Ray Santilli on The Big Breakfast

UK TV Channel 4, June 8th, 1995

From: neil@adm1.ph.man.ac.uk
Subject: Ray Santilli Interview
Date: 9 Jun 1995 10:00:27 GMT

The following is a transcript of a brief phone interview with Ray Santilli broadcast on the UK Channel 4 morning show The Big Breakfast Thursday 8th June 1995, it went out at aprox 7.50am, sounded like Ray Santilli was on a mobile in a car.

In the studio was Mark Little ex Australian Soap star and now 1 of the two main presenters of the show. ML

ML: Ray Santilli are you out there?

RS: Yes I am.

ML: Ray, how are you mate?

RS: Fine thanks.

ML: Now we're talking about your film, you are in possession of a film of an alien, is that correct?

RS: Yes it is, it's true.

ML: Yes, now we're asking the big question here, why hav'nt we seen it Ray?

RS: It will be released, it will be released in our own good time, sometime possibly later this year.

ML: Later this year, now is this a bit X-File'y, has the government been stopping you from showing this film ?

RS: No, not at all.

ML: Why havn't we seen it Ray?, why is it taking so long to see this great thing?

RS: Well it's not a question of taking so long to see it, I mean we didn't aquire it ourselves until quite recently so it's just a question of us formating a program, when the program is finished the program will be released. But we're not rushing,we're not working to anyone else's agenda but our own.

ML: I see. So I would imagine with this sort of footage you would have a lot of people bidding and wanting it?

RS: Yes, since the news broke we could have sold it maybe 10 times over at the begining of the year. But the footage isn't for sale.

ML: And why havn't you sold it?

RS: Because it hasn't been for sale, I mean it's our own project, we've been working with it and that's the way we'll keep it.

ML: And Ray my man, what makes you believe this is real footage of a real alien being dissected?

RS: Well we had the advantage of dealing with the person who shot the footage, the cameraman, and we're convinced he's genuine, we're convinced he was there at the time and the story he told us was true. We've seen his diaries, his old photo albums, we're totally confident that the person that we bought the footage from shot it and was there at the time. We only need to satisfy ourselves right now, when we release it to the public people can investigate it further and they can assess it for themselves.


At this point Mark rounded off the interview by trying to get Santilli to forward a preview of the film but Santilli would only promise a preview just prior to release date.

Neil Morris.
Dept of Physics.
University of Manchester.
Schuster Labs.
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