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Thank you for your interest and participation in NA NET GLOBAL, a New Age Network of Web Sites on the Internet. If you will take a few moments to fill out this form, we will be happy to add you to the list of members of our Global Network.

Form Notes: You do not need to fill out any item which is marked OPTIONAL, but in order to be listed we must have a correct URL address. So that we may contact you for future announcements, we also need you to provide an email address of a contact person. Also, notice the various checkboxes in the form; if they are checked, this information will be included in your listing on the Member Page Lists.

After we have verified that your site exists and that you are actively involved with sharing information related to New Age Subjects (Holistic / Metaphysical / Spiritual -- there will be no judgement on our part, of course), your web site will be added to the Member Page Lists for the next month. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself (Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro) via email at any time. We always welcome any suggestions on how to make the network serve its members to the fullest. Thank you again for your interest.

Joshua (Illinois) Shapiro

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You may select a maximum of 3 subject categories which best describe the information, products, and/or services you are offering via your web site. These categories will enable us to list you in an index of members sorted by category. We have provided 20 different areas which we feel cover most UFO-related subjects. Thank you.

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