Comments from our Passengers
( From Past Metaphysical Journeys, 1991-1995 )

Our Journey has definitely been a great beginning for inner peace and reflection for me. I'll always remember, with fondness, the wonderful love and experiences shared. My dream of 10 years has come true - much, much more than I could ever have projected. How privileged I feel to have participated with such wonderful souls. Love and Peace Always.

Sandi - Scottsdale, AZ

The trip to Peru was awe inspiring. Many spiritual remembrances and surprises.The group was spiritually and lovingly supportive. I have enlarged my family with wonderful new and old (past lives) friends which I know will be lasting. The trip was definitely transformational. Lots of coINCAdinces.

Angel - Evanston, IL

Wonderful! I had my expectations and I was very pleased with the itinerary, but the most important to me was the sacredness, the ceremony, the love which took place. I know I won't be able to stay away. All went smoothly and even the cough (I had) was finally understood, ah, such healing, healing, healing. Thank you!

Danna - Pagosa Springs, CO

My dear Vera, you already know how I feel about you and our incredible journey. I will be with you again, my old and new friend. I thank you and appreciate who you are on this earth. I love you much!

Gail - New York, NY

A very beautiful adventure. Thank you all, and the incredibly wonderful vibration of PERU. I feel transformed - I feel peace - I feel LOVE. Namaste to all of my other selves. I will be back. Love & Light. Blessings & Happiness!

Donnette - Hickory Hills, IL

My dear Vera, words can not describe the incredible feeling I have for you and our group and our journey together. The trip was more wonderful than any 'expectations' . The journey was spiritual and educational - Peru is a country of beauty, love and spirit. Your special gifts as the leader of our group added such a wonderful dimension, your warmth, love, caring, sharing and the beautiful touches of music I will cherish forever. Thank you just doesn't seen enough to say. I feel so fortunate that we have met again in this lifetime. It has brought me a great deal of joy. Thank you for being the only guide that could take me through this magnificent country.

Nina - Corrales, NM