Interest in the Roswell Film in Brazil

Pedro Cuhna, MUFONET- South America

One of the favorite places in the world I love to visit is Brazil. I guess I love it so much that by being married to a Brazilian, I always have a part of it with me. I met my wife in Brazil when I was lecturing there in 1990 about UFOs and Crystal Skulls. Recently, this April (1995), my best friend from Brazil visited us in the United States, and we were discussing how to share some of the incredible information about UFOs there. He was thinking of starting a BBS system and having help to translate the English materials into Portuguese, the language spoken in this country.

Well, it turns out that Pedro Cunha, the representative of MUFONET in South America, living in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil was very interested in the Roswell Film and found our Web Site. So Pedro filled in one of our Web Forms and in July we began to have an email correspondence. I share in this section some parts of our email so you can see the receptivity to UFOs and the Film in this country. Their media is much more open to cover such phenomena (more than some countries I know) and also they do have a number of sightings. My wife once told me that a Brazilian becomes disappointed if they miss a sighting of a UFO.

Enjoy ................. ILLINOIS

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 09:14:00 EST5EDT
From: (Pedro Cunha)
Organization: The Navigator BBS, Brasilia, Brazil
Reply-To: (Pedro Cunha)
Subject: WWW UFO Register

Ola !

19 Jul 95 08:57, rjo04!!rshapiro escreveu para Pedro Cunha:

rr> From: "Richard L. Shapiro" 
rr> Originally to: "Pedro Cunha" 
rr> Original Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 16:23:10 -0500

rr> Pedro,

>> Obrigado a voce por nos permitir o acesso.
rr> Thank you for permitting access to our system (correcto?)
      (Pedro is speaking about the V J Web Site)

That's correct.

rr> -+- You are welcome, our pleasure


>> Parabens pelo seu Site.
rr> Welcome (xxx) your site?

No. That means Congratulations for your Site (WWW)!

>> Muito interessante o assunto do filme de Ray Santilli sobre Roswell.
rr> You are very interested in the subject of the film by Ray Santilli
rr> about Roswell.

Yes. Very interesting.

rr> Please share the images with people in Brasil if you can, since you
rr> have a BBS perhaps you can make the images available.  What part of
rr> Brasil do you live? I have a very close friend in Sao Paulo, who wants
rr> to share UFO information via a BBS.  Maybe you could work with him.
Well, I am the South American HUB for MUFONET. I have received several other images from Santilli's film. I have already "hatched" them to my downlinks. I live in Brasilia right in the geographical center of the country.

I have a few downlinks in Sao Paulo. If your friend wants to get in touch with me, he can reach me via BBS. I will give you two options:

Odonto line BBS - 55-61-541-7345
Ella BBS (Botucatu - SP) 55-149-21-3945

He or She will have to leave a message to the local sysop, requesting access to the Netmail areas and/or MufoNet areas.

It is also possible to get in touch with me via my voice telephone number in Brasilia: 55-61-243-1332.

I will be glad to cooperate and work with your friend.

>> Tenho recebido constantes novidades aqui, via MUFONET (inclusive
>> imagens).
rr> I have received constant updates here via Mufonet including the images
rr> from the Film.
Thats correct.

rr> (Good to see that they are going into Brasil)

Yes... We are reaching Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Goiania and, of course, Brasilia.

>> Qualquer novidade estaremos em contato.
rr> This part I am not sure, something that you are happy we have contact.
Yes... but it really means: if I have any news I will keep you informed, if you wish so.

>> Pedro Cunha
>> The Navigator BBS
>> RC Mufonet South America
rr> Are you in Brasilia?  I want to help to make sure UFO related
rr> information is distributed in Brasil.  On our Web Site, I hope that
rr> some of this information can be translated into Portuguese.
Yes. We are trying to get some people in Sao Paulo to translate articles and important messages. I have done some of this work and have tried to pass it on to other people.

rr> Muito Paz e Luz sempre .... seu novo amigo no Estados Unidos
(A Great Peace & Light Always, you new friend in the United States ... Joshua)

I wish the same to you and your wife, family and friends.

Pedro Cunha

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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 07:59:56 EST5EDT
From: (Pedro Cunha)
Organization: The Navigator BBS, Brasilia, Brazil
Reply-To: (Pedro Cunha)
Subject: WWW UFO Register

Ola Richard!

20 Jul 95 07:55, rjo04!!rshapiro escreveu para Pedro Cunha:

(MY Friend in Sao Paulo wanted to start a BBS, and I speaking to Pedro about him:)

rr> Thanks, I will give him your phone number, perhaps, since you are
rr> linked via MUFONET & INTERNET, you can grab information from our site
rr> (wherever it will be) and then send it to him.

No problem. Can I reach you site via FTP? Or how would you like to do that? Email me and vice-versa?

>> Yes... We are reaching Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Belo
>> Horizonte, Curitiba, Goiania and, of course, Brasilia.

rr> Very good ... I have some new information I was going to Post which I
rr> thinks brings up some questions about these images, I am beginning to
rr> feel that are not real but based on true information the US Government
rr> had (one person feels the film was done in Brasil BTW) from real
rr> autopsy they could simulate it to seem real.  In any case, no matter
rr> the outcome -- Roswell did happen, the UFOs are here and know we need
rr> to understand who they are and why.  I have many
rr> theories about this and I hope to do some lectures in Brasil in the
rr> future and also bring an ancient crystal skull to your country, i mean
rr> my other home.
Yes. I can see now famous Ufologists like Michael Hensemann, (I hope I'm spelling his nime correctly) saying it is a genuine film, and others like Tony Dodd who don't believe.

We also heard about the hypothesis of the film being made in Brazil. I don't know, but I know that A.J.Gevaerd (UFO Magazine and CBPDV) will be checking this information pretty soon. He was here in Brasilia to take part in a Congress, and we could have a little talk about the film. He as published a very extensive article in UFO Magazine.

But you're right to say that something happened in Roswell,and many thins "are" happening now. We are living times of a very dynamic exchange of the planet and its inhabitants.

>> Yes... but it really means: if I have any news I will keep you
>> informed, if you wish so.

rr> Absolutely Pedro ... all of us involved in sharing information need to
rr> stay connected.  I can sense something big related to the UFOs is
rr> going to break soon.
Good. I have read lots of messages in MUFONET, from Dr. Richard Boylan (Sacramento, Ca.) and he has always come out with something knew, even though not completely sure about what lies in the future.


Before October, me and Roberto Beck (a friend of mine with whom I have been Field Investigating UFO cases) are planning to go up northeast, to Bahia interior, to a small town called MUCUGE, where UFO phenomena has been happening for quite a long time now. Even the Brazilian television network GLOBO has had a few images of UFOs moving and giving a good show to people there. But we will be back before october, I hope.


Keep in touch,

Pedro Cunha

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 09:57:00 EST5EDT
From: (Pedro Cunha)
Organization: The Navigator BBS, Brasilia, Brazil
Reply-To: (Pedro Cunha)
Subject: Roswell and stuff


Richard, this week we had a lot of work down here. As you asked me to distribute all the images I have from the alleged autopsy film of aliens in the Roswell incident, I am writing this just to let you know that we were interviewed by Correio Braziliense (a national newspaper) about the film footage, and we were, therefore, interviewd by a dozen other magazines, a televion networks.

And I don't think there's any possibility of the film being a fake, made in Brazil. ;-)

Abracos, (hugs, Brazilians hug alot)

Pedro Cunha

Date: Tue, 01 Aug 1995 08:10:00 EST5EDT
From: (Pedro Cunha)
Organization: The Navigator BBS, Brasilia, Brazil
Reply-To: (Pedro Cunha)
Subject: Roswell and stuff

Ola rjo04!!rshapiro!

31 Jul 95 23:18, rjo04!!rshapiro escreveu para Pedro Cunha:

rr> From: "Richard Shapiro" 
rr> Originally to: "Pedro Cunha"
rr> Original Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 08:41:40 -0500

rr> Pedro ...

rr> I am glad to see there was interest in Brasil.  Our site has had
rr> quite a number of people from Brasil checking us out.
Yes, that's great...

I have a few journalist contacts... One of them has been together with us in all the interviews. He can share his thought withs us... I will ask him... He is the President of the Brasilia's Green Party brach...

rr> in October or November.  Also, I know you don't think the film could
rr> have been done in Brasil but there are too many loopholes.  One of
rr> the media sources I know here saids that because Mr. Santilli has made
rr> many promises he hasn't kept, the American media is probably going to
rr> really question him.
Well... I think this is something to be expected... We will see what is still to come...

rr> For myself, I feel that something is amiss here ... although, the
rr> good part of the film is that it is definitely showing the tremendous
rr> interest that people have in UFOs.  Something is going to break soon
rr> I feel.

That's for sure..

rr> Well again, if there is any other material we have on our site that
rr> you wish to share with Brasil, feel free.  I think our site now has a
rr> good mixture of information to understand various aspects of the UFO
rr> phenomena.

rr> Also have you referenced our site ... I think this is where the new
rr> readers from Brasil is coming from.
Perhaps... I told the media people about your site, and These were the three I mentioned... But I know that, from Sao Paulo, Jornal da Tarde, they know more about Internet sites.. And they interviewed me by telephone...

rr> Obrigado para seu messagem .... por favor continua contato conosco!!!
  (Thank you for your message .... please continue contact with us) 
Like I said... I will try to keep in touch...

Pedro Cunha

Date: Wed, 02 Aug 1995 10:27:45 EST5EDT
From: (Pedro Cunha)
Organization: The Navigator BBS, Brasilia, Brazil
Reply-To: (Pedro Cunha)
Subject: Roswell and stuff

01 Aug 95 18:52, rjo04!!rshapiro escreveu para Pedro Cunha:

rr> You are a popular person in Brazil right now =\ otimo!!!! (otimo-excellent)

He he he.. A brief life of fame. Soon we will be back to our everyday life .


rr> Continued success Pedro, the media in Brasil is much more open
rr> then here, about UFO issues I am afraid.

Yes. True.
Today we gave another radio interview (it covers all Brasil) in Radio Nacional. That was a one hour program. And we were answering questions from all over the country, me, Roberto Beck (my Field Investigator old friend), Bolivar (one other FIT and President of Brasilia's Green Party). We were invited to participate in another program, on Saturday 12th. This will also be a live 2 hours radio show, with Radio Nacional, and we will also be answering questions.

rr> If we can be of service in some way, just let us know

Yes Richard. If you ever find anything interesting about Ufology, and related to the debunking and/or cover-up, annoucements, etcetera, I would be glad to receive the news.

Pedro Cunha

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