placed it into one of his books called Time Travel Today. In 1985, this guy from Fitchburg sent me the first schematic of a device that could be activated over a grid point to transport a person physically through time. The name of the device was the Sonic Resonator. That was the very first early stage of the device. It hadn't been perfected or anything like that yet ... there weren't that many people who had tested it, and one person who had tested it got kind of a whiplash effect from it. Another guy who activated it over a grid point went three years into the future with it.

My instruction manual is included with every Hyperdimensional Resonator unit that I sell, and Mike went and activated his HDR unit ... which is actually an improved version of the Sonic Resonator, over a natural grid point up in Great Falls. He went physically back into 1945 and stayed there for 6 hours. And then, the second attempt he made to travel physically in time, he went to the year 1895 and stayed there for something like two hours. He visited some of the old saloons back in those days. He says that it was nothing like what they say the old West was in the movies.

Time Cops

Steven: In his third attempt, he went back to the year 1969 and he programmed the unit so that he could stay there for two hours, but his journey got cut short. After an hour some government men who were working for the Greys cornered him in a back alley. He was walking downtown and noticed this person with a black suit who was looking at him real funny. Just kind of staring at him.

He walked over to the guy with the black suit and said, "gee, 1969 is sure a great year." The guy in the black suit coat said, "well, what's wrong with the year 1994?" That just kind of blew him away, and he freaked out and started running, and the guy came after him and he went down an alley behind a building, where another guy cornered him and said "we can't allow you to travel physically any more through time." Mike says, "why not?", and the other man says, "well, if one tries it then they've all got to." Then, Mike asks him, "well, how are you going to stop me from travelling through time?".

The guy in the black suit said, "well, just like this", and they pulled out a device and shot a beam at him, and the next thing he knew, everything went black and when he came to he found himself in his bedroom and there was a red mark on his right leg. I have heard about a lot of people who've gotten abducted and they end up having a mark some place on their head, or right leg, or thigh, or whatever.

Mark: Who were the first "time travellers" who contacted you?

Steven: A fellow by the name of Jim Gerrard. Now, he claimed that he got his information from a guy who went by the name of Bruce Perrault. Grey Barker put out various books years ago on the Philadelphia experiment. Some of Bruce Perrrault's letters appeared in them. One of them was titled "Across the Dimensional Barrier", or something like that. You could write to Bruce Perrault and he could give you a schematic for what was supposedly a simplified version of the Philadelphia experiment circuit used on the Eldridge.

The Hyperdimensional Resonator

Mark: What is the most effective form of time travel machine?

Steven: What I'm selling right now. When it's activated over a natural grid point, you can travel physically through time, and it's by far the most effective unit. Mike just followed the instructions that I included with each unit that I sell, and he achieved it. It was the first time I had documented proof that the device worked. But, you see, the Greys don't want people to know this. And, the people who are working for the Greys don't want people to know this. They told Mike that they were going to try and shut me up in the future ... to try and shut down my business. And, they are going to try and shut down anybody who sells any information on the subject. We may have some problems in the near future trying to match wits with these SOBs.

Basically, if you find a power spot, practically any type of radionics machine that has sufficient amplification can be used for physical time travel... provided it is activated over one of those power spot or grid areas. The only problem is that they might not be as safe as the HDR unit when using it. The reason why, there is sometimes a lot of negative energy that goes into building some of those radionic devices and this can prove to be an extremely dangerous experience.

The reason I say that is that I have built one version of a flux capacitor circuit that is revealed in one of my reports and I had built something like four or five different versions of the flux capacitor, and I tested out each one of them. I don't think that I would ever want to build one again, to be quite truthful, because there is something about them that is tuned right into the fourth dimension or,,,I was told by some other people that if I sent you some reports it could put my life into serious danger. At least that is what they said. They are trying to scare me or something, into not revealing this stuff to other people.

It all began when I started travelling up to Canada to help these people activate a time portal and it really made some people mad in the government. I had trouble getting through immigration. That was back on July 20th. We managed to activate the time portal, but it didn't remain activated for any length of time for the simple reason that we didn't have enough coils wrapped arond it, and it was built over a natural grid point. With the artificial ones, you get results, but they are really touchy. If you don't build them just right, you don't get any results. But, this one we activated did open up to a landscape and then after about five minutes, deactivated. It opened up again, and something came through...some sort of negative entity...which really scared the living day lights out of me.

Mark: What did it look like?

Steven: Well, I didn't see it but I heard it come into the house. It sounded like a bullet going right through the window. Mike got a sleeper implant placed in him.

Mark: What is that?

Steven: That is an implant that is placed in him by the MIBs that are working for the Greys, and it activated just over a month ago. Now they are controlling his mind as well as his thoughts. They could have very well have cloned him too, for all I know, because he started acting funny after he got abducted by the MIBs after a visit to the year 1969. That was the last jump he made.

Mark: Who else do you know who believes that they have time travelled?

Steven: Gary Weir. The reason that he was transported was that his house was in California and there are so many grids there that anybody who activates one of my HDR units is pretty much going to travel physically through time whether they like it or not. Most people who have bought units from me have been transported. Some of them haven't gotten back. Arklinski wrote a book on the Chronocraft, but nobody knows where he is at present. He told me that the Chronocraft is now parked in the fifth dimension, and usually people who travel to the fifth dimension generally don't come back alive. There are some beings in the fifth dimension that are really headstrong about somebody setting foot in their realm. I have a few books by Arklinski, but I am not at liberty to give them out or make copies of them. I was told by one person that if any of that stuff gets put into Strange Magazine it starts getting pulled off the bookshelves.

Mark: Who told you that?

Steven: Mike...before he got abducted. He travelled into my future and he saw an event that was going to transpire in the month of January where two people clunk me over the head and send me one million years back into Earth's past so I can't intefere anymore with these secret societies that are trying to take over the planet. I asked them what caused those people to come here, and he said it was connected with Strange Magazine.

Mark: Do you have any memories of your experiences?

Steven: It is really difficult to describe what you experience unless you have done it yourself. The biggest jump I have made was when I jumped over to another universe on April 7th of this year. I didn this once before in was a radical jump where I jumped from a positive universe to a negative one. I conducted a series of expriments using the HDR in connection with a barium oxide electromagnet. I gave myself a treatment with the electromagnet and I was hoping to go that day into the future, but apparently nothing happened. But, around 6:30 in the morning the time field finally kicked in and all of a sudden all the phones in the house startwed dialing by themselves and ringing all at once.

Mark: Since you and your associates believe that you have time travalled into the future, perhaps you could tell us what mankind has to look forward to.

Steven: When they sent scientists from the Montauk project into Earth's future, they hit a barrier in the year 2012. When they tried to go past the barrier from 2012 to 2013, they couldn't. They could, however, go around it. They found that all life on the planet had been wiped out...everything. Cities were all in ruins and there was no life least they couldn't find any. They concluded that all life had been wiped out.

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