The Star Knowledge Conferences
A Time Has Come -- Standing Elk

Standing Elk at the
Star Knowledge Conference held
in South Dakota, June, 1996
For a long time, many have suspected that the Native Americans, who for the most part have been relatively quiet, have known quite a bit about the ETs, and UFOs. Most have assumed that held within their sacred traditions are stories of visitors and sacred prophecies for our near future. Now, thanks to the courage of Standing Elk, a Lakota Native American and a UFO Investigator in his own right, a new type of event has begun in an effort to share the truth about the UFOs.
Having participated in the first of several conferences, and having a chance to get to know Standing Elk, I feel honored to consider him a dear brother in Spirit. Beginning in June of 1996 and continuing on into 1997, the Star Knowledge UFO Conferences are becoming known as one of the major events of our time.

I became familiar with Standing Elk, through various post about the first conference by Dr. Richard Boylan, who has been one of many incredible speakers at these events. It was a great joy to participate with my wife and crystal skull caretaker, Joke Van Dieten, in the first Star Knowledge Conference held in Marty, South Dakota in June of 1996. Since that time, my wife and I have formed a strong friendship with Standing Elk and his helpers and have felt strongly to do our part by sharing parts of this process on our own web site. I believe that Standing Elk's efforts to bridge the gap between the knowledge and contacts with our Star Brothers held by the Native Americans and that information being shared publicly by other researchers and cultures is outstanding and is another sign of the prophecy that humanity must work together for our future.

His path to bring this information out publicly has been most challenging but Standing Elk's dedication under diversity is commendable. Therefore dear readers, you will find included in this section of our web site a number of reports resulting from the first Star Knowledge Conference. As of the creation of this new version of the Star Knowledge Conference home page, the next conference is scheduled for June of 1997. We will try to contact Marilyn Carlson, the confernece coordinator and post times and schedules of this new event at some future date.

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Star Knowledge Reports

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Star Nation Symbols Defined (with Standing Elk)
Background & History on Symbols (with Standing Elk)

Star Knowledge Interviews
(Conducted by Joshua at the Conference)

Marc Davenport
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Jim Greenan - Int'l UFO Ctr.
Stand Elk, Conference Initiator
Chet Snow - The Future & Crystal Skulls

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