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As a result of doing our best to report on the Roswell Film, we had begun to receive email from an Anonymous Source, that was sharing some knowledge of news and inside events related to the film. Therefore, since we are seeing such an incredible response on our Web Site around this film, we decided to share these other perspectives.

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 00:49:41 -0700


The Roswell Film was of huge interest at the MUFON Convention in Seattle... Kent Jefferys, insists and stakes his reputation that that the film is fake... Whatever it is, it certainly is a body... what kind is still up for debate.


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 02:04:49 -0700

The footage finally hit the domestic wires... Associated Press today at around 2:30pm.... One local news station ran a 2 minute blurb here in LA.


Also, Collin Andrews said British Intelligence may give a statement or intervene in some way?... who knows.


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 22:06:57 -0700

Well its exploding....

It is confirmed (by Santilli) that Fox has bought the exclusive rights for at least North America. Closing price is unknown.

Fox is rumored to be seeing Walter Haute this weekend to show him the entire film in the hopes he will recognize someone.

KRQE in New Mexico grabbed an interview with NM Representative Schiff (I forgot his first name)... He has seen a portion and is pursuing its authenticity.

KCAL and CBS in Los Angeles have run stories.

Hard Copy is airing something on Friday

Pathology review is starting.... the hunt for clinical examples of what is pictured in the images... front-runners are Progeria (aging disease) and/or xeroderma-pigmentosum.

And this was just today!!!!....

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 00:22:28 -0700

Things are a little more quiet today... Hard Copy delayed theor piece but KRQE in NM is still pursuing additional information.... They are the Larger Sister Station to the Roswell area and consider themselves "the station that covers Roswell."


Countdown to Shefield Conference.... It could all be over by then.

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 02:12:11 -0700 ....

Very possible that the real creator of the film has been discovered and will be released very shortly... working on it, but the tip so far is on the weaker side.


Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 00:28:23 -0800

Got an image of Progeria (clinical case) It lines up pretty good with some of the features ....

(Editor Note: This picture shows a child with a bird like face and beedy eyes similar to what we see in the stills of the film. Below is a description of this disease:


Progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome) is a rare disease characterized by a combination of dwarfism, generalized atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue and muscle, a high incidence of generalized atherosclerosis, and early onset of progressive senile degenerative changes. Although its presence in siblings and examples of parental consanguinity have been reported, suggesting an autosomal recessive basis for this disorder, affected individuals do not reproduce and there are far too few familial cases to draw definitie conclusions as to the hereditability of this disorder. There is no sex predilection, and rarely is more than one family member affected.

Affected children tend to have a reduced size and birth weight, but otherwise appear to be relatively normal during the first 6 to 12 months of life. The classical clinical picture consists of dwarfism, alopecia of the scalp, eyebrows, and lashes, prominent scalp veins; and generalized atrophy of muscle and subcutaneous tissue. Frequently there is nasolabial and circumoral cyanopsis. The face is small, the chin is recessed, and the nose is thin and beaked, giving the face a bird-like appearance. Although the head is usually 2 to 4 cm smaller in circumference than average, severe growth retardation and alteration of the facial structures resulting in a disproportionately small face with frontal and parictal blossing give the head a hydrocephalic appearance.

The skin generally becomes thin (except for areas with sclerodermatous plagues), dry, and wrinkled, with mottled brownish-orange pigmentation. The underlying subcutanous veins, especially those on the scalp and thighs, become plainly visible and more promient in appearance. The nails become yellowish, thin, atrophic, and brittle and resorption of bone leads to osteoporosis with a tendency to frequent fractures. The teech become crowded, irregular in form or deficient in number, and deciduous dentition is often retained. Speech becomes high-pitched and squeaky, and intelligence is generally normal. The chest becomes narrow and the abdomen protuberant, and, owning to a mild flexion of the knees, a "horse-riding" stance becomes apparent.

Progeria should be distinguished from scleroderma, Werner's syndrome, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, and anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Atherosclerosis is early and severe. Cardiac murmurs frequency occur after the age of five years and are soon followed by hypertension, cardiomegaly, angina, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure. Death usually occurs during the second decade of life.

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 22:22:52 -0800

ABC/Los Angeles did a segment on the film today, ... apparently they showed a web page...


Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 13:58:16 -0800


Santilli won't give an interview, won't answer questions and pretty much has now been stone walling all media attempts to get to the truth.... This is bad for him because it can make the media turn on him as a hoaxer and a fraud... its already starting.... If he doesn't get rolling and work with the media they are going to steal every last bit of wind in his sails.


Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 11:04:53 -0800

Got, 8 new stories from the news wires. All from the last 5 days, range from Canada, to Sacramento, to Arizona to London.... Your page was mentioned in one of them .... { Oh Wow - Joshua }


Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 01:24:15 -0800


Good movement today.... first, apparently Fox has to run the footage by Aug 28... Their special is only 3 weeks away... apparently I underestimated Santilli's marketing strategy... He really worked over FOX with such a short window (If this is True?) ...

Second, Spoke at length today with Kodak. Spoke to engineer who was part of the Hollywood team that commented on the footage. Guess what.... Kodak never got any film.... Maybe UK did but Hollywood did not, which was reported as such.

They only received an accounting of the symbols on the footage.... the Kodak comment is based on heresay and nothing more. This guy told me that they provided two sets of symbols, one with 2 characters, one with 3.

the 2 character scheme and the symbols where indicative of 27, 47, 67 comment. The 3 symbol scheme was not used until the 1970's!

However he was quick to point out that Santilli did not indicate if the symbols were off of a negative, reversal, or positive print... everything but a negative yeilds nothing about the coding on the emulsion since reversals and prints are just that... prints, where the symbols can double up during exposure anomalies.

Also... Santiili is trying to clear a visit this weekend to Rochester NY to Eastman Kodak's Headquarters. Destruct test is being contemplated to determine composite of the emulsion. Kodak says they can date the emulsion to + or - 5 years. This test works on any emulsion so even a positive print can be resonably estimated as to manufacture date.... Still doesn't prove that film was shot at the same time.

Lastly Santiili is working with a graphics expert in Virginia... got his number and I am going to ring his bell tomorrow.


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 11:51:58 -0800


Kodak... destruct test tentatively set for August 10. Santilli returned to England sometime on Sunday or Monday.... if Kodak gives the green light he'll be back for the destruct test.

All parties who have struck a deal with Santilli must air the footage on August 28. Its a worldwide release, air it or forever hold your show is the deal. That way Santilli is free to continue to market the footage solo.

Guy in Restin VA who is a professional photographic analyzer and testifies in court cases and writes for photographic magazines around the world. (so he says) He contacted Santilli to offer his services because 1) he is interested in aerial phenomenon and potential hoaxes and 2) he is on intimate terms with the imaging departments at Kodak in Rochester. Thought he could help push the analysis through for him.

Stanton Friedman and Bruce Macabee were screened the footage yesterday. Stanton scoffed and was not impressed at all. Macabee embraced it as being potentially real ... trying to reach them to confirm their screenings & comments.

Colin Andrews released a little unconfirmed tid bit about British Intelligence playing some kind of trump card... Sounded real wishy washy but considering it came from Colin, (probably the straightest shooter in the whole bunch) it may have some tangibility.

Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 17:03:54 -0800


Footage is floating around Los Angeles ... I don;t know who or where... It was screened for Stan Winston, Oscar winning special effects designer for things like the dinosaurs in Jurasic Park. He said (unconfirmed) Not an alien but the body looks real.

Fox has finished interviewing Walter Haute in Roswell...


Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 12:43:20 -0800

Things have been really slow. Fox is editing their special, its an hour long and heard that they are pursuing David Duchovney to host and/or narrate...

Special Effects expert Stan Winston was definitely interviewed and screened the footage to render comments related to what Hollywood can and can not do in the world of makeup and special effects.

Promos and press releases are starting at Fox publicity.

It feels like everyone is holding their breath until the footage airs.

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 00:41:51 -0800

Kodak definitely never got any footage, never saw it, never even got a piece of leader... Santilli gave them the coding symbols he says where on the film... A circle and a square which is 1927, 1947 or 1967.

No word on destruct test, Kodak is really hard to reach these days, but members of Kodak's Hollywood imaging team were in Rochester NY, (Kodak's headquarters) last week.

Heard about an expert in the field that said something was amiss in the autopsy as to the blood and body fluids. When a living organism dies the blood coagulates and settles in the lowest portion of the body, ie the back or underside of the body. The primary incision in the autopsy film is the classic front "Y" from neck to abdomen... In the footage, this thing bled during the incision process, something that would not be normally possible with that kind of initial incision. Sure blood and fluids ooze out but not from the highest portion of the body.

Unless there was blood pressure or some other kind of internal fluid pressure it should not bleed as it did. Fox special rapidly approching... being edited in Burbank, California not far from Disney Studios, Warner Brothers and NBC.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 22:04:05 -0800

Fox Promos are being distributed around Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra!, and probablyt E! will be running stories on it... Saw the Promo and Jonthan Frakes (Star Trek TNG's "William Ryker") is hosting the special.

Stan Winston gives a bite in the Promo as follows: "My hats off to the either the makers of the film or the poor alien on the table."

Also there will be some kind of pathology analysis of the internal organ structure and chest cavity components. I saw a still of the open chest cavity and it looks good but not human or should I say normal human.

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995

I was sort of disappointed with the Fox special, not much data and did you notice how Kodak really wasn't involved. An ex-engineer from Kodak and the curator of Eastman House.... Not really Kodak but a Kodak funded preservation center for George Eastman's work. Kodak still, (I hear) has not committed to analyze the footage.


Yes Fox is showing the show again with news footage and..... (I hear) an interview with the camerman.... who finally came out of hiding... still skeptical but will have to waut till Monday.... Again!

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 00:25:47 -0800

Why Pres Truman is no where to be found in the footage...

The quote about Truman was based on one of the reel labels listing Truman as a witness. The footage inside that reel was unrecoverable according to Santilli.

Santilli also refuses to give the footage to Representative Steven Schiff for independent verification and government analysis. Santilli has commercial agreements with Kiviot/Green and Fox Productions for control of the footage in the United States. It is up to them and other media outlets to conduct their own verification and testing if they choose to do so. He doesn't care and has no interest in substantiating the footage... and up to licensors in the various world markets to give the footage to whomever they want to analyze the footage.... So far (In my opinion) Fox has fumbled for the sake of commercialism.

The Cameraman's statement from Dutch newspaper "The Telegraph" is a crock. The Telegraph is the equivalent of the National Enquirer and really has to be suspect for possibly making up the statement or printing it without proper verification. European terminology and spellings abound in the statement. If it was re-written for a European audience the entire statment sadly becomes meaningless. However, the part about the crying aliens was substantiated by Santilli. Nonetheless why were the aliens kept by the craft for over 24 hours while some team from Washington, including the camerman was flown in. I smell BS, and it's getting thick.

A note about the reels.... It appears rumors and speculation caused by internet furor has lead to a great many misconceptions. There were 22 three minute reels of footage (according to Santilli) of which one was negative and the rest prints. The negative reel was unrecoverable. But the emulsion and celluloid base remains, no images but composition of the emulsion is surely obtainable, in which case Kodak can date within 5 years either way.

Rumor has it Fox is planning more specials. There is more footage, a lot more to be aired. I still haven't heard of one person getting the home video yet of the raw uncut footage.

I would think, if view all the White Sands Atomic testing Footage at the National Archives, write down every camerman listed on the slates and then compare with all the dope sheets from the Universal Newsreel series. (Camerman claims to have worked both in his career)

Lastly, Search the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Archives for the last 1000 cases of Polio in the US (It was nearly eradicated by 1940, the camerman must have had one of the last 1000 cases) and then cross references with the cast and credits index at the Association of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (His father was a Motion Picture Veteran).

If a surname lines up in all 4 areas, you have your camerman... Anybody want to fund the research?

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