Prophecies Index Page.

This Index page is a link to Various Prophecies handed down by various sources
and Cultures. To view them, simply click on the various headings below:

Mayan Prophecy - 3/21/95 Inca Prophecy - Willaru
Hopi Prophecy Pope John XXIII - Visitors 6/95
Prediction's of Gordon-Michael Scallion Earth Changes with Ghost Wolf
The Prophet Gathering
( Sponsored by Axiom, March 1997
A Gathering of Prophets in Los Angeles )

Visions and Speculation of the Future

Near Future (1995 - 2013)
In this section we provide various views about what type of activities and events
are coming up in the World andan explanation of the forces that are the Mother
Earth into a Golden Age. The information shared here is from various sources.

Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker
(by Joshua Shapiro,
1982, Chapter 4)
A View of the Global Transformation 1995
(by Joshua Shapiro,
New Perspective in 1995)

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