Bodies of Roswell Aliens in Texas?

Anonymous Phone Call, October, 1995

For the second time this year (1995), we have been contacted by an anonymous source, who left us some information related to UFOs or Roswell on our answering machine. During the first half of October, my wife and I were in Peru (where we had some incredible experiences and made some interesting contacts as well), so I do not know the exact date of this call, just that it was received in October some time. A strange man's voice was on the other side of the phone, and our answering machine recorded his entire remarks. He had an unusual sounding voice and spoke very slowly and deliberately. As with any other information we have shared related to UFOs, especially from anonymous sources or individuals who claim some intimate knowledge, we can not verify if the information shared by this caller is true or not. We understand, with the tremendous amount of secrecy around UFOs, why sources who want to share some insights, would rather not be named. So, we offer this to our readers as another possibility that explains something to do with the Roswell case.

The following message is what we received on our phone, written precisely as it was stated by this source:

I got your name from Internet and I figure it's worth a handful of quarters for the Truth. I am just trying to get a message out, so people can look in the right place.

I am a former Intelligence Officer and if the people I worked for, knew what I was doing now, it would cost me my job and my future. Not to mention, ruining my family's life.

The Roswell film that is going around is not the real film. The real film is accounted for. I wanted to get a clue out, so that people can go and find the Truth.

The United States Airforce and the Army Airforce before the Airforce was formed, takes great honor in treating their dead enemy as they would one of their own. The aliens were buried with military honors in an installation in the state of Texas. And in fact, it has been referred to as "The Alien Airforce Cementary". I don't know what all is there, all I know is that some time ago, a document was accidently issued to me inside another document. I destroyed the document (clears his throat at this point in the message), rather than turning it in and letting anybody know what I had read. There was quite a furor but no one could even admit what they were looking for.

Sorry, I can't be more helpful but buried in the State of Texas, at a military facility are the remains of the aliens that were taken at Roswell. I hope that someone finds the Truth!

ANALYSIS: -- Naturally, when a person receives such a message, from an individual who claims to be connected with any Intelligence agency, we must wonder if this is disinformation, some type of test to see if we would share this message or could it be real? It is known that quite a number of people who have been involved in some aspect of Intelligence or the Military in the U.S. connected with what the Government knows about the UFOs, or have met directly an ET or seen the technology they have through such secret projects, know that such information must be shared with the public and have looked for various vehicles to do so. If there is anyone else out there, who has information related to the statements made by this anonymous caller or wishes to check this out, please let us know. It is quite clear dear readers that the Truth about the UFOs is coming out in bits and pieces now and we must all work together to unravel this mystery. We can't count on receiving the truth from the agencies who know. Humanity is about to take a quantum leap in consciousness and awareness soon and the UFO mysteries are a key catalyst for this. The more understanding we have of the UFO situation, the better we are prepared for the changes ahead.

To the days ahead and yes, the Truth is out there ...........................


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