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Dear Readers we Welcome You to the New Chat Channel called THE NEW DAWN. We wish to thank Chat Planet for offer this free service to other websites and hope you might consider also offering a channel for live discussion. We have found in our experience that we have met some of the most incredible people on chat channels whether it is on IRC or other Online Service Providers. We are V J believe that if we can use the new Web Technologies to bring people together, we want to be one of the first to try it out.

The title of our channel THE NEW DAWN comes from our online story called Crystal Skull Chronicles (click here to read more) ... which will eventually describe how our world will move into a Golden Age by the year 2013! In the future, the residents describe time as Year (X) of the New Dawn starting with January 1st of 2013 as the beginning and January 1st of 2014 as the beginning of Year 1. So we hope that people will take advantage of this channel to share their inner (spiritual) experiences, to ask each other questions or maybe discuss live some of the subjects we cover on our web site.

Additionally as we start to get visitors coming here we hope to invite special speakers and individuals of various knowledge (UFOs, Native Americans, Tibetan Buddhists, Spiritual Teachers and some of the people connected with V J) to conduct online chats. We will follow protocol similar to what is done on the commercial online services like Compuserve or AOL where the invited quest will talk first and then people can ask questions.

So join us as in the next 16 years we are observors and participants of THE NEW DAWN! All are welcome and if you have suggestions or ideas how to improve this new Chat Channel or would like to volunteer to be a guest sharer/teacher, please feel free to contact us by our email address shown at the bottom of this page.

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