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Roswell is perhaps the most famous of all UFO cases in the world. There are four (4) separate threads, or fingers that eminate from this case.

As you might suspect, being the most famous the MOST has been written about it. There are volumes contained here at the VJ Roswell Home Site; Copies of Government documents, Articles, Discussions, Eyewitness Accounts, and Images of the Supposed Aliens.

Therefore, we've organized our Roswell section into these same four segments in an effort to make this case easier to follow.

  1. The Crash Itself, the debris recovery, and the Military's coverup and denial.

  2. MJ - 12,(aka Majic) is an elite group of Military, Sientists, etc., organized by President Truman to "Manage and Oversee" the entire UFO subject.

  3. The Alien Autopsy film released by Ray Santilli of London and shown on American TV by the FOX network in August 1995. This is purportedly part of an official film taken by a military cameraman, which never got sent to Washington with the rest of the film.

  4. Supposed debris from the Roswell crash, which surfaced in 1996 and is being analzyed by various labs.

Take a look at the evidence contained here, read the books, and YOU decide if it's real or not.

Following is a thumb nail summary of the case:
Around July 4th, 1947, near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, a UFO crashed and four dead aliens (of the so-called Grey variety) were found near the ship. Portions of the ship (strips) were found on the ranch of Mac Brazel who reported this to the local sheriff. The sheriff contacted the local Nuclear Airbase in Roswell.

Several people, headed by Major Jesse Marcel (lower photo), were dispatched from the base to investigate. Major Marcel was amazed at the material found and the base commander decided to put out a press release, which was contradicted the very next day by the Air Force.

The Material and Major Marcel were flown in a B-29 Superfortress to the U.S. Eigth Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth. Brig. General Roger Ramey (top photo) had a small quantity of the marterial spread out on the floor of an office where the press was allowed to take photos.

Two of these now famous photos, which were taken by photographer James Bond Johnson, are what you see here. J. B. Johnson's story can be found elsewhere in our Roswell section.

Our Roswell Section, according to the daily reports from our server, has been the most visited pages of our site. At first, we just started to cover the purported "Alien Autopsy" Film, and then expanded it to include background evidence about the case.

As you read this TODAY, the "Alien Autopsy" Film has not conclusively been proven to be a fake, nor authentic. It has, however, renewed and heightened the public's interest in the great deal of evidence and claims by various witnesses that the crash at Roswell in 1947 did occur!!


July 21, 1998 IMPORTANT Postscript : We are very pleased to announce that the "Father of Roswell", Stanton Friedman, has joined the VJ Enterprises team. Stan's Home Web pages can be accessed by clicking on his photo button at the bottom of this page.

Roswell Case Segment One
The Crash At Roswell

Roswell Case Segment Two
Autopsy Film Current Status
Latest breaking news about the film, and all the revelations and discussions subsequent to it's first public airing by the Fox Network late August, '95.

Autopsy Film History
Everything about the film from when it's existance first became known in Jan. '95, to when it was first seen by anyone in early Aug. '95, to just after it was first publicly aired by the Fox Network.

Autopsy Film Images (jpg. & gif.)

Statements about the Film By Ray Santilli

Roswell Case Segment Three
MAJIC : Top Secret

Roswell Case Segment Four
Roswell UFO Debris

If you wish to investigate furthur, here are three books I recommend for more information on the Roswell Incident:

The Roswell Incident
Charles Berlitz and William Moore

Crash at Corona
Stanton Friedman & Don Berliner

The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell
Kevin Randle & Don Schmidt

NEWS FLASH - Pages from this section of the V J Enterprises Web Site were a part of the premier show for the fall season of Sightings, which was aired the week of September 10th (1995) and had a segment related to the "Roswell Film". In addition, CNET which covers many activites related to Internet and the World Wide Web, includes mention of our site related to a cable show shown the first week January (1996) which covered UFO related web sites. Lastly, Point Survey has ranked our site in the top 5% in the world, primarily to do with the interest generated in our UFO and Roswell sections. Thank you to our readers ... there is much more to come.

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