What Does This Film Really Mean?

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

Commentary: August 1st, 1995
In Celebration of the New V J Site

One of the nice things about having your own Web Site on Internet is the ability to share your ideas and thoughts with others. Naturally, I guess one must be careful how they proceed, because the Net is a wild jungle and one never knows who in the world will be reading their words. However, be that as it may, and since I am a published (even if it is self-published, I might add) author, I am no stranger to sharing the written word. So the thought occurred to me, after covering the purported Roswell Film held by Merlin Productions, and represented by Ray Santilli, after reading all the posts to the Internet Newsgroups, and the private emails we have been sent, what do I really feel is going on with this film?

Before I begin to share my conclusion at the moment (and this has changed over the course of time repeatedly!), let us consider the following things:

1. - We have a glimpse, finally of what it would be like to be a person or organization who is able to provide to the public and the media a tangible proof (not saying the film is such, just pre-supposing here) that UFOs truly exist. Consider, if you were in Mr. Santilli shoes, and you had something of historic nature, how would you proceed? Some of us probably would say, we would never want to be in this position. Would you be willing to take the pressure exerted by the media. Would you be willing to be publicly analyzed for some fault in your character as to why it would be impossible that you could have such evidence. I guess what is amazing after all these years of reported sightings and alien contact, is it seems amongst UFO researchers and the media, such positive proof is at first suspected of being a hoax, probably due to all the bad publicity all UFO related events have received in the past.

2. - What has the effect been, since the announcement of the Film? Well, certainly, at this moment in time (this is before the video has been released of the film and the major media blitz scheduled for August 28th and the Bufora Conference in England), this one UFO related event is capturing the attention of the world. On our site alone, we grew so quickly after we shared the images from this film (six fold) that we outgrew our original provider and had to move. We also had to ask for a co-sponsor to help. We also have on our sites a form for people to fill out who visit us and each day we receive between 100-200 forms if not more. According to the reports we have received on our site 400-500 people a day, since July (1995) were looking in at these images.

What does this say? I would think that today, people are very interested in UFOs, they want to know the truth and it is time for this true to start coming out. A good barometer of this is just to follow what information is being shared in the US., via special television shows and documentaries. I don't single out the U.S. because I am an American, it is just that if you speak to UFO researchers here, they will tell you that it has been extremely difficult getting the media to pay any attention to UFOs. And sometimes if one wants to find out the truth, you must use reverse psychology. If the scientist and the media here in the U.S. avoid like a plague getting involved in a subject, well then it must be true and there must be something about it that either frightens these individuals or they have no idea about what is behind such activities, namely UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials.

So again, I would suspect, regardless of the authenticity of this film, the public is being tested to see how will it respond when the truth is revealed and the official agencies (the best word I can find for the individuals who have all the evidence that UFOs are here and real) are watching as they prepare to finally admit that UFOs are a part of our reality and have been for a long time. In my brief correspondences with Mr. Santilli via CompuServe (we never did receive official authorization to show the images that are available on-line and were prepared at a moment's notice to remove them if so requested), I felt that he is convinced the film is genuine and real. So my main point here, is that regardless of the outcome of the film, whether it will be the key piece of evidence to prove the existence of UFOs or is an attempt to diffuse one of the most documented UFO cases in the history of Mankind, known as the Roswell Incident, this film has served as a catalyst to have all of humanity focus on the releasing of the truth about UFOs. People want to know and we can not go back to the good old days, where we pretended UFOs didn't exist.

Now, What do I Think? Well first of all, we may never receive conclusive evidence in the form of pictures or film, as our technology today is so advanced (probably due to exchanges with the aliens no doubt) that I think anything could be faked. There is probably as much time spent faking such evidence as there is collecting such evidence. However, one thing that is interesting related to the film or what we saw in the Showtime Movie called Roswell, is that somebody has been able to provide some very realistic images to depict how autopsy of Aliens would be conducted. I can only assume that some realism is based not on speculation of how these procedures would be carried out but rather based on real cases. So from this perspective, even if the Roswell Film is a clever hoax, it is still giving the public a visual image of what this was like and thus supports to me, anyway, that a UFO did crash (in Roswell or elsewhere, actually it is reported there are several crashes not just one) and that dead aliens were recovered and autopsied.

The main problem I have with the film itself, is that it contradicts many pieces of information that has been uncovered related to the actual Roswell Incident, which in my mind, this event absolutely, positively, without question did occur. I can not believe that people in the armed forces of the U.S. Army (or Air Force as the case maybe at the air base near Roswell, New Mexico) could have mistaken the identity of the debris found at Mac Brazel's ranch. It was announced as the wreckage of a UFO because there was no policy in place how to deal with such an event. Now, we have not seen yet, any of the film (I am not sure if very many people have) that shows a crashed UFO, or that Truman is present at the autopsy. Hopefully, this part of the film will be shown by the major media or will be included in the video to be offered to the public. According to Mr. Santilli, the serviceman who had the film (and it is still hard to believe that the U.S. Military would allow an individual to keep such a film, or even make a copy with all the security that would be in place) said the saucer crashed in June. Again, unless this crash in June was of another UFO, I find it to be impossible that it would take the U.S. Military one month to know that a saucer had crashed in its territory.

Then there are the witness who described the dead aliens, more like as is associated with the Greys, being small in size, the boxes which held the dead bodies were described as small also. In the film, we say a tall alien who's features are sort of like ours. As a matter of fact, these aliens resemble the ones we see in the Hollywood Movie, "Hanger 18". Some people have suggested, well the film could really be showing aliens, it is just that they didn't come from Roswell. And this maybe true also but I think if one wants to look at the whole case, and view all the evidence, you must look at it from the perspective that it is connected to Roswell. And thus if it is connected with Roswell, then something is not be told correctly and thus the whole scenario must be suspect.

Lastly, another thing which has caused me doubt is the documents that Mr. Santilli released that purportedly help to show the authenticity of the film. I have read the analyst by the pathologist, the statements from Kodak, and I haven't seen anything conclusively that is in total support that this film is genuine. It is very easy to make many claims to try to support one's case, but still we have not seen any conclusive analysis that states the film is real. Perhaps, as we come closer to the release of the video and the sharing of whatever parts of the film will be shown publicly around August 28th, we may have additional proof. I think that the analysis of this could be done in a more open way ... I am sure we have many scientific tests that could be conducted that would help to show what this film really is.

The bottom line to me is: How much time are we going to waste, to keep arguing with each other over who has the best information or the correct answers. It is clear that we are being visited by aliens and regardless of their orientation, it is serving as a catalyst to take humanity beyond the boundaries of our own world, to accept that we are not alone in the universe and in fact, the evolution of humanity is probably linked in some way to the visitors. The UFO sightings in our sky, are a sign, as the Hopi Indians discuss, that the world as we know it is about to totally shift. I believe to survive such change, one must learn how to integrate and recognize their spiritual aspect of being. There is an integration that can occur when one sees that everything they perceive outside of themselves is a reflection of what is inside of themselves. One of the type of events that literally could unify our world is the perceived notion of an external threat to our world in the forms of aliens. If such a thing occurred, knowing the nature of humanity, we would drop all of our small disagreements and work together immediately. I do not suggest that the advent of contacts with ETs is necessary a threat to our world, but probably no matter how you look at it, there will be people resistant to change and thus regardless of the intention of the aliens, will be perceived as such.

I do not know exactly, and maybe no one knows either, what the end result of the purported Roswell Film will be. However, even if we don't agree with the way Mr. Santilli has handled things, I am glad that this sequence of events has occurred. Because after it is all said and done, we will be a step closer to knowing the truth about the UFOs. Also I think this film has been a catalyst to bring many people in contact with each other and also it has shown the power of the online services to be able to share news across the world quite quickly. For example, here in the U.S., without the online services, we would have known nothing about this film till probably August. There was one program called Hard Copy which talked about the film for a few minutes and also we have heard that Fox, via their show "Encounters" will be airing the film. I have also spoken to a person at "Sightings" and they are planning to do something as well. Even heard, via the grapevine, they recorded the screen images from our site and some of the others. Also I heard that LIVE-TV in England also showed some of the images from our site.

Well in any case, we will continue to share various perspective on all of this with our readers. We are in a time now where people must be informed. I encourage each and every one of you, do your own search. Consider all possibilities and do not allow your fear to stop you.

This is ILLINOIS signing off for now .... if you here of other news related to this film, always feel free to contact us.

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