Appears by Stonehenge
July 7th, 1996

Through the IUFO mailing list I read about a new Crop Circle that appeared near Stonehenge on July 7th in England. The image above was sent to the list by Steve Wingate and also this image is on Art Bell's (see below) Web Site as well. Apparently Linda Howe was on one of Art's radio show and they discussed this new crop circle. Below are two emails sent to IUFO which give some additional details about this case (it was about time V J put something on the Crop Circle, aye?).

LATE NOTE: The creation of a crop circle was Caught on Film on August 11th (1996) in England. See in the last section of this page or link there now.

Oh boy, what a time we live in today ....... Illinois

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 16:29:11 +0100
From: (David Tilbury - Sun UK)
Subject: Stonehenge Crop Circle

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Hi All,

Driving back from holiday on Saturday (13th of July) I was lucky enough to pass Stonehenge.

There in the field opposite was an amazing crop circle. I stopped the car and walked around the circle with my video camera for 30 mins.


I left with a headache which was strange and the video film has interference on it which is also strange as it was a brand new tape.

All in all it was the highlight of the holiday!

I even managed to pluck a corn stalk out which is now on my mantlepiece!



Comments below are from the Crop Circle connector page:

This is without doubt a Julia set. This design has 151 circles forming it and has a height length of 385ft at a north/south run. Crop is wheat and the rotations are all clockwise.

Anyway as many people know the Julia set is connected to the Mandelbrot. There are many types of Julia sets and the difficulty is identifying the mathematical equation for this particular design and its directive meaning. There are displacements at the form end (Large inner circle at start) This will no doubt upon analysis have a bearing on the remainder of the design. In many cases the Julia sets are representative of the balance between order and chaos after the Mandelbrot has broken down. However the condition when interpreted indicates the degree of breakdown as far as the Julia set is concerned. In mathematics as an example an equation holds firm as long as the sequence remains constant. With fractal geometry the breakdown when it occurs becomes a cascade.

The cascade is the uncontrolled repetitious events that occur when momentum becomes self relient and constant within itself.

Report by Dr John Sherwood

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-> Posted by: Dave.Tilbury@UK.Sun.COM (David Tilbury - Sun UK)

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 07:09:06 -0400
From: Bill Teague {}
Subject: new crop circle at Stone Henge

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hey all ... go check out this ariel photo on Art Bell's website of the newest crop circle which was reported on July 7th

An RAF pilot had just overflown the field in broad daylight ... no crop circle ... **15 minutes** later he came back over the site and .... there was this HUGE crop circle covering 10 acres consisting of 151 separate circles ... right across the road from Stone Henge ..

the pilot immediately started calling people and has signed a sworn affidavit stating that it indeed happened in broad daylight within the time frame of 15 minutes

   (((((((((((((((((THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING )))))))))))))))))))

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->  Posted by: Bill Teague 

Crop Circle Creation Caught on Film!

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 16:47:49 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Joyce L. Murphy" {}

Colin Andrews (CPRI - US Offices)

20 August 1996

Joyce Murphy and Stuart Conway (Beyond Boundaries Inc.)
24 August 1996


A man was camping out on the hilltop of Oliver's Castle overlooking the Devizes area of Wiltshire, England. The night was a very wet one and he was on the hill with the intention of watching the fields below the hill for the construction of crop circles which have been found there in recent years.

At approximately 0500 hours on the 11th of August as the first light appeared he saw what he thought was a small white-lighted sphere pass swiftly across the field directly below him. He moved quickly for his video camera which failed to operate due to the moisture sensor operating inside it. Some moments later he tried again and it started to film. Just seconds into the film two white spheres move into the frame from the right and arc across the field in a large spiral, much like the form which appeared as a crop pattern at Stonehenge in June. As the spheres spiralled across the field a small circle suddenly flattened to the ground and within just seconds (as many eye witnesses have reported previously) a large complex crop pattern materialized. Before the whole sequence was over a second pair of white glowing spheres approached from the top left of the frame. One of them appeared to lift out of the cereal field and join its partner. They also took a route arcing around in a large ring. As they did so the pathways and smaller circles in this elaborate 'snowflake' pattern were formed. The whole filmed sequence is just a few seconds long and shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.

I have been asked by the cameraman / witness to execute detailed analysis of the film and to handle world media interest in the footage which he owns. Today several major inquiries have commenced including one with the British Military who might have been present at the time.

The film will not be made available publicly until analysis is complete.

The first results and full detailed statement regarding the footage will be made through the CPRI newsletter (details below). Many researchers and interested public are are located in England and the CPRI main offices are in the USA, therefore it is also my intention to send updates to the new and greatly successful magazine "UFO Reality" (obtainable in the UK and USA) and the new crop circle information room in the Red Lion Pub at Avebury, Wiltshire.

There have been several other important discoveries during the 1996 research project in the UK, these will also be covered in the next CPRI newsletter. Please do not attempt to make personal telephone calls to CPRI offices regarding the new footage as already the international interest is immense. Priority is to be given to the film analysis, and completion of my next book "The Signs Have Arrived". For those who have been anxiously awaiting for the long awaited book, you will glad to know that I have secured a publisher.


Colin Andrews

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