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A thoughtful and comprehensive look at the fascinating subject of crystal skulls.  This book should appeal to people who have a metaphysical and/or scientific interest in these mineral carvings.  The authors have worked long and hard to bring their love and understanding of both ancient and contemporary crystal skulls to the attention of the general public.  Whether you are an enthusiastic novice, or an avid collector of these powerful esoteric tools, you should enjoy this enlightening read. 

Marion Webb-De Sisto.  MICCH. BFRP
author of the book, Crystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing & Sacred Wisdom


I've read a number of publications that concern crystal skulls. Joshua and Desy's new addition contains all that I have found elsewhere but then takes the information and develops it further still. With experiments, carver's perspectives, and practical exercises to work through, I would rate this the definitive handbook for the crystal skull explorer's out there.

Keep up the great work guys and I hope to continue to share in your adventures concerning the crystal skulls.

Pete Lock
Chef, Brighton UK

You have a natural gift of putting your points across in a very convincing way. Not a word in the book is out of place I thought.  

YOUR Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer is very special in that it is filled with interesting research material which is backed up by scientific data, stunning illustrations and worldwide expert opinions. Beautifully produced in the e-book form, it is accessible to a common person with a PC at hand. PDF format, small thumbnails make the selection and printing so much easier.  It is a pleasure to read the amazing work of Joshua and Desy Shapiro,  notice their  true commitment to the project and  discover their noble motives behind the project.

Dr. Veer B. Math
retired Research Chemist, Glasgow, Scotland

THIS BOOK IS NOTHING SHORT OF FANTASTIC!!  ...You even have some prophecies in there I missed, and that is hard to do!  An absolute "must-read" for the serious student of Native Spirituality.

Will “Blueotter” Anderson
White Roots of Peace Council, Missouri, USA

(Author of the Prophecy Keeper Series of Books)

Yes I am greatly enjoying it (the book), although I had to put it down for awhile since I was supposed to be helping to edit/proofread a friend's book before it gets an ISBN number! LOL --  I am itching to get more into Joshua & Desy's book though.  I had several huge *A-ha*! moments yesterday, I can tell you!!!

The order process went very well, just about as easy as any of the other book ordering processes I've done.  Good job there!

The day I got your book I was going to just put it in the binder but I got so caught up reading that it took me 3 hours to get it in the binder! LOL  I was fascinated by a good many things you shared.  While reading for about an hour, after I stopped, I felt quite light-headed and not very much in my body!

It's so nice to hear a bit on the personal side about Joshua & Desy.  Their pictures seem like they radiate light and love!

Barb Ingalls (Mountain Wolf)
Conscious Spiritual Channeler, Vermont, USA

I haven't finished this book yet but so far what I have read,  I feel this is a very important book that will help many people to better understand the crystal skulls.

As a person who is active in crystal skull research, if you haven't Joshua and Desy’s book yet, I recommend it and it should be your next step in your studies on this subject.

Boris Schneickert
President IKA International, Germany

I love you book!!!  So much is coming to me as I read it, so expect more letters in the next few days! Anyhow, thanks for helping me.  I'm learning a lot! The book is great!

Jane Derry, Illinois, U.S.

I finished reading your book and I do like it. I think the way you described the experiences of all kinds of different people who represent the various connections one can have with the crystal skulls, provides for other people a very good way to explain what are the crystal skulls about and what they might represent.

Josef Udiljak
Professional computer scientist, Germany

I would highly recommend the new book by Joshua and Desy Shapiro. In my opinion, it is well written, well constructed, extremely informative, highly motivated, but above all it is entertaining and a tremendously enlightening read. My congratulations on the success of a 'Mamoth' journey.

Ian Summers, England

My impression as I read your book: It is a special information that is being quite precise about whom it is choosing to reveal itself to, at this stage. Sometimes the world isn't fully ready yet for the gifts we are given and it is (as my father says) just that the book is too wonderful for current Earth vibration. Most people will not have undergone the evolution to be able to understand what is written there. However, as those of us who are currently reading it absorb the information, it will automatically draw others to the vortex we create.

Vidya Math
Reiki Practitioner and Master, England  


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