Interview with Solara
The 11:11 & Beyond

Several years ago, many of us participated in a meditation with others held around the world to help to anchor special cosmic energies being sent to Earth during the 11:11 Activation (January 11th, 1992) as had been shared through the work of Solara. Siam recently added a page to our web site sharing more insights about this special time and what it meant. To our surprise, in October we received an email from Solara thanking us for sharing this material and also complimenting us on our site.

So I took that opportunity to see if Solara would consent to an email interview to discover what she has been up to since this time and if she had received additional insights to share with others after the 11:11. She graciously agreed to do so, thus please find below the answers to some new questions. Also we should note that Solara has a web site (listed below) and that Solara's web site is a member of our network of New Age related websites known as NA NET Global.

Peace & Light .... Joshua

First Chat by Email
November 7th, 1996

From Solara


Sorry that it has taken me such a long time to respond to your interview. October was a rather wild month. Now, I'm climbing through the mountains of email and trying to get caught up.

JS>I have so much energy flowing through me these days and
JS>just meeting incredible people ... for many years I have
JS>had projects living inside of me and I feel by next year
JS>it will be in full force.
Yes, by spring of next year, our New Lives will be here and much will be achieved. It's tremendously exciting. Already we can feel the very real stirrings of amazing new energies. And quantum leaps abound!

And now, on to the interview .................

Solara ... how did you get started in your spiritual path?

I've always been on a spiritual path. I grew up in a very aware family where such things were considered "normal". Of course, this spiritual path has led me into many different levels of awareness. I had a long phase of studying the ancient religions and civilizations to remember what I already knew. This was my "Earth Cycle". Next, I went through my "Celestial Cycle" in which I worked closely with Star Beings and Angelic Beings in order to reclaim my vastness. For the past few years I have entered my "Earth-Star Cycle" where it all merges together in alchemical union and creates something totally New. Our vastness is anchored within our physical bodies; the Invisible is anchored into the Earth.

I believe you have communications with inter-dimensional beings and the Cosmic Brothers and Sisters ... how did this contact start and what kind of insights are you receiving.

For many years I had communications with inter-dimensional beings and learned much from them, but all of that ceased after we began going through the Doorway of the 11:11 into the Template of Oneness. You see, we go off the road of the known onto a totally new map. Into the Unknown. And here, everything is New--totally different than before. All the great beings who guided us along the way, who helped bring us up to this point, have now been merged back into the One. At first, this is rather disconcerting, as we move into the Unknown without our old props, tools, concepts and previous spiritual beliefs. Then, it becomes tremendously liberating.

Can you briefly share what the 11:11 accomplished.

The Activation of the 11:11 opened the door to Oneness and ended the reign of duality over this dimensional universe. During the 11:11 Activation on January 11, 1992, two very different spirals of evolution--those anchored in duality and Oneness--were interlocked, creating a transitional Zone of Overlap between duality and Oneness. This Zone of Overlap is our bridge to ascension--the ascension from duality-based reality systems to one anchored in Oneness. It's important to remember that the Doorway of the 11:11 is still in effect. The 11:11 will be open until December 31st, 2011. This is the time we have to transform our beings, to free ourselves from duality and become fully, consciously, woven into the One.

What new directions do you see us going into ...?

A deeper caring for each other, for all of humanity, for all living beings on the planet, including the planet herself. There is a new enhanced sense of Oneness that is being introduced. It is what I call the One Being. The One Being is an organic real being, composed of all of us AS ONE. It is not just the old concept of uniting into Oneness, rather that together we form One Being and that we all share One Heart. It is this One Heart which is our new emotional body, that will allow us to experience deeper, truer Love than ever before.

At the same time that this spiritual quickening is taking place, there will be a deepening sense of separation as we let go of the outmoded parts of our beings and of our lives which were anchored in duality. A great letting go which will allow us to be more real, more grounded, more loving and more vast than we had thought possible.

Do you believe the Earth Changes Must Happen?

Oh, what a question! A certain amount of purification of the Earth is necessary, just to heal some of the ways we have damaged it through our ignorance and greed. But it doesn't need to be devastating. I feel that the future of this planet is yet to be determined. Nothing is set into stone at this point. What will determine the way of the future, is how many of us get real and step free of duality.

Is there a message to share with others to prepare for the >changes coming up?

Yes, it's now time to strip ourselves down to the core. To sit inside our Core Selves and to be real, no matter what. It's time to clear out the clutter in our beings and in our lives, stripping away anything that no longer resonates with our Core Selves. To have the courage to be magnificent, to step beyond our fears and become fully, vibrantly alive! To courageously love with wide open hearts. To let go of our old ways of knowing and surrender to the waves of the Invisible and let them take us to a totally new place. To serve and nourish our One Being and to start living life with our full beings.

What do you see as your role in the future ... do you feel there are some more special times coming up for powerful energies to be shared with more Earth.

It's hard to determine my role in the future since I too, am transforming greatly. I would like to let go of the focus on me as Solara--the visionary, or the teacher, and instead just be part of the very magnificent One Being we are together. And I'd like to continue writing books.

We are in the midst of establishing an Island of Light named TA-ANUA in Eureka, Montana. Here, a handful of us will start living life the way it was meant to be. LIVING LARGE. We will establish a Retreat Center where people can come and learn to be real Earth-Star beings. Right now we are in the process of buying the land and raising the funds for building it. Photos and more information on TA-ANUA is on our website at:

In 1997 will be the Activation of the Third Gate of the 11:11 which is very important. Third Gate's Keynote is: Expanding into One Being. During this time, we will see the creation of conscious communities anchoring the Invisible into the physical throughout the planet. It will also be the time where the New Expanded Relationship Patternings will be introduced.

Due to the vast scope of Third Gate, there are going to be THREE activations in THREE different parts of the world. Of course, these are just the locations of the Master Cylinders and a person can participate in Third Gate from wherever you are.

Third Gate Activation #1: May 17, 1997
Master Cylinder in Slovenia. (ex-Yugoslavia.)

Third Gate Activation #2: August 17, 1997
Master Cylinder in Montana.
(This date adds up to a 33 and is the key activation of Third Gate.)

Third Gate Activation #3: October 12, 1997.
Master Cylinder in Queensland, Australia.

People can check our website for the latest details on Third Gate including precise locations and how to attend. We will have a small Third Gate Booklet available early next year.

If you could project into the future, what do you see after Dec. 24, 2012? ( when the Mayan calendars ends )

Well, I would use the date of December 31, 2011 when the 11:11 closes. What do I see? Absolutely nothing, because everything will be so New that it is beyond anything we can presently imagine!

Do you have any messages or inspiration you wish to share with others?

My new book, "how to LIVE LARGE on a small planet" says, "Something is happening and it is more real than any of us can imagine." This is absolutely true. And it's so exciting. "A new world is being born. The membranes to this Greater Reality are dissolving at this very moment." You know, we don't go Home by leaving this planet. We bring Home here by becoming vibrantly alive Earth-Star Beings. And it makes everything such fun!!

How can people contact you who are interested in your work?

They can email me at:
Our website is at:

or write to:

Star-Borne Unlimited
6426 Hwy. 93 South, #6511
Whitefish, Montana 59937 -- USA
Phone: (406) 862-8831
FAX: (406) 862-8851


Thanks Joshua. What a time of quantum leaps! This has been a fantastic year, but just preparation for what's to come!

In the One Being,

Visit our new web site at:

For more information on the 11:11, Solara's chats
on America Online, Star-Borne MasterClasses, and a sample chapter
of Solara's newest book, "how to LIVE LARGE on a small planet".


Second Chat by Email
November 17th, 1996

From Solara


It's good to hear from you again. You write such insightful, interesting email. (It must be the Aries in you.) One of my favorite signs I might add. Of course, it's also my rising sign.

JS>Can you describe the spiritual or ET beings you have had
JS>contact with. How did this contact happen

I don't really want to answer these new questions of yours. This is because I don't really work on this level anymore. I acknowledge that some wondrous beings including Archangel Mikael, Metatron, Kwan Yin, Ptah, etc. as well as the Starry Brotherhood of the Og-Min helped me greatly during my awakening process. But ever since the 11:11 Activation in January, 1992, everything has vastly changed. I have left the old map behind and entered upon the uncharted realms of the Unknown. In doing this, I also left behind my work with these beings. And they were all so happy that I had graduated, so to speak. To dwell on that aspect of my awakening would be to step backwards and I cannot do that. I am unable to go backwards even if I tried.

When you lose your alignment with these great beings, you move into an even greater alignment with the One. And this is where I currently am. I write about this in my new book, "Live Large" in the chapter titled, "As the Spiral Turns."


Right now, I am unbelievably busy. Have been all year actually, but it never seems to slow down. We are creating an Island of Light here in Montana on some amazing land and trying to do a massive fundraising effort to pull it off. Plus the Third Gate Activation of the 11:11 is scheduled for 1997 and it has just been revealed that it will entail THREE DIFFERENT ACTIVATIONS in three different parts of the world!!! And all I really want to do is have a simple life, write more books and make paintings!

JS>One other question out of curiousity (Aries are curious) ..
JS>You mention in your answers below (and this is not to put in
JS>the interview) that you wish people would just see you and not
JS>the well known teacher Solara ... I am reading Leonard
JS>Nimroy's book as he described this as well for his character
JS>of Spock.  I was curious how you dealt with this ...

This is one of those challenging things that comes with the position of leadership. I go to great lengths to show my human side and to not be put on a pedestal. However, some people are so in need to worship someone that they get unrealistic expectations about you, thereby setting themselves up for a big disappointment. And often, since I am such a catalyst, people think that they have an issue with me, when really their issue is with themself! Over the years I've been out on the frontlines, I've seen a lot of people come and go. My challenge is to remain myself at all times; to BE REAL, no matter what. To continue to love with my whole heart, even when people are scared away. What's interesting is that for the past five months, I've been hearing from many people whom I haven't heard from in years, many of them finally thanking me for what I've done. But you have to be like the wind Joshua and just blow wherever you are taken, always giving your all, being the best you can be, whether people understand and appreciate you or not. And one good thing: now the time of leadership is coming to an end. We're going to take a totally new approach and become One Being. It will be this One Being who will step into our New Lives.

Take a look at my webpage sometime.

In the Greater Love,

Doorway of 11:11
( written by Solara)

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