Star Knowledge UFO Conference
Report with Anne
( July 1996 -- Speaker )

Here is another report from Anne, who is another member of the IUFO mailing list and attended the Star Knowledge Conference. Apparently a number of friends at home wanted to know what happened so she wrote a report which she shared with IUFO (as well as answering Carole, another member's request, for some input). Good job Anne!!!


Star Knowledge Report
with Anne

Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 19:35:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Star Knowledge Conference

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To everyone interested in the Star Knowledge Conference: Attached is my summary of the conference, but I'm afraid I did not take much in the way of notes and had to rely on memory. I wrote this at the request of several people when I returned, so I did not go to the Coference with this in mind...! I also had trouble keeping up with which Native American was speaking because this changed from the program at times and I didn't here the introductions very well (or came in afterward)... so Rich or anyone who attended, if you see this, could you check to make sure Standing Elk was really Standing Elk, etc. in my notes? Or Panther versus Jaguar? Deerman (Gaylan) also spoke where Wallace Black Elk was supposed to talk (at the end of the Conference).


Subj: Re: Star Knowlege conferance
Date: 06/22/96

Dear Mike, and MM'ers:

Per the request of Mike Rubey in Montana, I am going to give a rundown of the Star Knowledge Conference sessions that I attended, to best of my ability. I did not keep notes in many of sessions, so will have to go by memory. Some lectures I attended I am not going to go into at all because the details are somewhat sketchy now. Others, I could not attend because the schedule was really packed and I had my 4 year old daughter with me. I could not realistically expect her sit through 10 hours of lecture per day. I am CAPITALIZING the names of the speakers so that you can scan through and read only what you want to read.

The Star Knowledge Conference was tremendous. The energy involved was what on the surface appeared to be in complete opposition, but in fact, it complemented each other very well. I have never seen or felt so much emotional enlightenment from all walks of life. For many of us, it was coming home. It took very little time to adjust to a new way of thinking and "seeing". The Native Americans were able to set this straight from the start.

There was a faction of native Americans represented outside that were picketing the conference as an exploitation of their sacred ways and rites. I understand at one point it may have become violent, but it was not evident anywhere around me. Standing Elk acknowledged their presence but reiterated that there was no exploitation, only a sharing of information. There was some discussion of how modern native Amercians sometimes feel their rites are secret, but this was explained by Gaylan, the sponsor of the Sundance ceremony, that there are no secert rites, that they have always been open to anyone who professes an true interest, and that Great Spirit is the decider on who is worthy to participate, not them. He felt that these people must have learned secrecy from the Christian religions!

Anyone who attended the Conference, please fill in the blanks or add to discussion. Thanks. Those that I was able to attend were very interesting and in some cases new information was coming forth. Mostly, however, the information presented has been available on the net and I had fortunately been exposed to it in the UFO Mailing List (Francisco Lopez) and through this group. Without this as a basis, I think I would have been greatly overwhelmed by the information and conflicting ideologies. Greater than this information (for me), was the unification of the "New Age" community with that of the Native American community.

I attended the opening ceremonies, where STANDING ELK divulged his interaction with alien nations and starships with great emotion, breaking down when explaining how he had not been able to communicate with his family for many years regarding these occurences until just recently. In the Native Amercian community, to lose communication with one's family is the greatest pain one can bear. He was able to resolve the emotional conflict by realizing this was why each one of us were called to this unique group by the Great Spirit because we all were experiencing the same loneliness or aloneness, a feeling of being outcasts. Here it was resolved that we belonged to One community, and none need fear of being alone any longer.

FLOYD HAND, Lakota Spiritual Advisor, related how the lakota traditions hold a tight relationship to the 7 sisters - 3D Pleiades, 7 nations with 7 avatars.

BARBARA MARCINIAK followed with a disclosure on her past and experiences, culminating with a channeled session with the Pleiadians. Part of this session included a bonding of the community (audience) through unified vocalization (most people chose to sound the OM, but we were free to be as creative as we wished as long as we remained in harmony). The emanating sound was beautiful, full of life and vibrant. It brought us together very quickly because not only did we need to participate, but we also needed to resonate, harmonize and listen to each other.

DR. ANGELA BROWNE-MILLER talked regarding her past experiences with native Amercian culture and the need to transcend the apocalyptic consciousness; however, she barely touched on this in her talk and seemed disjointed (perhaps I was out of sync with her). There were glimmers of possible genius, but I had difficulty putting it together (anyone want to clarify for me?).

DR. RICHARD BOYLAN discussed the implications on individuals and society of acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence, which he believes will occur within the next 12 months. He presented the concept of an Interstellar Federation which does not recognize our political, governmental, and institutional structures and that they will crumble or greatly change in the process. Government will crumble as we know it and be replaced with more realistic regional affiliations based on factors like weather patterns or common interests. He believes there is an opportunity for real ethical democracy to develop. In the area of jobs, there will be a diminishing of the oil and other current energy structures and thus a loss of jobs in these areas as we approach "zero point energy". New areas of work will include an increase in service industries. A shift in societal values will call for real teachers, natural healers, psychically gifted, telekenesis, remote viewing, shape shifting, to name a few. Creative arts will flourish and society will be based on task assignment, not jobs, and these tasks will be assigned by personal resonance with the assignment.

Rich warns to beware the military/industrial complex. They have the most to lose by acknowledging the ET presence. He feels that cultural exchanges between the ET and our society will be commonplace by next year, and may already be occuring. He challenges us to give up the Judgement Day mentality, and develop an evolutionary perspective, although Earth changes remain in store for us. He feels that the greatest area to change will be our own consciousness because this is the area the ETs are singling out and spend most of their time dealing with us in.

An announcement was made by MAJORIE PINHEY that the land near Bear Butte, a sacred mound for Native American ceremonies, will be sold to a developer unless she can raise $400,000 to purchase the land first and turn it over to the Native Americans. It is extremely urgent to preserve the sacred nature of Bear Butte and block commercial development from the water rights in the area because it is the only water source for several down stream communities of plains indians. With this purchase, removal of modern "improvements" from the property would also be completed (such as removing electrical wiring and mechanisms). Bear Butte is northeast of the Black Hills. Further information on this can be obtained by calling her at (605) 642-2488 or writing to Post Office Box 1089, Spearfish, South Dakota 57783.

DARREL SIMS, HUFON Investigator, showed film of removing implants from subjects. His suggestion was not to have an implant removed unless you really had a problem with it. Some people feel outraged and violated with them in and so should get them out, but others aren't bothered by them at all. One difficulty is that they are hard to detect and even harder to remove because they have tissue that interlaces with the human tissue when implanted and they sort of grow together. You might have an implant if you have been suffering from unexplainable nosebleeds from time to time (they do not need to be serious). Implants can be in many different forms.

ME-- At this point I would like to say that over the course of the Conference there were mixed feelings on the agenda of aliens and whether they are benevolent or malicious. There appears to be many different cultures.

The abduction scenario is viewed as a possible government operation of abduction, rape, torture and mind control to instill fear of ET contact, thus maintaining their control. Others feel that the ETs are abducting us for genetic manipulation, some feel to breed certain traits and hybrids while others feel it is more geared towards correcting the genetics errors which are keeping us from moving into the next dimension or healing conditions within our bodies. Because of these confusions, there is a great need for people to develop their level of discernment because it is believed that we will soon be inundated by choices about the Truth. One choice may be that the government (power elite?) will try to draw on our patriotism and allegiance to fight off or maintain a distance from the ET and retain their control, using the images of a malicious alien culture taking over control and enslaving us. On the other hand, the ET may show how the government has deceived us and manipulated us and that the government must be eliminated. Who is telling the truth?

MARTIN KELLAR stood in for DR. STEVEN GREER in behalf of the Foundation of Universal Peace. He presented means of communicating with ETs to draw an encounter which has been developed by experiences of the CSETI teams. The methods include flashing lights rhythmically into the night sky, playing a tape with a repeating tone or "music" pattern and using mental thought to envision contact. All of these have been developed as signals that the ETs may be able to pick up and recognize. It has been quite successful when used in areas where UFOs have been recently sighted. Martin's message is that ETs are benevolent and that the ETs are no longer talking to the governments because they did not send the proper message of recognition of them. When people send a messaage of recognition, the ETs will expand their contact with us, it is a mutual effort.

DEA MARTIN,Remote Viewer/Aura Reader, discussed her experiences as a remote viewer for the government, but was not at liberty to speak in much detail. She was asked if the government's role was to gather information or for mind control and she said it was for information gathering. Her talk was geared toward aura readings and the color of vibrations and their meanings, and how if a person tries to deceive another (or even themselves) their aura forks, like the native American adage of speaking with a forked tongue. Just for fun, I had my picture taken of my aura (ohhh boy!).

GEORGIO BONGIOVANNI, stigmata phenomenon, discussed through an interpreter, how he saw Mother Mary descend out of a space craft and give him the messages of Fatima. He was approached by the Catholic church and offered that he would have their sponsorship if he turned over the control of what he spoke to them and eliminated all references to UFOs. He refused. His message is one of how these advanced Beings of Light are from many cultures and planets, but have attained to a very high level of advancement (like the nineth or tenth dimension). He told how the Christ has gone to many civilizations, not just here on Earth, to raise the consciousness level of many many beings. He also divulged that what the European cultures refer to as Mother Mary is actually the spirit of Mother Earth that the Native Americans interact with and that her pain and agony seen across all the nations (through the phenonmena of statues crying blood and tears, visions, etc.) is a plea from our Mother Earth's spirit to stop war, hatred and pollution. The biggest threat is nuclear power... both as a weapon of war and its peaceful uses. peaceful uses are cited because of the nuclear waste that is generated and there is no way to deal with it except to dump it into the earth or oceans. he recalled how his Country (Italy) purposely sunk 15 ships of nuclear wastes in the ocean. he feels there is the potential for a naturally occuring trigger to set off this nuclear waste into some kind of explosion. The planet is very contaminated, we are like a cancer invading the planet. Prayer and meditation is concentrated contact with the cosmic consciousness, but is not enough. ACTION is needed.

Georgio says that the Light Beings are Watchers of the cosmos, doctors of the cosmos, and that they are creating a new genetcis within us, whether we like it or not, because we have violated cosmic law. Cause and effect. Human genetics are sick, but Universal law will not allow destroying us. They have to fix the errors. The reports of ETs being violent, cloning and invading us, using violence through abductions is a lie. We are invading and violating a cell of the cosmos, and killing it, therefore, in conformance with higher laws, they are here to correct our aberration.

I would like to point out here that JOHN MACK was in the workshop and agreed with this philosophy, stating that this is how it has been reported to him by abduction "victims". Implants are used for healing and to correct an aberration of our genetic make-up.

Georgio also says that the stockmarkets and religions will crash when the ET presence is publicized, that the largest powers we know now will become the weakest. He also states that nations, economies, private interests will no longer exist.

Georgio mentions that the False Prophets discussed in the Bible are religions that divide mankind-- they are institutions with a positive message, but manipulate and divide mankind. Georgio states that the Beings of Light and ships are made of plasma and that they are advanced 15 million (or 15,000 million, the translation was unclear as he was speaking through an interpreter) years ahead of our current evolution and they have said they only know a small percentage of the Universe. He does not believe we will be able to have enough change to make a difference in time to ward of the coming calamities, and hence, we will go through the Earth changes in an effort to cleanse the planet.

CHET SNOW showed slides of the crop circle enigma and discussed the ancient meanings of the symbolism according to ancient hierglyphs. I found this an exciting lecture. He brought pictures of ancient Hopi hierglyphs which have never been revelaed before and were matched with some of the crop circle symbols (they could not be photographed or filmed in accordance with an agreement with the Hopi people, but only used within this lecture). He tied in the Mayan calendar and how we are approaching the end times of the 5200 mayan calendar in 2012 and what the energies and meanings are for our future (generally speaking, that mankind is at the point of contact with the cultures of our extraterrestrial origins, of earth changes and higher consciousness).

JOSHUA SHAPIRO AND JOKE VAN DIETEN, caretaker of the smokey quartz crystal human skull discussed the ancient skulls and their possible purpose as a repository of ancient knowledge. There are contemporary skulls, less than 800 years old, old skulls dating back up to 2000 years, and then ancient skulls which go way back, but there is no way to determine age accurately except through the use of sensitives and gather a consensus, and through the direct experiences of people with the skull. Crystal workers today can duplicate the skulls pretty close, so you cannot tell an ancient one from a contemporary one physically. I spent ten minutes with the skull in meditation. While an energy field seemed to be present, it gave me a headache on the left side, and all I could get in the way of visions was seeing through the eyes of the skull, the color green, and a feeling of unrest. Others have reported better experiences than me.

STANDING ELK also brought forth a deciphering of symbols he saw on or within the spacecraft, which he received. There were 28 symbols in all (we only went over 23), representing the 28 powers of the Universe. He mentioned that the interpretations had to be translated down as far as 7 levels of understanding in some cases so that he could understand the meaning behind it, in other words, there is greater power than what he can give us. He asked that we discuss them and meditate on them but none of this is to go out to be changed or misused, only to grow and build on.

ME-- Perhaps if we have someone who can post the symbols for discussion (I have no way to scan the images into the computer) we can meditate on them and try to fill in the gaps, or deepen the meaning. Maybe it could go into a separate SIG where it can be kept off the main frame, since we were cautioned about misuse and potential people who would try to change the meaning or pervert it into something different..

Also we had a number of WOMEN's FORUMs. One was unforgettable, as Standing Elk's mother spoke of her experiences raising 18 children in poverty on the reservation. We laughed and cried with her. She was certainly the Grandmother of us all.

Finally, at the close of the Conference, a number of attendees addressed Gaylan (the native Amercian sponsor of the Sun Dance, who also happened to be the last to speak on certain protocols and traditions of his people). There was great weeping, tears not only of joy but of cleansing old wounds between our nations. All the attendees appeared to be greatly moved by the Conference experience.

Other speakers included (but I did not get a chance to sit on their lectures):

Paula Underwood
Trish McCannon
Drunvalo Melchizadek
Dr. Rauni Kilde
Steve Red Buffalo
Canupa Wambdi Wicasa
Dr. Leo Sprinkler
Roy Little Sun
Scott Mandelker
Robert Dean
Courtney Brown
Whitley Streiber
Dr. John Mack

One of the most prominant messages received from Spirit at this Conference was that the least among us were the greatest in spirit. I speak here of those who appear to be downtrodden and have had the greatest burdens placed on them in this life. They emerged as great teachers, spiritual leaders and the strongest of us all. The Native American community shared its soul with us, gave us an understanding of their community and Spirituality. The Sundance, which lasts for 4 days representing the four seasons of a year, is a remarkably cleansing experience while at the same time a means of binding the community together. For this Sundance, all of us were the community (the Native American community and the Conference attendees who were called to the Sundance by Spirit) and participated in the preparations, prayers, songs and Sundance within the arbor. I had a ball with my daughter collecting sage for the smudging ceremonies with the women folk. Nothing can replace the respect and honor of those who were the Sun Dancers themselves, their sacrifice, commitment and willingness to act as intercessors with the Great Spirit and bear the prayers for the co=mmunity.

That's all for now.


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