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NA NET Global is a network of New Age-orientated sites working together as an example of cooperation and sharing of online New Age resources. All New Age-related web publishers are invited to join us and participate in this process.

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Creative Arts (Art/Music/Dance/Production)

Crystals & Gemstone (Healing, with Color)

Ecology / Environment

Family, Personal Services, Psychology

Fitness (Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Yoga)

Food & Nutrition (Health Food, Vitamins)

Holistic Health (Practices/Healing/Retreats)

New Age Lectures / Workshops / Classes

Meditation / Spirit Communications

New Age Business Related Services

New Age Networking/ Computers / Mailing Lists

New Age Products (Books, Tapes, Video, etc)

Peace Related Activities

Psychic & Metaphysical Studies/Services

Spiritual Philosophies/Practices/Relgions

UFOs (Sightings, Physical Proof, Dimensional)

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