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July. 17th  Pre-announcement of V J's founder, up and coming new book on the crystal skulls.  Find out what will be covered in the new book and sign up for the updates mailing list.
(Editor's Note: - our new book on the crystal skulls - "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers" has changed over 9 years in format, this link comes from the format setup in 2010)

We appologize for simply not having the time to update this "WHAT'S NEW" section in a long time, but there have been some exciting additions.

THE ALIEN AUTOPSY film, uncut and unedited, has been put on a 2 CD set and is now available to the public ONLY THROUGH the VJ Enterprises Web site. Analyze the film frame by frame if you wish, in amazing clarity and detail. Go to this page and see the reviews of 30 globally recognized researchers like Friedman and Randle, and how to order this CD set.

STANTON FRIEDMAN -- VJ Enterprises is pleased to be the host Web site for the "FATHER OF ROSWELL", Stanton Friedman. Stan's home Web pages have been here for over 2 years now. You'll find his Biography, many of his papers, and his current year's appearance schedule by simply Clicking Here or above.


Sept. 9th A lot of things have taken place since the last update. News from and about NASA, Richard Hoagland, Graham Hancock, Rockefeller, and an entire new section covering a variety of very interesting UFO related subjects, have been added to Dave's Favorite subjects section. Start at the main page and check it all out. Check back soon for really interesting updates on roswell.

Jan. 3rd Roswell Investigating Teams uncovers new evidence from super enhanced 1947 Photos


Aug 4th Col. Philip J. Corso, famous Roswell author, sadly passes away

Aug 1st Famous White House reporter calls for end to UFO coverup

July 21st THIS IS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Roswell and the home page of a major Roswell player. Don't miss this !


September 9th Three eyewitness reviews of Roswell's 50th Anniversary celebration, and announcing the reorganization of our extensive Roswell section.

August 24th Announcing Dave Vetterick as new Site Administrator for UFO and Roswell sections, PLUS new articles on Roswell, Nasa, Sphinx and more.

August 13th Planetary Light Network and Dimensional Doorways (NA NET)

July 9th Interview with Mary Thunder, Music with CS Chronicles

June 24th - Spirituality of Indigenous Cultures, New Dawn Chat Channel, NA NET Update

May 25th - Crystal Skull Chronicles Returns - Chapter 1 Complete

April 17th - New Holistic Directory, Aquarian Mission, Crystal Skull Challenge - the Orchid Flame

March 25th - Dave Vetterick Returns with News on Roswell and Life Beyond the Earth, Photos from Star Knowledge Conf.

February 19th - Joshua's Report of Seeing Windsong, The Prophets Gathering (March 1997)

January 29th - - The Crystal Skull Chronicle Story Begins .. More Updates

January 20th - - Hale Bopp, the Windsong Crystal Skull, New Page Formats: Home Page & Roswell


December 25th - - Merry Christmas, Peru Pages and Crystal Skull Updates

December 22nd -- The Crystal Skull Chronicles - An Online Adventure

November 8th -- JB Johnson, Photographer at Roswell, UFO NET Update

October 6th -- UFO NET Global and more Page format updates

September 13th -- View the New Formatted Pages (UFOs, New Age)

September 8th - Varginha Update, Shock Wave Movies, New Crystal Skull Events

August 27th - Scott Mandelker on Wanderers, Crop Circle Filmed, Chet Snow and Roswell Metal Update

August 11th - Life on Mars, More Hoagland, Varginha Update, Stand Elk Interview

August 7th - More Star Knowledge (J.Greenan), Penthouse's Alien Images, Map of UFO Bases

August 1st - Marc Davenport & Darryl Simms Interviews, Gail Schultz on "ET"

July 30th - More Reports on the Varginha Case in Brasil, Graham Hancock

July 24th - New Crop Circle by Stonehedge, Hollow Earth Images, Hoagland & Free Energy

July 13th - Reports from the Star Knowledge Conference

June 10th - More on ET in Brazil & Museum in Japan, June 21st Celebration, Hoagland in England

May 28th - Image of ET captured in Brazil, Graham Hancock, Robert Ghost Wolf

May 22nd - Dave Vetterick Home Page Updates, More on ET in Brazil, New Skull

May 16th - Roswell Updates - the Film, New Metal Sample, Autopsy Witness

May 15th - Captured ET in Brazil Update, the Greys, G.Cooper, Time Travel?

May 5th - Untold new UFO Treasures and NA NET Global Categorical Directory

May 2nd - "ET" Hiway in Nevada, Crystal Skull in Australia, NA NET

April 22nd - More Roswell Crash Info, Andy joins us, two new books, Peru

April 17th - Birthday thoughts, S. McCLendens' Report on Hoagland

April 15th - Best Evidence Report - TOC, NA NET Global Update

April 11th - NA NET Global, Rockerfeller Report, Roswell Metal Piece & Astronauts & UFOs

March 27th - Update on Richard Hoagland, the 11:11 & Chi & Qigong

March 22nd - Reports from Richard Hoagland's Conference 3/21/96

March 18th - Richard Hoagland Announcement, NANET Global & More

March 12th - StarGate Activation, Brazil Flap & More Abduction News

March 11th - "ET" - an Ancient Crystal Skull (Joke Van Dieten)

March 7th - BBC Crystal Skull Documentary & Wash DC Trip (2/96)

March 5th - UFO Tidbits, Roswell, the Film & the Greys

February 28th - Star Knowledge UFO Conf. & German Moon Base

February 15th - Eldridge Interview, Area 51, Abudctions

February 11th - Richard Boylan, the Mask, the Eldridge & Hopis

February 8th - UFO Crashes & New Age Web Sites

February 6th - International UFO Stories ....

February 3rd - Crystal Skull Pictures, Roswell & More

February 2nd - More UFO Stuff .. Can You Handle it?

January 22nd - The Prophecies of Scallion

January 17th - Page Updates, Some Audio & UFO Insights

January 8th - We're Back, Odds & Ends, New Peru Journeys

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