Speilberg Behind the 'Alien Autopsy' Film?

Article from New Dawn, Australia

On this page is a copy of an article that appeared in "New Dawn" a New World Order/UFO/Conspiracy magazine published in Australia. It suggests that film producer Steven Speilberg may have acquired the 'Alien Autopsy' film first for the movie he is currently working on related to the Roswell Incident. As with any information connected with Roswell or the UFO Cover-Up, Theories abound and abound ....

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A rumor circulated a couple of years ago that famous Hollywood director Steven Spielberg had acquired footage of a 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, and its dead alien crew. He supposedly obtained it from a retired army cameraman who had kept it hidden for almost four decades.

Spielberg was said to be preparing a new movie, designated 'Project X,' to be released in 1997, the 50th anniversary of the so-called Roswell crash. At the time, Spielberg's film company emphatically denied any truth to the rumor, and it faded away when no proof was forthcoming.

A new twist to that rumor has now surfaced. In issue No. 34, New Dawn reported on the controversial Santilli alien autopsy film. The film became all the rage in the international UFO community, with half the specialised publications featuring Santilli's alien corpse on their front covers.

Now, Ufologist J. Antonio Huneeus, writing in his Fate magazine column of March 1996, disclosed that Santilli now appears to be just the front man for the real owner of the film.

Huneeus writes: "Santilli admitted as much in an interview on the BBC TV show Good Morning with Anne and Nick. When asked how much he had paid the alleged cameraman, Santilli responded: 'I didn't pay anything for it. The money that we eventually got to pay for the film came from Germany, but it was a significant amount that was required to acquire the film.'"

"The identity of the shadowy owner," writes Huneeus, "Herr Volker Spielberg," finally emerged, not through Santilli's mouth, but was made by "Jacques Pradel of the French network TF1, which had previously broadcast the original autopsy footage..."

Huneeus reports on a TV program conducted by Pradel, in which he assembled a number of experts from various fields, and interviewed Santilli live from London. "There can be little doubt that Santilli looked pretty bad on this show. He was embarrassed several times by Pradel's questions," says Huneeus.

As the program continued, "it became clear he [Santilli] just didn't have the original footage, that it was beyond his control. So TF1 sought the identity of the reputed owner, Herr Spielberg, showing his small production company offices in Hamburg. Spielberg, however, was not there because he was dodging the media."

The TF1 cameras finally tracked him down to an apartment building where Spielberg was staying. When contacted on the telephone, "his voice was recorded... saying, 'I want nothing to do with journalists. I am a collector, it's personal, the world is selfish, so am I.' He was escaping from prying TV cameras just like corrupt officials or businesspeople do."

In concluding, the way the film has been distributed and handled, in Huneeus's opinion, is "highly suspicious," and "I don't expect to discuss it further in this column. Enough is enough."

Perhaps we now fully understand Spielberg's comments to UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, related in an interview published in New Dawn No. 34:

"When I met Stephen Spielberg, I argued with him that the subject [of UFOs] was even more interesting if it wasn't extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET. So he said, 'You're probably right, but that's not what the public is expecting - this is Hollywood and I want to give people something that's close to what they expect.'"

Spielberg acts as the ET's greatest PR man, producing a string of award-winning Hollywood films that present the aliens in a very positive light. Who could not feel warm and fuzzy at the plight of ET? Or feel pangs of compassion for the aliens downed in the 1947 Roswell crash? No guessing who'll get the international TV rights to the joint announcement by Rockefeller and Spielberg, two of the world's richest men, of our friendly ETs' arrival at UN headquarters.

Above news item extracted from New Dawn No.36 (May-June, 1996) (C) Copyright 1996 by New Dawn International News Service, GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia

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