Archival Page Index for 1995

The purpose of this section was to give our readers an update when new information was added to our site during 1995. We now keep this page as an archive of our additions and as a page description index for your reference. This section was suggested by our good friend Rene Mueller, who is the keeper of the New Age Spirit-WWW site.

Below you will find, listed chronologically by date, a short listing with a brief description of each new section added to the VJ Site. We thank each of you for your interest in our material. If you have any comments, suggestions or request for certain information that relates to our subject areas, don't hesitate to e-mail us. Our address is


This section will link you to various portions of information on this page.
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November 22nd - Update with Jane Doherty's Crystal Skulls

November 14th - Two Ancient Crystal Skulls coming to Australia

November 3rd- The Hollow Earth

October 24th- Drunvalo Melchezedek & Crystal Skulls in Australia

October 19th - Back on Track with new UFO input from Anonymous Sources!!

September 1st - World Views on the Film and More, Check it OUT!!

August 30th- Early Views of Public Showing of Roswell Film

August 27th- New Roswell Images, Data of Showing, Mexico

August 23rd- Aftermath of Bufora Conference & More Images!!!

August 14th - Oh Boy, is the Roswell Film Debate Hot and Heavy!!

August 8th - More Roswell Updates, GAO Report, Int'l. Interest in Film

August 1st- New Site Address - Illinois Speaks Out on Roswell Film!

July 28th- "MAX", The Texas Crystal Skull, Roswell Film a Hoax?

July 26th- Roswell Images Back Up, We are Moving!!

July 21st - New Info Roswell Film, Crystal Skulls

July 4th- Four More Autopsy Images from Roswell?

July 2nd- Finally Roswell Film Images!

June 29th- More on the Roswell Film & Santilli Speaks

June 24th- Jungle Journey Update, Crystal Skull in DC

June 20th- Transformation into the Golden Age, 2013

June 12th- More Roswell and OOBE

May 28th- Assorted New UFO Information

May 24th- More Information on Abduction

May 23rd- Expanding the Abduction Section!!

May 19th - UFO Book Update, More Comments on Roswell Film

May 17th - More Roswell & UFO Info

May 14th - A Deluge of New Information, Read Below!

May 8th- Help!! - We Can't Stop Adding to this Site!

May 6th - Early Verdict on the Roswell Film

May 4th - More Graphics to Spruce Up Ze Pages!

May 2nd - More Roswell and other UFO Information

April 29th - Mayan Sunrise Ceremony & Star People

April 28th - Additional List of UFO Books and a New UFO Site

April 24th - Internet UFO Sources with Links

April 20th- The Saga of the Roswell Film Continues!!!

April 13th - More on Roswell and the Film

April 10th- New Age Networking - Joshua's Early Years

March 29th - Crystal Skull in Las Vegas, 1989-1993

March 25th - Mold of Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

March 19th - Crystal Skull Face & UFO Links

March 14th - The UFOs are Coming

March 8th -Opening Day

What's New in 1996

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