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September 9th - Roswell Updates !

We've added three eyewitness accounts of the happenings and conferences that took place in Roswell over the July 4th Holiday in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Incident.

ALSO......Our Roswell Section is by far the largest of the whole VJ Enterprises WWW site. The huge volumes of information we have available is difficult to follow because so much of it is interrelated.

To alleviate the problem, we've reorganized the entire section into what we consider to be the four main threads emanating from the Roswell Case; The Crash Itself, The Alien Autopsy Film, Majic (MJ-12), and Analysis of Supposed Debris. We hope you'll take a look and send us your comments and/or contributions.


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August 24th - Announcing Dave Vetterick as new Site Administrator for UFO and Roswell sections, PLUS new articles on Roswell, Nasa, Sphinx and more.

Now that I've learned how to do this Web page stuff a little better, our host, Joshua Shapiro, decided to RISK ALL by having me manage these sections for him. He's really getting gutsy because he's about to take an extended adventure to Peru, and won't be able to check on what I'm doing. Have fun "ILLINOIS", and don't give a single thought to that "while the cat's away" stuff.

I've rewritten my home page, UFO's For Dummies, and have added several new items:

1. My personal views and beliefs on the entire UFO subject.
2. 50 Years later summary of Roswell, and a summary of the Autopsy film.
3. A review of the new Corso book.
4. New links to the Brookings and McDaniel Reports.
5. New excavation reports from Giza.
6. A Buval/Hancock News letter.
7. New evidence of possible life in other meteorites.
8. New info on Europa.

I'm still in awe of all the interesting things "Illinois" has collected on Roswell that's available at this site. If you want the whole Roswell story it's here.

Be sure to log in on either the UFO or Roswell main page and pass anything on to us anything you think is of interest.


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August 13th - Announcing the Planetary Light Network, Help from Dimensional Doorways

It is our great pleasure to announce the formation of the Planetary Light Network (PLN). On August 17th, the tenth anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, a group of special lightworkers and various organizations have worked behind the scenes since mid-July to create a central nexus point where any spiritual or new age orientated individuals and organizations can shared their special information and discover others of like mind. This project has been a vision of ours since Joshua wrote about it in his first book, "Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker" ( see Chapter 2, section 4 ). PLN, as it is known, will be opening its doors officially on August 17th. So far PLN consists of various web pages (offered by Red Web, Rebecca Bryant, PLN Web-Master and contributions from Core Team members and supporters) and an online searchable New Age Directory, donated for our use by by Global Visions. This is just the first phase of services planned to be offered by PLN, as we see PLN becoming a powerful service to help support various projects on all levels related to creating a more harmonious world. You will be hearing more about the Planetary Light Network in the near future, and V J Enterprises is proud to be part of the core-team and a supporting organization for this initiative.

In addition, another area of PLN that we are currently working upon is to create a more sophisticated model of an online search database. Bruce Schuman of Universal Communities of Spirit is providing us access to utilize a product called Cold Fusion. We are going to use the NA NET Global database as a test to demonstrate a preview of the capabilities of searching for others of like mind (by geographic criteria, by categories or searching for key terms in the web sites description --- actually you can do a combination of all three of these types of searches). There is a web page on the PLN site that contains up-to-date announcements on this Dimensional Doorways, a sister new age related web site based in Denmark, hosted by Elon and Christel Pierson. Dimensional Doorways is going to take over as the host for our two online networks, NA NET Global (new age web sites) and UFO NET Global (ufo related web sites). If people have questions about these networks they can contact Elon via email at: Elon@Dimensional-Doorways.com. Dimensional Doorways is also another supporting organization of PLN.

Things are starting to get exciting ... many groups and organizations are beginning to look at working together to accomplish our mutual goals ...


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July 9th - Interview with Mary Thunder, Music for CS Chronicles

Well the beginning of July has turned into an interesting time ... with our little robot rover landing on Mars (maybe according to Hoagland) and all the festivities around the 50th Anniversary of Roswell (we even got called by a few radio shows and appeared on one in Connecticut). I believe events started in July will be a big turning point in the History of the World. We hope to add in the future to our site some reports from people who were in Roswell ...

In any case, we have added to our new Spirituality of Indigenous People, an interview with Mary Thunder, a Native American teacher and Sun Dancer who has been a driving force behind the Wolf Song Gatherings, bringing Indigenous Peace Elders together as well as sharing some crystal skulls. Also for our story Crystal Skull Chronicles, besides getting some help assistance from various individuals (related to Tibetan Buddhism and the writing of the story), we have added music to various sections ... come visit our Mayan page; our Inca page; our Tibetan page and lastly the Native American page. As these four great cultures merge into our story ... Also we have updated our main Tibetan Lama to make him more realistic (thanks to Trinley Khadro and Ven. Konchog Tsondu Tharchin) and also we have added a bit of color to Acts I and Acts II for Chapter 1 (thanks to Dawn Mitchell).

Till the next time, over and out ... see ya on the other side


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June 24th - Spirituality of Indigenous Cultures, New Dawn Chat Channel, NA NET Update

Please take a look at our new pages in the New Age Section, entitled Spirituality of Indigenous Cultures. Here we are sharing spiritual perspectives from various spiritual and religious cultures. We start with Tibetan Buddhism thanks to Trinlay Khadro. I met Trinlay as I was doing some research for our online story, Crystal Skull Chronicles. Also included is a Tibetan Buddhist & Tibet Resource Page.

Thanks to ParaLogic Corporation, as they are offering free a special chat software called ParaChat, that can be used via a web page. V J Enterprises is proud to offer The New Dawn Chat Channel. If you have a Java enabled processor, and you visit this page, you can participate in an IRC chat with others. The software loads pretty quickly. Our intention is to use this new channel to speak to some of our readers live, bring interesting groups of people together and also to occassionally offer special guests to share information with our readers ... it is a nice tool to have. Leave an email if you would like to chat with someone from V J or to help organize a session to share different Spiritual or New Age information. The title The New Dawn is referenced in our online story about the Crystal Skulls and refers to the forthcoming Golden Age

We have of course, during the month of June, added more members to our online networks NA NET GLobal and UFO NET Global. And, we wish to announce that NA NET Global, through the generous offer of Elon Pierson of Dimensional Doorways, now has a NA NET newsgroup and NA NET Chat Channel. Visitors are welcome to meet our members or share. For more information about these services, visit Dimensional Doorways ... we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Elon and his wife for offering this gift.

Upcoming pages include an interview with Mary Thunder, a Native American teacher who helps to coordinate the Wolf Song Gathering with her husband Horse. Also some updates to our online story Crystal Skull Chronicles including music as some new helpers arrive and hopefully some announcements about "The Global Light Network", a new alliance of networks, organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a more harmonious world. Also, last but not least, the CD The Hidden Truth done by SaDENESS Software is now available -- absolutely filled with all kinds of information about UFOs and World Mysteries!!

things are starting to get very interesting ... watch out for the 50th Anniversary of Roswell ... something is brewing ...


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May 25th - Crystal Skulls Chronicle Returns - Chapter 1 Complete

In the month of May the inner calling came to complete Chapter 1 of our Crystal Skull Chronicle Saga ... this is an online story which shares how our world is transformed into a Golden Age by the year 2013 ... Chapter 1 introduces various of the key characters and sets the stage for the real story to begin in 1997 ... so please feel free to take a quick peek and see what's new.

Here are links to a few of the key pages:

Introduction Table of Contents
Chapter 1, Act I Chapter 1, Act V (new)

In addition, we are still interested to work with other talented individuals to make this a living story by using some of the new web technologies.

All the best ... read on ....!


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April 17th - New Holistic Directory, Aquarian Mission, Crystal Skull Challenge - the Orchid Flame

Well dear readers, having finished our taxes (on time) and today being my birthday, it just felt like a nice to celebrate by adding a few more pages to the old V J Site. So please find the following items:

V J Enterprises is proud to be a distributor for the Holistic Directory of Planet Earth, a new very comprehensive guide of New Earth and Holistic resources in our world (including over 7,000 entries), taking the authors five years to compile. In addition, place find information about the Aquarian Mission, our dear friends Kadar Raja and Moira Dove, who share about their newsletter, The Star Love Network Journal, a publication sharing information about contact with our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters, and their plans for a special spiritual retreat called the Sangre de Cristo Monastery in New Mexico. Lastly, we report on the Orchid Flame, a purportedly new crystal skull that was a fake which leads us into a discussion about Crystal Skull Politics and Philosophies. This was a very personal eye-opening experience for us.

Also we should mention that SaDeNESS Software in the U.K. will be issuing a new CD ROM entitled the "Hidden Truth". V J Enterprises is one of several sites represented on this CD and copies should be available in early May of this year. So if you want to have about 95% of our site easily available to you to browse at any time, plus some other incredible information related to UFOs and Aliens, click HERE to read more about this new CD ROM. Lastly, once again we have updated the members for our two networks, UFO NET Global and NA NET Global, as both network now have over 200 members.

Happy Birthday Greetings to one all ... more is coming to be sure!!!!


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March 25th - Dave Vetterick -- more news on Roswell and Life on other Worlds, More on the Star Knowledge Conf.

Hello dear friends ... we have just finished a massive converting of our pages, so we apologize for not being able to add too much new information to our site till now. Our on the go UFO Reporter, Dave Vetterick has come up with a number of new stories related to proof of UFOs or Life on other worlds. Many are sensing we are coming into a time when finally the truth about UFOs and "ETs" will be shared.

Related to Roswell and the Autopsy Film, Dave has uncovered information about Philip Corso's new book to blow the lid about Roswell .... or what about an interview with the elusive Autopsy Cameraman? Ray Santilli has also released a Second Autopsy Film, find out if this one is better and more conclusive than the first. And lastly, Dave finds some new replies on questions about the Autopsy Film that Santilli gives on Compuserve last month.

In other news related to Life on other worlds in our solar system, Dave find information via Richard Hoagland that the Nasa Chief is going to investigating Mr. Hoagland's claims about Cydonia, where the Face of Mars is. Next, there is believed to be some type of connection between the Sphinx and Mars and that Nasa has discovered using some sophisticated rada equipment, some Secret Chambers under the Nile.

Can you believe it, but U.S. Vice President Al Gore was just briefed by leading scientist on life beyond the earth. The British have just discovered Life on another Martian Meteor. Scientist believe that Life also seems quite possible, maybe even better then Mars on two moons of Jupiter, Europa and Ganymede. Next Dave found out that the U.S. Pentagon has recently discovered ICE to exist on our Moon and will be sending a new Lunar Probe to find out conclusively if this is true. And finally, it is rumored that NASA will be shortly sending a Manned Mission to Mars. Dave has done a great job keeping us updated on some major events happening to show us we are not alone in the universe.

Lastly, we received permission from Brian Crissey of Wild Flower Press, to reprint their article from their newsletter "Contact Forum" which shares information about the Star Nation Symbols. Standing Elk (the initiator of the Star Knowledge Conferences) shared these sacred symbols he received from the Star People at the June, 1996 Star Knowledge Conference. Also included is another page on the Background and History of where these symbols came from. We also have added a number of photographs of some of the speakers at the conference, thanks to Standing Elk, who gave us these pictures as a gift. To see some of the speakers, either check out the Star Knowledge Home Page or Joshua's Report.

Many are feeling as we move farther into 1997 that something big is about to explode ... we will have to see ...


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February 19th - Joshua's Live Report on Windsong, The Prophets Gathering (March 1997 in LA)

Dear Readers -- sorry for not adding more new pages but we have been busy reformating the existing pages so our site sections have more consistency. We are working on some new pages coming up ... and also we will be attending the Prophets Gathering in Los Angeles as speakers (March 7th-9th) and hope to interview some of the well known prophets to add some new pages. Please see our page linked above and then head over to Axiom's (the Sponsor) web site for a complete schedule. In addition, in early February, Joshua had a chance to visit with Windsong, a new crystal skull and the caretakers Floyd and Barbara Petri, so see his report.


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January 29th - The Crystal Skull Chronicles Saga Begins ... More Updates

For those of you waiting for our online Saga, the Crystal Skull Chronicles to begin, the first part of Chapter 1 is now available ... we also have posted a Table of Contents for the entire book as well for easy navigation. Also we would like to acknowledge Sue Taylor and Jules Hopson, who will be adding their creative talents to tell our tale ...

Also we just updated our list of members for UFO NET Global and NA NET Global, our network of UFO and New Age Sites plus we continue to update and refine our pages on the site. The Roswell section is completely re-done and we hope to have the rest of our sections in place in the next few weeks. Also V J Enterprises is going to be featured on a New CD ROM created by SAdENESS software in the UK (contact Kristian Phillips) is you have an interest to find out more about this CD, which will focus on UFO and Paranormal Web Sites in the world. Look Out!!!


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January 20th - Hale Bopp, the Windsong Crystal Skull, New Page Formats: Home Page & Roswell

We hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and we here at V J promise to continue to add more new information about the forthcoming Golden Age and events leading up to this. Sorry to not post to this section earlier but our front end (our Home Page and accessory pages) has been going through a major update via the brilliance of Graphic Expert, Don Bright, who's handy work you will see all over. So we invite you to take a peak at our new V J Home Page and other sub-pages as well as the new Roswell Home Page.

Leading off our new sections includes the Haley Bopp Comet heading for a close visit to our Earth in the March/April 1997 timeframe. This is one hot topic that is very controversial ... is this comet or the companion behind it reportedly a spacecraft coming to visit us? Check it out (thanks to the hard efforts of Randy Krippner, our new V J Helper and Don Brights brilliant page design!!!). Also we have the report of a new crystal skull called Windsong in the possession of ex-Chief of Police, Floyd Petri ... while this may not be a very old crystal skull there is sure an interesting story that Floyd tells. Also Illinois Shapiro has joined forces with author and speaker, Scott Mandelker (author of the book, "From Elsewhere") and they are joining forces to offer some special workshop about UFOs, Wanderers and Crystal Skulls.

We also wish to announce during our trip to Brasil (Dec. 1996 - Jan. 1997), our dear friend Antonio in São Paulo has agreed to create a sister Web Site known as Cosmica which will include some of our materials in Portuguese (for our Brasiliero friends) ... when this site is ready we will let you know!! We promise to continue our hard efforts to bring you the best information and reports of key events in 1997, a year that we feel will see many physical manifestations and proofs of the prophies of change. Peace & Light Everywhere,


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