Treatsie on
Astral Projection
-- Version 2

( by Robert Bruce (c) 2-July-1994
updated November 2004 )

One of the most interesting people I have met on the Internet is Robert Bruce in Australia. I have been corresponding with Robert for a number of years now and was very intrigued by his out of body experiences. So since I am not able to do projection myself, I thought it would be of great interest to the visitors of our site to hear from an expert on the subject.  A person who is able to project at will, is teaching others and has written several books about it.

We are fortunate that Robert has given us permission to reprint "His Treatsie" which has eight sections as is shown below. Enjoy the
world of astral projection with Robert Bruce .............. ILLINOIS

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If you would like to write to Mr. Bruce or
have any questions about his information, visit
his interesting website (click on the link below):

Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics


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