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This New Age section has been set up to allow you to view the topics which interest you the most. We have done what we can to make this an enjoyable area for you to roam in, but, it is hard to cater for everybody's tastes without actually knowing what you are interested in. We ask you, the user, to sign our Guest book, and tell us what you are interested in.

Journeys Of An
Aquarian Age Networker
Prophecies Visions and Speculations of the Future (1995-2013) Astral Projection
Inner Guidance
and Awareness

with Joshua
Drunvalo Melchizedek - Flower of Life Doorway of 11:11 World Peace and Prayer Day (21/6/96)

Dr.Yan Xin and his
Chi-Emitting Lectures


The New Dawn
Online Chat

Spirituality of Indigenous Cultures

Planetary Light Network

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"Journeys of the
Crystal Skull Explorers
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SPECIAL NOTICE -- We are working to release a printed edition of this book in English in the late part of  2010 or the early part of 2011 -- if you would like to be one of the first to have this new edition, please click here to fill out an on-line form and we will email you when this new book is available  --- thanks -- J&K


About V J Enterprises

V J Enterprises was started in 1992 by Joshua Shapiro and Vera Lopez. Both of the co-founders are dedicated to the discovery of their own inner being, or the spirit within. Vera started when she was very young in Brazil and was a student of famous Brazilian sensitive Luis Gasparreto for 14 years and now conducts tours to Peru. Joshua started in Chicago exploring many of the New Age groups there and was a member of a few before he went on his networking journey to California on faith where he became involved with UFOs and Crystal Skulls and started to write books and offer lectures. The V J Enterprises web site is another avenue to share with people worldwide key information about the transformation into the Aquarian Age.  Ms. Lopez has
gone off to do her other spiritual work but Joshua's new life partner, Katrina Head has joined Joshua (2009) to help to continue to share the very best information about the manifestation of the Aquarian Age in our world.


NA NET Global is an invitation to other New Age orientated Web Sites to create a Global Network of sharing and mutual support. This Network officially started on April 8th, 1996, when our first list of Members was published. If you are a New Age related Web Site, and would like to be working more closely with others, please check this network out. The link above will provide you background information about who NA NET Global is as well as a link to our Member Directory Pages (see who has already joined!).


This is a compilation of listings of Internet Web Sites which cover a broad range of New Age Subjects. We do borrow a few names from three lists (Spirit-WWW, Point Survey, New Heaven New Earth) giving sites we are familiar with or know the organisations plus a list of other sites of friends we have met via E-mail or link exchanges. Hit the "HOT LINKS CHAIN" to go to the Links.

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Whats New 1996 UFOs in the 90s Crystal Skulls

New Age Jewelry

new Age Jewelry by the artist David Weitzman
Some great looking New Age Jewelry by the designer David Weitzman.

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