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Issue #32 of the UK UFO Mailing List posted Stanton Friedman's latest analysis of the Roswell Autopsy Footage, which is posted on Mr. Friedman on his own Web Site. It seems that more and more people are contesting all the information that Mr. Santilli has given to suppor the film ... This information was sent to the i_ufo-l mailing list by Don Allen.


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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 20:47:01
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Background: After several months of intense media interest and coverage, there is still no definative conclusion about the authenticity of Ray Santilli's Alien Autopsy film.

Nico Maillard, a French TV Station researcher, has been kind enough to share his extensive research about the Ray Santilli story. Readers will recall that the initial story was that an old former military cameraman named Jack Barnett had sold Santilli the rights to footage he had shot of Elvis Presley in the mid 1950s, and then offered the reels of left over alien autopsy footage. Supposedly Santilli has been asking the cameraman questions and passing on the answers to interested parties, but Barnett didn't want to go public.

Maillard located a passage in the book Elvis Presley from A to Z which indeed noted that Elvis had been filmed by Jack Barnett in Cleveland for Bill Randle, an unusual Disc Jockey who had been the first DJ outside the South to play Presley records. Maillard located Randle, now a practicing attorney, who actually sold Santilli some rights to the Presley footage.

Jack Barnett actually died in 1967, I managed to obtain a copy of his death certificate and obituary information. A very important fact is that, while he had indeed been a cameraman for Movietone News and NBC, and a war correspondent in the European Theatre, he had never been in the Military. He was apparently known to both President Eisenhower and President Truman.

Clearly he did NOT do what Santilli had claimed and certainly hadn't sold him any footage about anything nor filmed an alien autopsy for General McMullen ,etc.

Those who have been following the many twists and turns of Santilli's story might object by saying that after all, those of us at the San Marino Conference on New Perspectives on Roswell were told quietly in September that the real name of the cameraman was Jack Barrett, not Barnett. It was determined that a man by this name had been a member of a Hollywood union related to the motion picture industry for many years. Later the word was out that he had supposedly died on August 3 in Los Angeles.

I tried unsuccessfully to find a record of his death after talking to someone at the Union who had known him and had stated that Jack had been in the military. The indefatigable Maillard found his widow and obtained documentary proof (I have a copy) that his military service was from February 18, 1943, to December 28, 1945. He had NOT been a motion picture cameraman, had taken stills, and was a grip at Columbia studios for 35 years. Perhaps he had made copies of some old footage from some other Hollywood source? Obviously, he too could NOT match the Santilli story.

I had already learned that I couldn't accept Santilli's testiimony about anything after he falsely claimed that President Truman was clearly visible in the footage and that he had proven that Truman was in Dallas at the time of the autopsy. Truman isn''t there and was NOT in Dallas. Other false claims have neen made. Yet as recently as October 26, he was still telling these stories on BBC TV.

Obviously the lack of validation has been no barrier to the exploitation of the footage. I hear that some of it has been shown in 32 countries! FOX TV in the USA ran a 3rd version of their movie "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?" on Nov. 25. They finally eliminated all the silly stuff with the detectives, showed some of the supposed wreckage with its symbols and an inventor of a control panel into which hands are placed not too different from similar items (with 6 digits) in the footage..They even included an expert saying the symbols weren't any of a number of Egyptian languages. He didn't mention old Greek, which certainly is similar to some of the symbols, as noted by Dr., Bruce Maccabee back in August when we reviewed the footage.

The video of the show has been selling, well I am told. Bob Kiviat, who produced the show, still hasn't corrected the many incaccuracies such as:

I will be in Roswell on December 8 and 9 with Dr. Jesse Marcel, Walter Haut and others talking to a Japanese TV crew with a primary focus on the footage, and am expecting to go to France for another filming session. Certainly I must admit that the footage has stirred more discussion about UFOs than anything that has happened in the past couple of decades.

Stanton T. Friedman


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