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June 24th, Encounters Forum

On June 24th, Ray Santilli, of Merlin Productions was online in the Encounters Forum on Compuserve to answer questions about the Roswell film in his posession. I was able to attend and get one question in at the conference. There were a few more details we learn from Mr. Santilli about the film and I always find it is better to talk directly to the source, then to trust reports shared by others. The conference took place in the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meeting room and according to the moderator, if people leave messages for Mr. Santilli in the MUFON message section of the forum, he will try to answer them. If you have a compuserve account, you can reach this forum by typing in GO ENCOUNTERS. Or you can visit the ENCOUNTERS home page at:


One of the main message which Mr. Santilli communicates is that every major media company in the world will be sharing parts of his film around or on, August 28th. I also was contacted by a person in France, who told me they showed five stills on television there from this film, which is the same stills that will be available through Mr. Santilli Web Site located at Paragon. Please find more information and insights to consider about this film.


( June 24th, 1995, start 11 AM EDT on Compuserve )

********** 6/24/95 7:12 AM  Forum CO
R 15 : *SYSTEM*             | Switching to MUFON

Jim/Moderator   | Hello everyone!
                | I'll post the announcement Ray...
                | and if you have any questions...
                | you can ask then...
                | The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Section and 
                | the Encounters Forum welcome you to today's 
                | conference (CO) with Mr. Ray Santilli.
                | This is a formal CO;
                | Please do not make any comments or questions 
                | out of turn.
                | This makes the CO efficient and avoids confusion.
                | To request to ask a question, post a "?".
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Jim/Moderator   | I will call on you to post your question or 
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                | Dean Miller will be "bouncing".  Rude 
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                | Laura Miller, Michael Curta, and Glen Miller 
                | are all  "greeters". They will be happy to answer  
                | any questions you have in a chat box.
                | Theresa Carlson is our "tracker".  She's  keeping  
                | the order of the attendees' question and  statement 
                | requests.  She is also responsible for doing 
                | the leg  work and making the arrangements with Mr. 
                | Santilli  that allow him to be here with us today.
                | I request that Visitors change their name 
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                | Everyone will not be able to get their  questions and 
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                | text of this  CO will be posted for everyone in the  
                | library and further questions and statements can be 
                | posted to  Mr. Santilli in the MUFON section.
                | Okay...   Ray do you have any questions?
                | ga
Jim/Moderator   | If you don''t have a question for me Ray...
                | then go ahead with your opening statements. 
                | ga
Ray Santilli    | Just to let you know I only have about one hour
                | lets start
Jim/Moderator   | Ray...when you are done typing...
                | please end with a "ga"...  Swami....ga
Sw. Virato      | How did you come about these photos? ga
Ray Santilli    | we came across a freelance cameraman of the 
                | 50's during research for a music project.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | When was that?   ga
Ray Santilli    | two years ago. ga
Jim/Moderator   | Okay   Michael Ohara... ga
Michael J. O'Hara  | Ray, have you had any contact with the US 
                   | government over this?  And
                   | has Kodak verified the film's date?
Ray Santilli    | the film has been authenticated in writing by 
                | two separate offices of Kodak.
                |  the most important aspect of this is that
                | Kodak (in writing)
                |  have stated that apart from the date of the 
                | safety print film
                | which is 27,47 or 67 the
                | ORIGINAL NEGATIVE was also
                | 27,47 or67.
                | thereafter codes changed. Negative film stock 
                | is only useable for around three to four years.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | The other part of the question...
                | Have you had any contact with the US 
                | Government?
Ray Santilli    | next week a collection of your senators will  see it
Jim/Moderator   | ALL:  we have enough questions to fill the hour..
                | Thanks Ray...    Snap T...go ahead
Snap T.         | What is shown in this film, and have you had 
                | any encounters with UFOs before viewing this  film? GA
Ray Santilli    | you must know by now what is contained in the 
                | film.  I have never seen a UFO
Jim/Moderator   | The film contents are described in many files 
                | located here in the forum libraries.
Ray Santilli    | next
Jim/Moderator   | Donald Sudduth...GA
Donald J. Sudduth   | What condition was the film in when you 
                    | received it?  What was the Kodak stock
                    | numbers?  50 year old 16mm film is difficult
                    | to preserve and will deteriorate.   ga
Ray Santilli    | for the great partthe footage was in
                | dreadful condition.  Unfortunatey some parts
                | were so corroded we could only rely upon 
                | digital enhancement to retrieve the image
                | film stock was NOT numbered at that time only 
                | codes were  used
                |  there are a number of reasons
                | for the films condition the primary one is 
                | the passage of time and poor storage.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | Everyone will not be able to get their 
                | questions and statements in.  This is unavoidable.  
                | The text of this 
                | CO will be posted for everyone in the library 
                | and further questions and statements can be 
                | posted to Mr. Santilli in the MUFON section.
                | Mary Carson....go ahead
MARY W. CARSON  | Do we know where the aliens came from? (ga)
Jim/Moderator   | To elaborate...
Ray Santilli    | no I don't
Jim/Moderator   | Do we know the aliens were from the Roswell disk?
Ray Santilli    | ga
                | we are certain.    ga
                | 28th August 1995
Jim/Moderator   | Okay...next is...
                | Joshua....GA
Joshua          | Hello Ray, a great pleasure to meet you online. My
                | question is the following (since we have quite 
                | extensive amount of information about your film on 
                | our Web Site). It seems from all the information 
                | I have read on Internet,even including your message 
                | that you put out to explain your position, that 
                | there seems to be some resistance on your part 
                | to having the film research officially so we can 
                | verify that it is real, do you have some comment on 
                | this, thank you for taking the time with us today. ga
Ray Santilli    | The film has been authenticated
                | apart from kodak we have also
                | brought in FIVE medical experts
                | LONDON, PARIS and ROME
                |  they have all confirmed that the creatures 
                | are real and possibly not human
                |  in addition
Joshua          | (is any of these tests in writing and will 
                | copies be released?)
Ray Santilli    |  we brought in leading film special effects 
                | companies and model makers to determine
                | whether or not the technology
                |  exsisted around the kodak dates to hoax the 
                | footage  after viewing the film the answer was NO
                | YOURSELVES.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks Ray...  you are doing well ...
                | Mark Williams....ga
Mark Williams   | Are there segments that show zooming? If so, did
                | they have zoom lenses in 1947? Is Truman visible? ga
Jim/Moderator   | Good question....Go ahead Ray
Ray Santilli    | there are NO zoom shots in the film
                | We still are not certain about Truman we have 
                | six reels to go.    ga
Jim/Moderator   | Brain Horner in next....  GA
Brian Horner    |   Brian (: Are there *ANY* identifiable 
                | PEOPLE (not aliens) in the films anywhere?
Ray Santilli    | yes but not very clear (tent footage)   ga
Jim/Moderator   | James Easton...ga
James Easton    | Hi Ray,
                | Could you please clarify the exact chronology 
                | of  the film's acquisition, i.e., when did
                | you first hear of it's existence and when was 
                | it actually purchased. If there was a
                | considerable gap between both events, why was 
                | that? Can you also please clarify
                | who Volker Spielberg is and what his 
                | involvement was with the film's acquisition.
                | Thank you.    ga
Ray Santilli    | We did not have the full amount of money, he 
                | helped out.   ga
Jim/Moderator   | Joe Stephula is next....followed by vray. GA Joe
Joseph  J. Stefula  | What is Jack B's timeline for the incident?  
                    | He did tell you the story behind the
                    | film?  What's  his story? GA
Ray Santilli    | do you mean the cameraman???
Joseph  J. Stefula  | yes ga
Ray Santilli    | Our cameraman confirms that he was first
                | informed of the crash June 2nd 1947,
Ray Santilli    |  he further confirms that they had thought 
                | that the entire area
                | had been cleaned up only to discover as a 
                | result of the information
                |  coming out of Roswell in July that they had 
                | missed an area
                | It seems as with any aviation crash the 
                | debris area  was spread over a few miles
                |  We feel this could be the reason why so
                |  little debris was found by Brazel.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks Ray.  Vray is next...followed 
                | by Wart.  GA Vray
vray            | How close to a live body is the GIF of the 
                | body recovered from the Roswell crash?  
                | Also are they still out there, and if so how 
                | many do you think? ga
Jim/Moderator   | Vray asked about a computer picture called a 
                | GIF... Vray....which picture?
Ray Santilli    | What is a GIF???
Jim/Moderator   | Okay...  no time now...
vray            | it was a GIF of a body recovered form the 
                | Roswell crash
Jim/Moderator   | Next is Dan Ratliff....ga
Dan Ratliff     | Film's source & loss seems odd. How could a 
                | cameraman make film footage  overlooked by 
                | heavy military security then? ga
Jim/Moderator   | GA Ray
Wart            | are there more than one type of alien in this 
                | film?    tent footage?) ga
Jim/Moderator   | Sorry...my fault...
                | Ray answer Dan's first....then Wart's question
Ray Santilli    | Once the filming and cleanup was over
                | there were hundreds of canisters of film the 
                | first shipment was sent on to McMullan in 
                | Washington the second
                | was missed as Washington assumed the first 
                | shipment contained all film material
                | we got the second shipment.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | Ray....Warts question was...
Wart            | are ther more than one type of alien in this 
                | film -  (tent footage)? ga
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks! :)
Ray Santilli    | no.   ga
Wart            | thanks. ga
Jim/Moderator   | Zams....ga
 Zams           | Approx. how many people have seen the film 
                | already?  Is there...
                | a typical reaction to the film?  Where can we 
                | see it on Aug 28?
Ray Santilli    | around five hundered
                | look around the next and you will see many 
                | comments by people that have not seen the footage
                | People that have for the most part are convinced
                | The raw footage will be sold via mail order 
                | next month.
                | every major broadcaster world wide
                |  will run their own programme on it in AUGUST
                | GA
Jim/Moderator   | Wolf.....ga
Wolf            | Concening the recent theatrical movie about 
                | Roswell, how much was factual and
                | how much was just plain Hollywood?
Jim Shohet      | What's the military's position on this?
Jim/Moderator   | Ray.....
                | Answer Jim first please.
Ray Santilli    | I will know next week its heating up
Jim/Moderator   | Ray....ga with Jim's question.
Ray Santilli    | I can't comment on the Martin Sheen movie.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | Okay  thanks.... Manoel Kavela is next
ManoŽl K/vella  | Are we sure that the film comes from Roswell 
                | and not from an other 
                | base ? And is there a possible case that the 
                | "alien" may be a modified human being (I think 
                | about nuclear radiations that will 
                | explain the wearing of the surgeon ) ? ga
Ray Santilli    | We know the film comes from Roswell,
                | the creatures are not human
                | you will have to see the medical reports.   ga
Jim/Moderator   | C.Garris  ga
C. Garris       | Ray do you know, what the film codes "27,47 
                | or 67" mean, is this a 
                | date / time of manufacturer ? Has or can 
                | Kodak confirm the age of 
                | the film stock? Will the footage released to 
                | broadcasters be the 
                | original or the digitally enhanced versions 
                | of the films? Thanks for 
                | being here and answering these questions. CG  
                |  . . .  Go Ray
Ray Santilli    | STAR WAR was made in the 80's
                | can I have the question again
Jim/Moderator   | C.Garris...would you repost please?
C. Garris       | Yes will the film released to broadcasters...
                | be the original or the digitally enhanced 
                | versions?
Ray Santilli    | The original footage uncut will only be 
                | available on mail order the broadcasters
                | are having a field day.  ga
Jim/Moderator   | LOL
                | John Ratcliff.....ga
John W. Ratcliff  | Have you made a video taped interview of the 
                  | alleged cameraman's story?  Including his 
                  | purported military documentation, etc.  Have the   
                  | persons in the tent footage been identified as  
                  | actors, or military personell?  Why the gradual               | in a seemingly teasing fashion?  Why have you not 
                  | release of this material,  release at least the 
                  | most compelling, convincing, portion to the media 
                  | some time ago?  What's the situation with 
                  | this Paragon video release?  
                  | Are you involved with any intelligence 
                  | agencies of any kind, to assist in the 
                  | "release of this information"?   What are 
                  | your motivations in this affair, to make money?  
                  | Change the world view, have the film taken 
                  | seriously, rather than as a joke?
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks John.....Ray   ga
                | Take one question at a time.
Ray Santilli    | o.k. john please wait
Jim/Moderator   | Have you made a video taped interview with 
                | the cameraman?   GA   RAy
                | Ray is reading the long questions I think! LOL
Ray Santilli    | we are not making a docmentary the 
                | broadcasters are, the
                | people seen in the tent footage have not yet 
                | been identified but in time I am sure they will. 
                | The footage will be sold in the same manner as  
                | any other film.  Paragon is an
                | experiment by our distributors GA
                | whats next
Jim/Moderator   | John.... did he get them all?
                | ga
John W. Ratcliff  | You're motivation, and the cameman being 
                  | interviewd for posterity?
                  | (Thanks for the clear answers on the others I 
                  | appreciate it)
Ray Santilli    | what have I missed???
John W. Ratcliff  | Has the cameraman been interviewed, and his 
                  | documentation verified for PUBLIC 
                  | AUTHENTICITY.
Ray Santilli    | OK PLEASE WAIT
Jim/Moderator   | Ray...please hit enter.
John W. Ratcliff  | Ask the attorneys to leave the room. 
Ray Santilli    | The cameraman's identity is protected for 
                | now, should he wish to come out into the open that is 
                | another matter. I know that many of you think his  
                | reasons for keeping quite
                | are not sound but you are forgetting that 
                | this man is in his 80s his view of life is very   
                | different from yours and mine he just doesn't
                | want the hassle and trouble this could bring.
John W. Ratcliff  | I guess what I'm wondering is are there video 
                  | taped interviews, to be held till after his death, 
                  | perhaps?  
Jim/Moderator   | Okay John....
Ray Santilli    |  he has been completly checked out.
John W. Ratcliff  | Thanks for your clear answers. ga.
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks Ray...
                | Michael Heseman is next...ga
Ray Santilli    | some broadcasters are trying to work a way 
                | out with him ga
Michael Hesemann  | In March you showed the film to different 
                  | religious leaders. Who were they (which 
                  | religions, at least) and how did
                  | they react? And - was the Cameraman flown 
                  | into Roswell AAF or Alamogordo AAF? Where was 
                  | the Crash Site? Near
                  | the Mescalero Apache Reservation??? Thanks, 
                  | Ray!! And sorry for another long question...
                  | How did the religious leaders
                  | you showed the film in March react?
                  | WHO were they (which religions)?
Ray Santilli    | we covered all faiths the reaction was very 
                | bad most walked out
Michael Hesemann  | Second: Was the Cameraman (CM) flown into 
                  | Alamogordo or Roswell AAF
Ray Santilli    | The cameraman was flown into Roswell then by 
                | road for a few hours to site
Michael Hesemann  | And THIRD: WHERE was the Crash Site? Close to 
                  | the Mescalero Apache Reservation?
Ray Santilli    | OK the vehicle was recovered from
                |  a remote area close to an Apache reservation 
                | site near a place called White Sands.  ga
Michael Hesemann  | A written statement by the cameraman is ALL 
                  | we need!! Anonymously and detailed...
Ray Santilli    | We have it.    ga
Jim/Moderator   | Phillipe Baille is next
Michael Hesemann  | Thanks, Ray
Philippe Baille   | can we see in th film the alien's brain and 
                  | organs as said on the french tv ?   
Ray Santilli    | Yes you can. the camera did not have zoom
                | everytime a closeup was needed the cameraman 
                | would have to move in.
                | OUTFITS AS THE DOCTORS
                | it meant that the camera was not easy to operate
                | however the shots are all quite good.     ga
Jim/Moderator   | Thanks Ray....
                | Timothy Shaffer is next....ga
Timothy J. Shaffer   | Mr. Santilli, you mention that the film at 
                     | least in parts 
                     | has in fact been digitally enhanced.  A: Does 
                     | this enhancement happen during any of the "good" 
                     | parts.   and B: How extensive was the 
                     | enhancement...point being the more you 
                     | digitally enhanced film, the less dependable it 
                     | becomes as evidence.
Ray Santilli    | the mail order footage is raw.    ga
Jim/Moderator   | Okay...
                | Joe Stephula ga
Joseph  J. Stefula   | Why would the guy be flown into Roswell when 
                     | the Airbase at Alamogorodo would be
                     | right next to White Sands, which was and 
                     | still is an US missile testing range?
Ray Santilli    | not long a few more questions then I have to go
Jim/Moderator   | Joe is the last question for today.
                | Ray   ga
Ray Santilli    | I don't know but I am happy to pass the 
                | question on to the cameraman.
Joseph  J. Stefula   | Why was the cameraman flown into Roswell and 
                     | not Alamogorodo which is next to
                     | White Sands Missile Range? GA
Timothy Davis   | what is the address where I can send to get a 
                | copy of the footage, and when will it be available by 
                | mailorder?
Jim/Moderator   | Tim   you can ask that later.
Ray Santilli    | I will post it on Encounters next week if Jim agrees
Jim/Moderator   | I agree.
Ray Santilli    | thanks
Jim/Moderator   | Ray....
Joseph  J. Stefula   | Ray thanks for taking time for our questions. 
                     |  Good Luck
Michael Hesemann    | Just for information: Major Jesse Marcel 
                    | spoke in 1979 about a second crash site south 
                    | of Carrizozo, between the
                    | Apache Reservation and White Sands...
Ray Santilli    |  I must go but we can do it again some other 
                | time
Jim/Moderator   | will people be able to send you messages in 
                | the  MUFON section?
Shellie         | When next week?
C. Garris       | Thank you Ray
Jim/Moderator   | Hang on folks...
:Theresa/SL/MUFON    | Thank you Ray!
Wart                 | Bye Ray, Thanks for the CO.
Michael Hesemann     | Thank you, Ray!!
Timothy Davis        | Thanks Ray!!!
Jim/Moderator        | Ray....  will people be able to post messages 
                     | to you in the MUFON section?
Dan Ratliff          | Thanks, Ray.
:Erik F. -[e:]-      | Thanks Ray!!!
John Huey            | Thanks Ray.
Cary  Nadler         | Keep It Going Ray!!!
:Mike Curta/MUFON    | Thanks Ray!!!
John Gosling         | Thanks Ray!!
Ray Santilli         | thanks good bye, Jim please correct any 
                     | spelling errors if you have time
Jim/Moderator        | Will do...
Timothy J. Shaffer   | LOL
Jim/Moderator        | and my personal thanks for your patience...
cc member            | thanks Ray
:Glen Miller/SL      | Thanks Ray - great CO!  Please come again!!
Timothy Davis        | thanks jim!!!
Jim/Moderator        | and people will be posting messages to you in 
                     | section 15, the MUFON section.
Jim/Moderator        | Okay....
:Gordon DeSpain/SL   | Bye Ray, thanks!!
Jim/Moderator        | I'm calling this CO officially over!

*Please direct any further questions to Mr. Ray Santilli 
 in the MUFON Section.*

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