Enhancement of Crest on Head of Alien
Depicted in Autopsy Still - S. Peterson

We found an interesting image of one of the Autopsy Stills with an analysis done by Steve Peterson (can be contacted on Compuserve at the email address of 70505.372@compuserve.com. on Compuserve in the MUFON section of the Encounters Forum. In this image included here, he speculates about a crest that appears at the top of the aliens head. We must reproduce the image at full size or you will not be able to read all the notes Steve writes about this crest. Steve sent us an email to explain the goal of this image as there was a discussion in the forum about this purported crest. We have included his email to explain the purpose of his analysis, he did not think this crest was a part of the alien.

Anyway, see what you think .....


Head Crest Revealed - Chris Peterson 8/95

Analysis of Second Autopsy Alien showing a possible crest that appears on the top of his head.

An attempt to illustrate that the crest is really an instrument on the table.
Submitted by Steve Peterson on Compuserve into the Encounters Library.

( Explanation for Image and Analysis )

Date: 25 Aug 95 11:36:53 EDT
From: Steve Peterson <70505.372@COMPUSERVE.COM>
To: Joshua Shapiro
Subject: Peterson 'Crest' Image

Dear Joshua,

I was surprised and flattered that some of my humble work has been included in your very fine web site (thanks, it is nice to hear that people appreciate what we are trying to do - Illinois). However, please allow me to offer some clarification. I produced that image in response to a discussion that was going on, regarding what some believe to be a point or crest on the head of the humanoid. I did not find or discover it, nor do I believe that there is a crest on the top of the head of the humanoid. In the image that I uploaded, I was trying to demonstrate that what appeared to be a 'crest' was really the corner of the instrument table on the far side of the head. Perhaps I should have entitled this image "Table Corner Revealed". Following is the description that was included with that image in the MUFON Section of the CompuServe Encounters Library-

File Info for CREST.GIF

Section: Mutual UFO Network
Contributor: 70505,372
Submitted: 8/21/95
Type: GIF
Title: Head "Crest" Revealed

Some observers believe that one of autopsy images shows the humanoid as having a point or crest at the top of the head. This image tries to demonstrate that the 'crest' is really the far corner of the instrument table on the far side of the body. This file contains 3 images, one of them zoomed, and a drawing, all contained as one GIF image. Steve Peterson 70505,372

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