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Throughout the pages we have provided on the Roswell Film, Mr. Santilli has stated on numerous occassions that he has had Kodak view part of the film to verify that it is authentic. On the Paragon Computers they have shared copies of correspondences between Mr. Santilli and Kodak. We are sharing these letters with our readers so you can see what has transpired between Mr. Santilli and Kodak. In addition, James Easton of the UK, has been actively pursuing this case, and he has discovered some challenges to what is being claimed. We provide both insights for the readers to decide for themselves what is true about the film.



Shared on Paragon

The letter below was sent to Ray Santilli by Kodak
(14 July 1995)

Mr R Santilli
The Merlin Group
40 Balcombe Street

Dear Mr Santilli

Thank you for your letter of 14 July.

I have discussed this matter further with my colleagues both her and in the USA and our conclusions are that any further examinations of the film are unlikely to yield any further data, or give any further confirmation or otherwise, that the film was manufactured in either 1927, 1947 or 1967.

Also, that age of manufacture does not confirm the date when the film was shot or processed.

As you know, this matter is currently being discussed on the Internet and I enclose a copy of a note (see next section) that we will be putting there in the next few days.

I am sorry that we can't be more categorical about our findings, and I wish you success with your project.

Yours Sincerely


Marketing Planning Manager
Motion Picture & Television Imaging. A5m


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