{ Messages from the Lightworker Mailing List
February 16th - 28th, 1995 }

The information contained in this file are the messages sent between members of the Lightworker Mailing List related to Positive UFO visitors. My name is Joshua Shapiro, and I initiated this message stream as I had been reading a great deal of information posted on Internet who spoke about Aliens that did not have humanity's highest interest at heart and that the major Governments of the Earth were aware of these extraterrestrials and in some cases had made some type of agreement with them. So I wanted to hear other perspectives from other people involved with the ET question and put a message out on February 16th, 1995 to this mailing list. I was surprised to see that conversation went on for almost two weeks and I thought that it might be nice to pull all the messages together to review the interesting and varied perspectives that were shared by the members of this mailing list.

First, I would like to publicly acknowledge Rene Mueller, who started this mailing list and all those individuals (Lightworkers) who participated in the conversations via the messages. Below is some information about the Lightworker mailing List and Spirit-WWW, a World Wide Web Service about Spiritual Consciousness that are supported by this extraordinary young and dedicated gentlemen living in Switzerland, Rene (also note you will see some very interesting insights shared by chair person of the list!!


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Multi-Dimensional Realities/Selfs

The LIGHTWORK-L might be a forum for people who like to
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The LIGHTWORK-L is not related to any 'religion', but is open
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Note: In the message, the reference to RKMCorner, is an area on this Web Site that Rene keeps for himself to share his own personal spiritual insights with other people who visit Spirit-WWW.


Message Conventions: ==> When a person is answering another person's message, their information will either be proceeded by nothing or one right angle bracket (>), the person's who message they are responding too, this message will either be preceded by one (>) or two (>>) angle brackets, so you can understand the flow of the various messages.

Please Note: Joshua (or Joshua Shapiro) is my spiritual name. My account is listed under Richard L. Shapiro, my birth name ... thanks

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