Star Knowledge UFO Conference
Report by Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
( July 1996 -- Speaker )

Joshua Shapiro speaking at the
Star Knowledge Conference held
in South Dakota, June, 1996
Perhaps, like some of the other speakers and antendees, I can not say why I felt it was so important for me to attend. Or, even to spend some time to create a few web pages for our internet site to publicize the time and schedule of it. However, after spending 5 days in Wagner, South Dakota, and even sitting at a dinner table with some of the leading UFO researchers one night (and wondering what I was doing there?) ... I am very happy I had a chance to participate in the conference as well meet some of the most well known and dedicated UFO investigators and speakers. It was also a great honor to be able to introduce a number of people to "ET" (thanks to his caretaker Joke Van Dieten)which is believed to be a very ancient smoky quartz crystal skull.

This page is a result of responding to one of the members of the IUFO mailing list, who asked if people who attended the Star Knowledge conference might share some perspectives. Please find below my response to this message. In addition, although I was unable to attend many of the other speakers offerings, I was able to take a few notes from the lectures I could attending and I am including this information on this page as well. I also interviewed about five or six different speakers including Standing Elk during the conference, please return to our Star Knowledge Conference Home Page, if you wish to take a look at these. In any case, I can at least give you a flavor of what occurred in those five days of June ....


Star Knowledge Report
with Joshua Shapiro

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Subject: Re: Star Knowledge Conference

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> To Rich Boylan and anyone else who attended ----
> There hasn't been much feedback (that I've seen ) about the Star 
> Knowledge Conference.  A brief piece in Center of Attention was 
> enthusiastic; a post in aol's Native American folder was critical, 
> calling it a mixed bag at best, saying that many traditionals were 
> against the conference, including the Santee Tribe, that Arvol Looking 
> Horse was upset about having his name associated with the conference, 
> that Standing Elk misrepresented himself, etc.
> What was your experience??  Did this bridge cultures or just reinforce 
> old hatreds and fears??  Was any new information shared??
> COA said that Drunvalo Melchizedek's presentation moved people to 
> tears... were audiotapes made of presentations??  transcripts??  Is 
> there someone I can contact to track down audiotapes?? (I had really 
> hoped to attend, but the time and $$$ just didn't materialize.)
> Your perspective/feedback would really be appreciated.
> Carole


It is difficult to simply state what happened at the Star Knowledge conference as there were many speaker and people came from quite a distance.

I could only say we were living for the five days as I feel we will in the future ... i.e. -- no countries, no religions ... just people respecting each other and listening and sharing to each other ...

I did a few taped interviews at the conference (and maybe there are some folks on the list who might wish to help to transcribe), one was with Standing Elk ....

some of the native Americans spoke of prophecy and that earth changes are due ... especially a draught 1997-1999 (which also corresponded to a future progression that Chet Snow reports in his book, Mass Dreams of the Future)

I had a large audio tone after speaking to the person from Italy who had the stigmata ... he had a special energy around him

Standing Elk said the Chupacabras, the strange creature appearing had spoken to him and that they were lost and wanted to go to their home world and that the Pleiadians would help take them back

"ET", the smoky quartz crystal skull was well received ... we had over 100 people have private sessions and saw some amazing phenomena (color changes in particular besides changes to people) take place

it seemed to be a place for people to reconnect .... also there was the report besides a blue star appearing one night or a large circle meditation after I believe the Friday session, where a cloud matched the size and shape of the meditation circle of people, broke up when they broke up and reformed ....

it was very clear from the conferences and the Native Americans I did speak to ... that ETs, UFOs are very real to them .... Richard Boylan also stated at his talk that in April of 1997 there would be a large meeting of government officials to decide how to make the announcement. the bottom line is that we are all in this together ... and the UFO reality is looming very close now to be a part of our lifes out front

in the Light

Joshua Shapiro
V J Enterprises
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NOTES Taken at Conference
from Various Speakers

Floyd Hand

Floyd Hand was given 5 prophecies (laws) by the Star People

1) Floods
2) Forest fires
3) Earthquakes
4) 1997-1999 Great Draught (Starvation)
5) The Earth will shit on the 21st day, of the 21st year of the 21st Century

He had received that there would be three white calfs to appear, in 1968 (10-15 people saw a Rainbow Cloud which was an omen of its birth); 1988 White Calif in California; 1994 - White Calif born near Janesville Wisconsin.

In the last 25 years, mankind must learn Peace to survive

Also suggested we should cut down less tree as trees help to slow down the orbit of the Earth and of course this will provide less oxygen.

He prophecised as a result of the Draught (less food, much starvation, here in the US), we will see a more positive and holistic government in 2000. He said at the moment our world is 80% dark and 20% light.

The Grandfathers who spoke with him had an oval shape head and small mouth and eyes.

Bob Dean

Conversation with Bob Dean (June 12th):

Bob Dean was invited to go to Japan for the opening of the Japanese UFO Museum in early July (this did not take place and the opening was delayed indefinitely ... we heard about this during the conference) but he was not sure he would go because he had done so much traveling just before this conference.

He said he heard a rumor that Japan has two whole spacecraft and at least one Alien body. That they told the US Government if they do not share what they know soon with the public, the Japanese will. It is unclear if the new trade agreement Japan recently received from the U.S. had something to do with the delay of the opening of the museum.

Bob Dean said he felt the Roswell Autopsy film is real but the story surrounding how it was made and the people involved were not. He believes it is real because one of the symbols on the hand plates that are shown in the film has been found on an old stone in Nepal, which is believed to be at least 4,000 years old that Bob shares in his lecture on one of his slides.

Bob also talked with me about many appearances in England of black triangles. Lastly I asked him if he felt the people experiencing abductions were really being abducted or that this was part of a plan done by the US Government using mind control techniques to make people believe they were abducted. He said he felt that both activities were happening.


GEORGIO BONGIOVANNI ... I noticed that in the video shown by Georgio he uses the backwards swastiska ... which I believe is a powerful sign of the four great cosmic forces as George Hunt Williamson explains in the book, Other Tongues Other Flesh.

Georgio said two things will happen in our future for sure, according to what he has been told by the Mother Mary and Jesus:

1) We will have contact with ETs
2) Christ will come in the clouds with the brothers from the skies.

He also stated related to the Fatima case in Portugual in 1917 that the following messages were given by the Mother Mary

1) If man doesn't change his way past the year of 2000, catastrophe will come down upon man via his own creations as the Mother Earth tries to balance
2) There will be a division of the Church which will be punished for not sharing the true teachers given by Christ
3) Christ will return and we will have contact with Cosmic Beings


MELCHIZEDEK DRUNVALO (6/13/96 - lecture): Drunvalo explained how his spirit came through many places to be on the earth at this time and that his physical body (before 1972) was inhabited by another soul but that the body was being prepared for his coming. He claims to have a conscious memory of entering the body.

(This information is paraphrased, I hope I recorded it correctly) - He said the darkness is only a minority in the universe and that beings who are neutral, do nothing, they don't judge, they just observe. That all souls on the Earth came through the darkness or what he calls the synthesis Merkaba. He said we are moving through 3 worlds now, the 3rd dimensional world (which is more polluted and immoral) and moving into the 4th and 5th world (or dimension). Many people that are here which are souls that came from other worlds or dimensions, find it difficult to be here, and want to leave. But he said our missions is to stay and not leave any soul behind in the evolution to the 5th dimension and to see Unity in all things. That we must keep our hearts open to everyone before the time of transition.

Lastly he was discussing that our earth is surround by 12 different DNA patterns, geometric patterns that exist in the ethers around us and provided 12 gateways to other dimensions ... these gateways are available to us for our spiritual evolution to spiral up into the higher dimensions.

Being a person sensitive to energy, I always like to experience the essence of people and have heard many things about Drunvalo and the Flower of Life workshops he offers. I was surprised at the body he had chosen, he looked just like an average person -- nothing exceptional in his appearance (or as we have come to think of being exceptional) and it seemed that his energy was totally protected ... I could not read him at all ... it was almost like he wasn't there. It was interesting to see him speak in person.


Richard Boylan ... In speaking to Mr. Boylan via various emails, I knew that he is very interested in discovering the truth about the UFOs and especially works hard to share information on the UFO Coverup.

The first thing Mr. Boylan announced, is that through his un-named secret sources that in on April 24th, 1997, in the White Sands area (America Southwest) there is going to be a meeting of all World Leaders to discuss how to make an announcement about the existences of ET. In conjunction with this meeting will be a series of UFO landings that will be aired publicly. He stated the U.S. President (whoever they have decided this will be), will be on hand. Mr. Boylan believes the commercials we see on Niki and Kodak, which show ET Reality and the special done by Disney, were all part of a plan to prepare Americans for these landings.

From his secret source known as "Beltway" (living in the DC area)), that many of Edgar Mitchell's comments shared earlier this year on tv about the existence of UFOs, was part of the "Plan" and were expected.

Related to the Abductions, 5% of all Abduction cases, according to Mr. Boylan's sources, are initiated by the Secret Government, where they are kidnapping illegally citizens (US), hypnotizes or drugging them, interogating them and debriefing them, roughing them up and then dump them back, close to where they were taken. These people have memories of being abducted and remember this for this encounter or perhaps these memories are suppressed until a specific time. As a side note, on the Internet is a great deal of information related to mind control experiments that the US Government has been secretly conducting for a long time.

Related to some information shared by the Native Americans about ETs, Mr. Boylan discussed that in the Dakota traditions are information about the Star People and the Hopi talk about the Kachinas (Space Gods); That about 200,000 years old there is a missing link in evolution of Humanity which the Native Americans believe was due to intervention by the ETs. Also the apparence of the ETs was fortold by the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Medition on June 14th

Via my friend Kathryn from California, she told me between 7:30-8:30 on Friday, June 14th, just after Bob Dean had finished his talk, about 200 people formed a circle outside the School where the conference was held and were toning. On our way to the place of our meal that night, we wondered what the people were doing. Kathryn told me that a could in the pattern of a circle, exactly matching their pattern formed above them. These were many lenticular clouds. When the circle broke up, the cloud broke up with them. When the people reformed a new pattern, the cloud formed a pattern with them.

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