StarGate (March 19-21, 1996)
A Planetary Alignment
for the New Age

Recently I have been in touch with Chandara, a walk-in and Star Person who has been sharing with others about the StarGate. I do not claim to fully understand the full significance of this work however, it is indeed another opportunity for Lightworkers to help anchor higher vibrational enegies on the world. In respect for Chandara's Mission, I am sharing on this page their announcement for the next StarGate event with their explanation. Hope you can add your light to assist in empowering the Mother Earth to receive these new inbound energies ..........


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 16:53:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Andrew Lutts
Subject: March Stargate Information

STARGATE MARCH 19 - 20 - 21 1996

March 19 -20-21 is the next Stargate, and we are beginning the preliminary alignments for that now. This Stargate will usher in the "tractor beam" connection for the Earth's passage through the Photon belt. It is imperative that we gather and collect all available consciousness on the Earthplane, through multiple organizations and focus that consciousness at a precise moment in time on March 20th. This collected consciousness will provide enough "lift and boost" for the final stages of this important alignment.

Using the formulation in the KRYON books, the collected consciousness is factorial, and will have a dramatic impact on the world as we currently know it. We ask all those reading this information to link as many groups and individuals to the EarthLink Mission as possible. We will transmit the final sequences and information through the INTERNET to the global organizations. This alignment is the last stage of the BEGINNING of the traveling of Earth through the Photon Belt, and coming out the other side, as spoken of in the teachings and channelings.

The mechanism of connecting the consciousness is INTENTION. The GLOBAL INTENTION is for " Thy Will Be Done, that the Earth enter this etheric adventure in perfect harmony, in perfection, with ease and grace, for the good of all and harm of none". This powerful phrase applies to all religious segments and belief systems, and is for what ever belief you desire. What is important is that you feel strongly drawn to participate in this mission. It will only take a few minutes to complete the alignments. Currently there are thousands of groups and individuals who have signed up to participate in these energetic consciousness intention alignments. You may or may not "feel a thing" that is different, or you may have a dramatic experience. Whatever you experience, is your experience, and is perfect for you. It will make a difference, in a global sense, and assist in maintaining the positive track of the Ascension plan as it is currently unfolding.

You choose the method and manner in which you wish to participate. ( For one example see section at the end of this article on "How to Participate." It is the INTENTION which is of utmost importance. Please be perfectly clear that this work and these alignments are only for the good of all and harm of none. The factorial effect of this consciousness is beyond anything which we here on Earth can imagine. Please be totally PRESENT in your body, and GROUND these energies into the physical EARTH and her etheric crystalline core. That is what is required for the success of this mission. It is by the Grace of God (whatever your belief), that you are participating, and in doing so, you are truly blessed. We thank you for your participation in these matters. Due to the criticality of these alignments, the final instructions, and times and dates for alignments have been withheld until the last moment. We will transmit additional information (as required) to you via the Internet as soon as it is released from those whose mission it is to do so. We thank you for your participation, and patience in these matters.

Currently, preliminary alignments of consciousness will occur daily for the 12 days prior to the opening of the Stargate on March 20 at 3:30 PM PST. You may tune in to these alignments through your inner knowing. If your assistance is required, you will know it intuitively. Chandara will be in Reno, Nevada at Pyramid Lake, an ancient site on the planet. This Stargate requires a dual thrust of consciousness. One is a matrix of 12 points of consciousness placed OUTSIDE the earth's grids, in the outer protective layers, one at each point of the Earth's Mer Ka Bah in order to reactivate it and to provide protection for the Earth and her inhabitants on this path and alignment. The majority of other participants will be in locations worldwide as part of the group consciousness to provide the "slingshot and lift" to catapult the Earth into this orbital path on the tractor beam from the point in space where we are to next be. Each of you will know where your places are to be. Those who are to be the 12 Points of the MerKaBah are invited to contact Chandara at, to discuss other details. You all know who you are. Now is the time to come forth and join together as ONE. Those who are adding to the group consciousness are also invited to connect via E-mail. If one is drawn to be a group coordinator for this event, you are welcome to come forth and make yourselves known. It is time to take our places. For the Future is NOW. (See EarthLink Mission map on Internet for current locations of those already connected for this mission at

The grounding of these energies, and the coordinated consciousness to assist the "slingshot" is also to be coordinated with the consciousness activations of the Second Worldwide Solar Ceremony for Planetary Awakening on 3/21/96. You are invited to contact Aluna Joy Yax'kin at Po Box 1351, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 USA. (916) 926-1351 (pacific time), for further information regarding this activation. It is ALL in perfection within the Greater Plan.

Enjoy this time of blessing, and absorb the energies into your selves, and your greater selves. It is important to remember that you are not separated from yourself, but that now, you CAN be fully present, with all you knowledge and powers, here and now, in this plane at this time, With Light and Love....

I AM Chandara
Twelfth High Council, Ancient of Days
Councilor, Galactic High Council

You can connect to the EarthLink Mission through E-mail to or Andy by phone at 508-741-4773. The EarthLink Mission pages are at

PS Those responding to Chandara by E-mail are asked to have patience and understanding. All mail will be answered, however at this time, my physical earth time is limited to an "as needed" basis with priority on the Stargate. Please be patient and understanding. (Etheric communications answered nightly.)

THE STARGATE ENERGIES & other information...

The specific celestial location of the stargate opening is of not of importance in regards to the people on the surface of the planet who want to do this work. All global points can be activated by intention. Connect and ground to the crystalline core of the Earth, and the etheric grid above the Earth. Once the energies have been brought into the core they are disseminated by others connected to the core, and they are the antennas that help distribute the energy. This is a grid of the seventh dimension. This will help people integrate the merkabah and photon energies. Once this knowledge is attained it allows those to access the cellular memory banks of the human field and the body so that you can then rise further quicker in your attainment of higher and higher awareness.

It is the conscious intention of participation that brings through the alignment. The intention is of great significance. It is through the intention that the yods or beams of light will come from the planet though the core to the outer dimensions. There are millions of entities in the etheric realms to assist you with this. As more and more of the higher frequencies of other dimensions are brought into the Earth and into the waters of the Earth, the water and rain cycles distribute the frequencies into the food and animal chains, and accelerate the mass consciousness shift. The Internet is the best way to distribute this information to those who need it. We are moving into a new age of peace and awareness, and global information access.

It is for Earth's past to return to her former state, to her original intention, which was to be the Garden of Eden, a place of instant manifestation, of harmony and bliss, that all factions within the universe could reside and coincide in one place, the source's love and in the purest alignment. This is the past for which all of you on the surface at this time have come, to return to the original blueprint of your planet and you being, your soul, and your sources. So that all can be rebalanced and reharmonized. The Earth is key. It is through the success of this experiment, that it can be replicated and brought forward to other planetary systems. There is no turning back. For those who have chosen this path, it is clear, and you are aware of your mission. There are no coincidences. You are all together, in this purpose, as ONE.

Two days after the March 20 stargate opening, these energies will be begin to permeate all inhabitants of the planet Earth and will be available to the masses and groups of consciousness. People experience new feelings and changes in awareness and reality. They will begin to see that they ARE in control of their own destinies, and that they have the power to change ALL that is not working in their lives, and the life of this planet. These are most blessed times, and all who participate are blessed. We are very thankful for this participation.

We are the Galactic Council members with the Twelfth High Council, Ancient of Days, and other Councils of the Celestial Realm.


Welcome To EarthLink...Global community of Earthworkers to assist with Earth Energy Alignments to the Cosmos and beyond. We welcome all participants who are drawn to this etheric work. It is a blessing and a gift to participate in these energetic alignments blessed by Source and in conjunction with many of the High Councils of the Celestial Realms. This is the first time that coordinated group global consciousness will be used to align these energies returning to Earth. There are over 144 Light stations globally who will be aligned for this work on March 20. Group participation helps to disperse and ground these energies into the Earth's surface and core, and allows the energies to resonate in a balanced harmonious manner. The following is a simple meditation which you can follow in order to assist in this work:

Your participation can take any amount of time you wish, from a few moments, to a long meditation session. It is truly up to you. It is your intention and willingness and participation which are important. The fact that you have connected to EarthLink shows that you KNOW on a deep level, that you are to do this.

We have been asked how people can participate in this event. There are many ways to participate, from single moment of silence and intentional connection, to performing a ceremony and being in a group of Earthworkers who will connect and work with these energies. If alone and at work during this time, it may be helpful to find a quiet space where you can "go within" for a few moments and meditate. The intention is most important. The exact words are not required, but below is a "sample" of what one might say:

"I/We ask for the highest guidance available to me/us at this time to align and assist me/us. I/we connect and bring forth the inter-stellar energies of this Stargate.. to restore this connection to the Earth.

I/we ask to ground these energies into the Earth's crystalline core, and the Group Consciousness Grid which surrounds the planet... to balance and harmonize these planetary shifts with ease and grace, for the good of all, harm of none. Thy Will Be Done, that the Earth enter this etheric adventure in perfect harmony, in perfection, with ease and grace, for the good of all and harm of none. In the name of I AM...( or who ever you are drawn to).

I AM ( your name). "

When preparing for this work it is important to connect your consciousness, and "ground" your feet into the Earth's Crystalline core. The etheric earth has a crystalline core, which looks much like an Austrian crystal ball... If you can imagine being inside the crystal ball looking out through that sided crystalline structure, it would radiate iridescent light... sparkling with millions of rainbows. In connecting to the Core in this manner, you are connecting to Source, and the Consciousness of the Earth. The second connection is to connect to the Planetary Ascension Grid, a crystalline matrix grid which surrounds Earth's 7th auric layer. This is the group consciousness grid, and we are restoring the "puzzle pieces" into their proper places by re-connecting with each other. Each soul of the Earth is connected to this grid, and when we meet and greet each other on a Soul level, and recognize and honor our greater selves, the pieces are re-connected, and "fall into place".

The way that you can connect is by simply intentioning your consciousness. in the following manner. "I ask to connect to the Crystalline Core of the earth. I vision energy coming out of my right foot and connecting down through the layers of the earth to the Crystalline Core. I then ask to draw up the Earth's perfection energy from the Core back through the earth, and into my left foot... then up through my body...Circulating through my body. I can transmute all energies which I no longer need in my body and field by sending them back to the Earth's core. The energies go out through my right foot, and into Mother Earth, who willingly accepts them and transmutes them into pure light. The pure energies are drawn up through the earth and into my left foot and connect in a circular energy flow through my body. Then I connect the energies of the Earth to my crown chakra. I ask to connect the energy into my hands and arms by visioning the energies going first, out through my right arm... and connecting into the Planetary Ascension grid. I feel the Golden Light of this connection. Then I ask to connect the energies of this grid back to the Earth through my left palm, and through my arms. This makes a 4 pointed connection of hands and feet.. and then Crown and root chakra into the Earth. A perfect 6 pointed being of light."

You can now begin the visualizations and intentioning of grounding the Stargate energies. The process of connecting does not take more than a moment, once you are used to doing it. You can use this connection for deep meditations, always... not just Stargate connections.

We would like any feedback, experiences, and comments which you are drawn to send to us, once this mission has completed. Please know that the energies begin to spin up and oscillate 12 days prior to the Stargate Opening, and for 12 days after it has opened. Be open, yourselves, to experience the shifts with ease and grace in a balanced and harmonious manner...

Blessings and Peace to you all....Chandara

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