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There has been much speculation about the Roswell Autopsy Film in the UFO community. Some of it positive, much of it negative. Mr. Santilli has been called a saint by some and crucified by others. He has come under enormous pressure from many in the UFO community, to release more than just an image here and an image there. Some treat him as though he were a UFO researcher that has kept valuable evidence from the rest of his fellow researchers. I have never spoken to Mr. Santilli but it seems to me that he is a shrewd businessman. He has always stated that he is not interested in UFO research. He is approaching this as a capital venture to make money. I can respect this. In fact, the best way to increase sales of the video and get the networks interested, is to release teaser amounts of information about this film, just as he is doing. If I had something to sell I would go about it the same way. The questions that you have to ask yourself ; Is it important if this film turns out to be a hoax? What if the film is not from Roswell?

First, whether the film is genuine or not, is not important. This film is bringing UFOs to the forefront of people's consciousness. I feel the pressure on our government to release information on Roswell, and UFOs in general, will be enormous. This secret has been kept too long and too many people are having encounters of some kind. Look at all the activity over Mexico City right now. Video of UFO activity is shot nearly every day there. In fact, it is almost becoming old news. Of course, I would be disappointed if the film turned out to be a hoax and I will have to reserve judgment until I have seen the film in its entirety. The Fox network has shown a small portion of the autopsy and their "experts" seem to have answered many of the questions about the dating of the film and the availability of many items seen in the background.

Second, if the film turns out to be not from Roswell but is authentic who cares? Personally I couldn't care less if the remains in the film are from Roswell or not. The important thing is that they prove to be authentic. The cameraman that took the film could very well be deceiving Mr. Santilli about the setting of the autopsy, but not the fact that the autopsy is real. After all, the most documented case of an alien encounter is the Roswell enigma. More has been written about Roswell than any other UFO case. If I were going to deceive someone with pictures of aliens, to get them to purchase a film, I would choose Roswell as the setting.

UFO encounters are on the increase. We are being readied for the next step in our evolutionary process. They are here, we can no longer deny that. We are in for a grand voyage and I think I want a ticket to ride.

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I am interested in your comments and opinions about the Roswell film or UFOs in general. Please e-mail me any new rumors or news. The Sentinel

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