Protection From Abduction

Article by Joshua

( May 8th, 1995, plus update 3/96 )

If one accepts the possibility that the Abduction Experience is happening to many people all over the world, then the next logical question is: "Can a Person do something to stop this process?" and also, "Is an Abduction always a very painful experience which scars the person?".

While I am not a psychologist in any sense of the word, I do feel that somehow people can stop the aliens from taking them if they do not want to go. I can not say definitively that the system of protection I will propose in this page will work but I feel that I have had subtle contact with some of the Greys, especially when I lived in Las Vegas and found this broke that contact. Also, to note, I do not have a conscious memory of having been in direct contact with any aliens, although I had a very real memory of a 10 second dream in Brazil where a similar scenario told by abductees seemed to be happening. In the summary I will be writing, about my own thoughts on this matter I will go into more detail there. I have had sensitives tell me that I have guides who are extraterrestrial and I have had my share of strange experiences. Through my own process of spiritual unfoldment and trying to be open to ideas impressed from spirit and unseen friends, a certain technique has come to me, which I feel can help people in dealing with such encounters.

So, as a catalyst to think about writing about this technique, I recently received an email from a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara, California, working with abductees and it just felt correct to share this technique with her. I have not heard any feedback from my suggestion, but I thought I would include her e-mail with my answer. I think the first part of the answer to this problem, is that we must publicly acknowledge that these types of activities are going on. In a way, even though it seems like people have no free will about being taken, it is an introduction into our reality of other realities which exist along side of us. From what I have read in some interviews with Whitley Streiber, his new book is coming out May 21st and will explore this aspect of abduction.

Lastly, in a later message received from Donna Higbee, the therapist mentioned above, she shares four technique of protection given by researcher Ann Druffel in California (who I spoke to briefly on the phone and is working on a new book) and also a very interesting message she received from a Native American, about their knowledge of the Greys.

So dear reader, sit back, see what you think and if you have any comments on my suggestions or find it of value, please e-mail me and share what happens .....


The Letter Received, May 5th, 1995

Subject: Alien issues

Dear Joshua,

I'm a friend of Patricia Welsh and she mentioned to me that you have a class in Illinois where you discuss alien issues. I have a huge favor to ask of you. I'm a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara, CA and I, along with a number of other researchers, have been noticing a disturbing trend in many abductees. I have enclosed a copy of a letter I sent to a large group of abductees in a private area of AOL. The response I have been getting has been amazing, with most abductees agreeing with me (at least the ones who take the time to write me).

I wonder if you could, at some point, read my letter to your class and get a discussion going as to how THEY feel about it. I'm trying to get as much? information on this as I can. If you are not able to do this, I will understand. You probably get many people who ask things of you; but if you are able to do this, I would be most appreciative. I think the letter (attached below) says it all. Let me know what you think.

By the way, I am not referring to all non-human entities, as I do believe that there are very spiritual, wonderful beings who interact with us also. I'm referring to those entities who, I feel, are primarily responsible for the painful and traumatizing abductions; those entities who are changing their tune in dealing with humans. I am watching groups of abductees following these entities as though they were saviors (interesting, one person I know recently made the comparison of the aliens with the AntiChrist). Anyway, I hope you don't think I'm imposing to write to you -- just wondered if you could help out in any way. Thanks so much.

Best regards,

Donna Higbee


Date: Sun, Feb 12, 1995
From: Goodhigbee
Subj: Abductee brainwashing?
To: (A large group of abductees)

Hi everyone,

As most of you know, I'm a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara. I have a support group here with 15 people in it. I am very disturbed by a new pattern that I see occurring. When I check with other researchers, they are seeing the same pattern. I want to tell you what I see is going on and ask that each of you tell me honestly how you feel about it and what your own experience is (if any) with this occurrence.

We are noticing that abductees who have a history of being taken against their will, being physically examined and violated, and being studied in many ways, had been saying that abduction is wrong. That being taken out of one's bed or car against their will, sometimes experiencing awful, painful procedures, being lied to and given screen memories, being paralyzed and manipulated and controlled was offensive to them and frightening --- they are NOW suddenly changing their tune. What we are all hearing is that the abductors are showing them how everything happening to the abductees is for their own good and that the abductors are very advanced spiritual beings.

What this information does to an abductee (whether told to him in words or shown to him in pictures) is to make him give up seeking to end his abduction experiences and instead start to welcome them. Instead of the abductee coming into a sense of his/her own power as a spiritual being and one who does not need to give up his/her free will to anyone, what we are now seeing is a group of submissive, controlled abductees who are passively letting the abductors do as they want with them, all in the name of spiritual progress.

This is very frightening.

First let me make something very clear. I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE MOMENT that technological advancement equals spiritual advancement (it may, but it is NOT a given). Also, anything that makes a person give up his own personal power and integrity is definitely not spiritual. In my mind, anything that keeps a person in ignorance, from progressing spiritually, from learning the truth, and from taking responsibility for his own growth and awakening to his true nature as a spiritual being in his own right, is wrong and bad. Anything that allows the person his free will, responsibility for his own spiritual progress, and aids in the process of discovering his true unbounded spiritual nature is good. I have noticed that just when a number of abductees are fed up with being toyed with and are ready to learn to fight back, it is as if a switch goes off in their heads and they suddenly start saying how spiritual their abductors are, and they give up wanting to be personally powerful and instead just let the abductors tell them anything and they go along with it. I certainly believe that there are wonderful spiritual beings in our midst who are guiding and aiding us in more ways than we can imagine. BUT, I also believe that we have some very devious entities in our midst who lie, use screen memories, manipulate an abductee's emotions with virtual reality scenerios, and in general are totally into control and power.

How can an abductor who has been abusive and controlling suddenly be seen to be advanced spiritually, unless the abductee's own mind has been lied to and toyed with in some way. I agree that truth is almost impossible to find in this maze of experiences that abductees are going through. But a manipulative control monger doesn't SUDDENLY become an advanced spiritual being. I'm sure there are people who have had contact with spiritual entities who impart informa-tion and simply aid in the spiritual process, I feel that I have encountered that type in my past. I have no doubt that there are dozens of very kind, helpful groups of entities here with us. BUT, there are also the other ones here, and we have to be VERY CAREFUL to analyze why we are believing what we are being told by anyone who would come and kidnap us and do whatever they want. All I guess I'm saying to anyone who feels that they are in this boat, is PLEASE don't immediately believe everything you are told/shown by these guys.

Many abductees have been shown nurseries which seemingly house containers with hybrid babies in them. Sometimes the abductee is asked to hold a hybrid infant, as if the point was to bond with it for the baby's sake. I have to seriously question the motives of these aliens. One would think that they had only caring and concern for the hybrids, but there are reports (not being given out much by researchers because of their negative impact on people) where an abductee is taken into the nursery and then asked to watch as the abductors systematically break open the containers and kill the babies. I'm not making this up. A number of researchers know this is true. What then is the motive and agenda of these beings, if they can do such things? Can the whole hybrid thing be a great cover for some other agenda that we don't even have a clue about? All I'm saying is that things are not to be taken at face value and these beings certainly should not be believed just because they say something or show someone something. If they can (and we know they can) manipulate a person's mind with screen memories and virtual reality scenes, then they can easily have that person believing that they are wonderful spiritual beings. Just be careful and don't necessarily believe what you are told outright.

We presently have no way to know the truth about what is really going on. Many abductees feel strongly that they really do know what is going on. I'm saying that we don't have any way to know that anything they show us or tell us is true. Be careful and be smart and don't be so trusting that you get led off in a direction that looks promising and one that you believe, just because it is nice and easy to believe in. I feel that we haven't even begun to get to the bottom of what is going on. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to believe something just because it fits nicely with the picture you would like to see happening to this world in the future. I know that it takes great strength and courage to put aside a glowing, positive picture and admit that you really just don't know for sure.

We would all like to believe the wonderful reports of the aliens doing DNA studies on you and raising hybrids so they can somehow save our planet or theirs, but I don't think that is going on at all. I think we aren't seeing clearly.

Anyway, I think you have a good idea of where I'm coming from. I personally watched two people in my support group (two people who had terrible experiences for years and whose lives were thrown upside down by their abductions) walk into the meeting last Wednesday and tell everyone that they had been wrong all this time. That they were now shown that it was all for their own good and that they should care deeply about these "spiritually advanced" beings. Their lives are a wreck, their marriages have ended, their children are a wreck, they are as far from happy and content as anybody can be -- and they say it is a spiritual being their are working with. I say - no way. But we are gullible human beings and we do like to buy what is easy and makes our world view easy to accept. Just think about it .... what would a truly spiritual being be like and what would he do to help a person grow? Not terrorize him, surely. Anyway, I really do want to hear back from anyone who will be kind enough to respond. And I truly apologize if I have hurt anyone's feelings here, that is certainly not my intention. I just don't want us all being sheep, brainwashed by those less-than-honest groups who want to control us. Be discerning and be careful with what you accept as your truth.

Thanks for your time. My warmest regards to you all.

Donna Higbee


The Answer - A Suggestion
(A good Aries can not turn down a Challenge!)

Date: Sat, 5 May 1995 07:08:41 -0500 (CDT)
From: "R. 'Joshua' Shapiro"
Subject: Re: Alien issues (fwd)


Our class is not a discussion group per say but I am aware of the issues you have described and I have been doing a long pondering and meditation upon this. Here are some conclusions I have come to, which might be able to help you. Let me know if this helps in any way.

First, the Greys do exist and are the ones that seem to be doing most of the abductions. It appears they are doing this for their survival, their technology has destroyed them and they need things we have in the human body to try to save themselves. They are taking people from a conscious perspective in most cases, without consent. I say conscious because on a soul level, we have chosen all our experiences.

The pros and the cons -- the cons, violation, against free will, trama. the pros == exposure to alternative realities, an awakening of the psychic energy centers, a more whole picture of reality.

Obvious the best solution would be for the Greys to work with humanity together, we voluntary help them with their problem, they offer us their technology. However, the official agencies and the head of the Greys have their own agenda, which means, without official announcement of UFOs by governments, people need people like us to help them. There is no education per say, although the large number of tv shows, documentaries and movies, books and groups like ORTK, etc are helping with this. The Greys are serving part of the Divine plan for the Earth, as the official agencies have manipulated people so now are these agencies being manipulated by the Greys. The Greys will prevent these people behind the scens from creating their one world order and just might, be the catalyst humanity needs to work together for peace and light.

How to stop the Greys from taking you (I think I had some contact with them while I was in Las Vegas): when they come to take you, they freeze your body but your mind is still active. They are more affected, since they are telepathic by energy, by thoughts. So, tell your clients that they must eliminate the fear, the Greys feed off this energy. They (your clients) must fill their heart with love and compassion (as I feel the Greys are here to learn this and spirituality from us) and send this love to the Greys and also visualize a pink energy or light around the Greys. Lastly, since all things are one thing, and the Light is the creative force of the Love of Creator for creation, they should project themselves into the very center of the Greys, and active this light inside by touching it with this love energy. This way you are surrounding the Greys with love which they can only come to you if they are love and you are acting as a lightworker, to help the Greys intergrate with the Light inside. If the Greys wish to remain near this person, they can only do so if they are also in a vibration of love peace, otherwise they will experience this energy as a tranformational energy, it will sting and burn them I feel and they will leave.

Why does this work? Well if we follow the teachings of metaphysics, the more core truth is that all things that exist are "ONE". This means the Creator is the creation. Each particle in all realities that exist are part of the body of the Creator. It also means that in order for any being to exist, it must come through the Divine Love of the Creator. If the Creator stopped allowing HIS/HER energy to support the creation, the creation will fall back into pure consciousness. Thus, the Creator's Light is in the very center of all creation. The Darkness is only the veil over the Light. Thus by activating the Light in the Greys, you are revealing to them who they are, which is also Divine Children of God and what they are doing to us, the people of the Earth, they are doing to themselves.

Thus, take the energy of fear that one feels, and transmute it, change it into a vibration of peace & calm. Do not allow it to overcome you. A good practice for people is to imagine themselves facing the situation or people that cause fear inside of them and practice dealing with the feeling and sensations that come up. Work to change this feel into something else. I think this will be very important in the days ahead.

Hope this helps, I am beginning to share this will all people I teach. Also I ask that each of us spend two minutes each day to send our love and light to the aliens here and the official agencies. The only energy we can send to another without interferring with them is Love.

Peace & Light


Another recommendation I will make is a powerful Hebrew Mantra which is shared in J. J. Hurtak's book called The Keys of Enoch (The Academy of Future Science, POB FE, Las Gatos, CA 95030, published in 1977). In this book, Mr. Hurtak discusses an inner plane journey he took with the being of "Enoch" (the soul of this person referenced in our Bible, who never died a physical death but was taken into the heavens) and was given a scroll, implanted into his consciousness, that was written in Hebrew but the Hebrew Letters were alive, and he called them "The Fire Letters". In any case, there is a powerful Hebrew Mantra shared in this book, which is used for protection and I have found that it works related to contact with any type of entities (spirit or extraterrestrials). This mantra written in English for pronounciation is:


( In English, this means: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Host )

Basically you are calling upon the Angels of God to help you. Also I think the vibration (like the word "OM") of these words creates a vibrational vortex that activates in some way the Love and Light in our dimension. So just another suggestion to try.

Essentially my suggestion to Donna, involves working with the true meaning of the word "Love", the respect of all life. The way I see it, any being has the right to interact with any other living being in God's infinite universe. However, each of us, individual soul sparks of God, can decide if we will give our power away to another being. And whether we do or we don't, from a more spiritual perspective, if not relavent, it is what is gained from the experience. Perhaps for the people being abducted, they are learning how to be strong and exercise their power of will. It is a difficult question to answer, but from my own experiences, I have found that if you can reflect upon all the experiences you have had in your life as a non-attached observer, you can see how each individual incident in your life has helped to make you the person you were, whether it was the most joyous experience in your life or most tramatic, and that you became more whole, more aware of who you are.

Life here on Mother Earth can be a wonderful process, as there is great beauty around us and God's eternal love inside of us. We just need to pay attention to what is going on around us and always check within to our own guidance to see the Truth. Challenge all new things in this inner Light, and if it is there to be of assistance, it will not go away. I guess on a more practical level, to equate this concept to day to day things, we could say the same about a good friend, no matter what you say or do, if that friend is true, they will not leave.

This is Illinois again, signing out ... just trying to make sense of all the challenges of today like the rest of us ... hoping that this site has been helpful to provide some insights into the transformation of our world!!!

Donna's Interesting Response
( Tuesday, May 16th )

Donna sent me a very interesting response with more insights related to this process of abduction. So I thought I would share this letter plus add a very comments of my own to her information. My comments are in italics. Thanks .... Illinois


Dear Joshua,

Thanks for your wonderful letter. You mentined in your first letter that the way to sotp the greys from abducting someone is to send them love and light. I am uncertain about this. On one hand, I would like to think that this could work but is there any evidence of this ever having really worked?

I agree that the energy of fear helps give strength to any lower vibratory being, but do we have any evidence that sending the opposite can actually stop them? By not sending fear we are not giving them additional strength but can sending love and light actually make them stop in the process?

I have studied the work of Ann Druffel in Los Angeles, who has spent many years researching the methods that have been successfully used by people who have been able to stop abduction. (I called Ms. Druffel and she is going to send me a copy of one of her articles and a list of other articles she has written, which we hope to share at some future time in this Site). Sending Love and Light do not enter into ti. The people have been more successful with the following, which she lists in her articles:

1. A strong assertive person who believes totally that he has free will and rights in the universal scheme of things and believes that these beings can't usurp his/her rights. Holds strongly to this position when abductors are present.

2. Mental struggle has proven most effective. When one is experiencing the paralysis associated with the beginning of an abduction, that person must struggle with very concentrated effort to make even one small movement (move a finger, toe, twitch the nose, etc.) If you can move anything at all, the paralyzed state breaks and the altered state is also broken. The beings quickly leave/disappear.

(Illinois: Also when one is paralyzed, they still have clarity of thought and can send to the beings around them, a loving energy and visualizing a pink colored light around the aliens. )

3. Very focused anger, not hatred or fear. Anger and indignation at being treated as less than an equal in the universe. Focused anger, such as you would feel towards some punk trying to steal your purse on a busy street.

(Illinois: - I would not suggest using anger but a strength of will, an absolute knowingness that you are a Divine Child of God and that no person, place or thing can take your power from you. Anger has a tendicity to cause a descructive result rather than a constructive result in my opinion. However anger generally is a sign that something is not in balance in a person).

4. Very strong sense of protection by a spiritual personages (Christ, angels, etc.) Use of various metaphysical techniques, such as surrounding yourself with a protective barrier of white light.

(Illinois: - Not only a protect barrier of white light around yourself but extend this vibration to surround the aliens and to activate the light at the very center of their own being.)

These are the ones that Ann lists in her research. This is not to say that sending love/light doesn't work, it just means that no one she has ever studied has done this successfully and won. Possibly if one were to send love/light in a very focused manner, all the while knowing that he/she was a spiritual being and that these greys (or whatever) had absolutely no right to be doing abduction --- this might work. For myself, I think I would tend to reprimand them in my mind and tell them that they had no right whatsoever to be doing what they are doing. I would not send hatred but I don't know if I could send love to them at a time like that -- much more likely that I would send strong thoughts that they were wrong in what they were doing, all the time knowing I was a spiritual being in my own right and that I was protected with spiritual assistance.

(Illinois: - A form of reprimand is a form of judgement and I believe takes a person into an endless cycle of right and wrong. Even if we assume that people who are being abducted have some karma to balance to have such an experience, we must also think that the aliens might be interfacing with us to karmically learn how to be more spiritual and loving. If one fully trusts that they are a child of God, then the object is not to send the aliens away to stop their meddling but to welcome them in love. If they do not wish to participate with this vibration, they must leave. Thus you are not fighting with them to leave, you are welcoming them in love and only if they respond in a similar energy, can they stay!!! Sometimes the truth is the opposite of what we have been taught. This perception does not ignore the fact the aliens have no disregard for our free will choice.)

All that I have said above is, of course, slanted from my own perspective. I am interested in your perspective and hope you will keep me posted on any new ideas you come across in this regard. Also, will be most interested to hear if it every really works in the middle of an abduction.

I'm studing the teachings of the American Indians and also the Muslims with regard to what they say about this. Both these traditions say that these beings are selfish and controlling and have been manipulating humans for their own use for a very long time. Both say that they are negative beings and are to be fought.

To quote one letter I got recently from a Lakota Indian man:

"Native Americans are very aware of the beings that are 'visiting'. I have been told that they do not believe that these beings are extraterrestrial. In the 'old days' the 'Star People' visited and interacted with the people. Today in Lakota belief, the darker side has come and has impersonated the 'Star People'. This way, the dark beings could move into our culture, through the public's fascination with UFOs. .... The greys are apparently interdimensional beings. They are from a lower realm.

(Illinois: - It is interesting to note that the term 'Star People' came through extraterrestrial contact with the Native Americans. It would make sense that these special people would try to incarnate into Earth bodies to interact with humanity in a more equal footing. I agree that the Greys are Interdimensional but they still are governed by universal laws. It is good to receive confirmatiom our Native Brothers they are aware of these beings who's intention is questionable, this message confirms some of the information covered in our UFO Coverup section.)

"Donna, what you are experiencing with abductees "flipping" to the idea that these beings are benign is a very dangerous thing. If the grays are so good at controlling minds, who knows how deep this control or possession may become? According to Native belief, these are crucial and dangerous times. If you read some of the boards on AOL regarding aliens, or some of the pop culture books these beings are being touted as the "Saviors of Humanity". This is an invasion of sorts. Not from benevolent "space brothers" who will save the planet but from evil forces who revel in greed for their species.

(Illinois: - I agree, one must test the spirit of any beings who claim to be ETs. Send them the vibration of love and see if this energy is returned. Do not be misled by apparence only. I believe that many of the loving "Space Brothers" have been educating us through their telepathic messages, trying to awaken the fact that we, the people of this world have the ability to create the world we want, regardless of who may be attempting to interfer!!)

"Recently there were some important meetings of Native Elders and Medicine Men regarding the 'visitors'. There is much knowledge and contact with these beings among Native Peoples. Medicine men have been warning these beings that they are overstepping their bounds. These beings really have us under seige. The answer is not military, not even psychological, but as you state, Spiritual. Taking and claiming one's own personal power. Yes there are spiritual allies. We learn in Native Traditions how to connect to those, but they are not little men with big eyes!"

(Illinois: - The only answer to dealing with the 'visitors' is in a spiritual way. I think that we have a great deal to learn from our Native Brothers. Instead of mistrust amongst ourselves, we will need the wisdom and knowledge of all people from all cultures and all religious or philosophical people as well.)

Anyway, Joshua, I wanted to share that letter with you. Also I received a very long document on Muslim beliefs that say essentially the same thing. We do live in interesting times!

I certainly don't discount your way, I just don't know if it is really a way that will work with these beings. It might serve to keep them away (which is what we want most) but I don't think it is up to us at all to help them spiritually. Much more likely that they need their hand slapped and have to look at what they are doing. Anyway, it is good to exchange ideas. I hope you can see my point of view.

Best wishes,


Additional Information from Ann Druffel

Having a number of synchronicities occur to me with Ann Druffel's name I decided to contact her and called her in California during one Saturday (May, 1995), to see if I could receive more information about her work with helping people protect themselves from Alien Abduction. She is very busy right now with a new book but she did send me a letter with a list of publications that include articles that people can read. Below is the list of the articles she sent to me .... ILLINOIS


"Resisting Alien Abduction: An Update", March 1992 issue
"Abductions: Can We Battle Back" Write to:

Mr. Walt Andrus
International Director
103 Oldtowne Rd.
Seguin, TX 78155


"Resisting Alien Entities", Vol. 4, No. 4, 1989

Write to:

Editor, UFO Magazine
8123 Foothill Blvd.
Sunland, CA 91041


"Techniques for Resisting Alien Abduction", November, 1993 issue

Write to:

Editor, Fate Magazine
Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
84 Wabasha
St. Paul, MN 55107


90-minute VIDEO: "Resisting Alien Abduction"
by Omega Communications, a talk present in October 1990 at the OMEGA Conference in Conneticut

Write to:

Mr. John White
Omega Communications
P.O. box 2051
Cheshire, CT 06410


To Contact Ms. Druffel:

Ann Druffel
(Research, Writing)
257 Sycamore Glen
Pasadena, CA 91105

More Protection Techniques

From a post of this article and information by Steve Wingate sent to the SNET UFO mailing list ... a person known as "ME" offered some additional techniques for protection from abduction that I thought might be of interest ......... ILLINOIS


From: anonymous source
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 12:41:54 -1000
Subject: protection

Hi, Steve Wingate posted some info from you and others on protecting yourself from the grays, I have been given some channeled info this as well, and thought I would pass it along to you to share with others if this feels appropriate to you. :)

1. Take a clear quartz crystal and program it with Archangel Michaels protection. (To do this hold the crystal in your right and say 33 times, I call upon the protection of Archangel Michael to be within this crystal) while saying this, envision the color bright blue - the color of physical protetion. Wear this crystal at all times.

2. For night time abductions, I recommend using 4 programmed clear quartz crystals , take one and put in against one leg of the bed and wrap thin copper wire around it, then, without cutting the wire string the wire to the next leg and wrap it around a crystal there etc. until you've wrapped all 4 legs of the bed.

3. There are two American Indians making jewelry at this time that contain ancient protection patterns in the inlay that prevent the energy currents of the grays from engulfing you - awake or asleep, I wear these myself as I am very sensitive to Et energy fields. I am told that the artists are Navaho - but the designs they are making are of Zuni origin. There are many sources that carry this jewelry - the jewelry is marked with the letters T&J on it - a large bracelet is usually enough for casual daily wear, but if you are still being bothered by the ET's you may need to wear three pieces one on each wrist and one around you neck, this creates a triangulation of energy that blocks them from you energy field. This does not stop them from trying to project thoughts to you tho. Like to take the jewelry/ crystals etc. off - You simply remain calm enough to say no, and create a spiritual command by saying ; NO! in the name of ...whatever your spiritual orientation is... Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, whatever - I command you to leave NOW! You must be ABSOLUTLY CLEAR in your intent so that the energy you project will be maintained and work.

4. I absoulutley agree with needing to train yourself to reamain calm enough to keep a clear state of mind. Fear makes you vulnerable - to ETs AND to humans.

Thank you for your time, (xxxx)

The Only Thing Permanent Is Change :)

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