Personal Message from Ray Santilli

June 3rd, 1995

To: new age B+ CompuServe ... 03 June 1995 19:12:19
From: Ray Santilli

A great deal of nonsense has been written since news of our footage first came to light.

In fact I am amazed and disappointed that so-called UFO investigators, researchers and "scholars" can trade so openly in misinformation, gossip and rumour. Especially when correct information is so easily acquired.

It would be impossible to go into detail here, however some general issues:


When we were first made aware of the footage there was an obvious need to establish its authenticity. Of course we had the benefit of knowing and dealing directly with the cameraman however we went to great lengths to satisfy ourselves that his story was genuine ( we only had to satisfy ourselves not the world).

We had sight of, not only the cameramans many old photo albums which clearly proved his story (life story) but his enrolment and discharge documents, his diary and a wealth of other material all of which was easy to check. In addition the footage itself contained film stock code which we were able to confirm as 1947. (solid square next to a solid triangle on selected frames).

All in all we were, and still are, totally convinced that the cameraman is genuine as is his story. We had all we required in terms of proof to warrant the financial investment in acquiring the footage.

Although a risk, especially as it was a fundamental condition of the transaction that we gave an absolute guarantee the identity of the cameraman would remain confidential we were happy to proceed.

Why won't we spill the beans and give the world chapter and verse on the cameraman????????

From the cameramans point of view there were, and still are, a number of major considerations :-

1. The welfare of his family (especially grandchildren)
2. His sworn oath to his country
3. The ownership of the material
4. The IRS.

I think we can all appreciate his concerns...

We must be in it for the money!!!!!!

Once we had acquired the footage our plan was very simple, we would shoot a documentary and eventually release the footage in a controlled manner. There was never any question of us wanting to sell the footage on, and indeed we have still even now not approached any third party whatsoever in an attempt to sell the footage.

Make no mistake we could have sold this film 50 times over from the incredible offers we have received. There isn't a week that passes without an offer coming in. (even Stanton made an offer of $100,000 on behalf of an associate of his).

Of course we want to earn money out of it, we are a commercial company but we will do it in our own way. It is not a case of take the money and run..

The Press:

Unfortunately a leak occurred, and without a single photograph or statement from me the press ran riot.

In order to alleviate the pressure we came up with what we felt would be a good idea. A screening NOT A PRESS CONFERENCE OR AUCTION just a screening.

We timed it May 5th to coincide with the V.E. DAY celebrations, this along with the fact we still refused to release any materials to the press, meant that the story would die a natural death until we were ready. As far as press was concerned the plan worked.

Why won't we work with the world of UFOlogy???????

I learned very quickly that the world of UFOLOGY is akin to a major international corporation with the same infighting and internal politics that go along with it. Rightly or wrongly I will not throw the very valuable footage we have into that arena. I prefer to work with independent advisors and experts in their own field. People and organisations that are neutral have no declared interest in UFO'S.

The phone, the clock and the creatures ?????

There has been a great deal written about this however for the record:

THE PHONE................around from 1945

THE CLOCK.................around from 1938 approx

THE CREATURES........all female

The Future????

I don't know..........

It changes with each day.. I fully appreciate that footage such as this should only come about after years of research and investigation. The fact that we stumble across it, have no real interest in UFO's ...I accept is hard to swallow.

Fact is stranger than fiction....

Best regards,

Ray Santilli
3 June 1995

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