Three Additional Images Found on the Newsgroup
Posted --- August 27th, 1995

As we get closer to the date of the actual airing of parts of the Roswell Film (as of this date, the film will be shown in Holland and possibly Brazil), a few more images appeared in a UFO newsgroup made available by a source in the Netherlands. We found three images (probably from the Paragon Computer Site) we didn't have so we are posting them here. These images are a few more that have been circulated related to the autopsy depicted on the film.

Enjoy .......... ILLINOIS

Another image from the film showing one of
the examiners working near the Alien's chest.

In this image from the Autopsy part of the
film we see one of the examiners removing
a black covering from the alien's left eye.

This image depicts one of the examiners
working on the alien's right leg which
suffered great damage in the crash.

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