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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of New Age Web Sites we have heard about or had some contact with directly. If a web site does not appear in our list below, this does not mean in any sense of the word that the other site does not deserve recognition, we are only listing the ones we have some knowledge about. Below you will find a subset of sites we found such as New Heaven, New Earth plus other miscellaneous sites we have found on our own surfing through the Web or people who contacted us directly by email. Each list below is done alphabetically with a short description of the site where possible. We are open to include other sites if they wish to contact us by email ................

Peace & Light always




Lightworks (TMA Communications)
Metaphysics, Lightwork, Healing, Light-Technology, OBE, Meditation, Yoga, Mystic, Astrology, Reincarnation, Theosophy: Lightworks is a world wide web site dedicated to awakening consciousness with a something for everyone approach. We provide many free features including a Visionary Art Gallery and Daily Features as well as offering commercial home pages to customers.


Sun Angel Innovations
(Sun Angel Innovations)Sun Angel is a large, joyful motivational resource (12 years in the making!) with even bigger plans in the works! Includes Metaphysics, Lightwork, Light-Technology: Provides information, services, and products of interest to those persons seeking a more joyous, fullfilling, andgrowth-oriented life.

V J Enterprises (Joshua & Vera Shapiro)
UFOs, Crystal Skulls, Networking, the New Age and Metaphysical Journeys (Peru): V J Enterprises is dedicated to sharing information about subjects and events which clear show our world is going through a spiritual transformation. Joshua Shapiro is a New Age Networker, author, speaker and UFO/Crystal Skull Explorer; Vera Shapiro is a Tour Conductor, Crystal Teacher and Reiki Master, born in Brazil. V J Enterprises is open to work with other organizations and to share via their web site important information to share with others all over the world.


Spiritual community, nature spirits and ecological life-style.

The NY Open Center (Stephen Biegner)
A center for holistic learning and culture which presents nearly 1000 courses annually on topics of alternative health and bodywork disciplines, depth psychologies, sociocultural issues, spiritual and meditative teachings and multicultural arts.

A.R.E, Association for Research and Enlightment, Inc.
The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., is the international headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered the most documented psychic of all time. Founded in 1931 to preserve, research, and make available insights from Cayce's information, the A.R.E. is a nonprofit organization which sponsors activities, services, and outreach throughout the world.

Lily Dale (In-Site Express)
The place where an "open mind" is the key to a quest for adventure. As Paul Benson, reporter for the Chautauqua County Mirror, writes ... "Some of the most interesting things in life come as unantcipated wonders. After coming to know her, Lily Dale, "The City of Free Thinkers", proves to be just such a place. Lily Dale is a place where an open mind is the key to a quest for adventure -- spiritual or otherwise." Among the notables to visit "the Dale" are Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mae West, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, & Russian Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, daughter of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.


PAIC-WWW (Bob Garth)
Metaphysics, Lightwork, Light-Technology: Protree Alternative Information Center - free for information-providers

The Meru Project (Stan Tenen)
Metaphysics, Yoga, Mystic: Foundation discovering deeper meaning of hebrew letters: "... We have shown that this vortex represents a path of self-organization applicable to living systems, consciousness, and physics"


Albert Nanomius WWW-Page (Albert Nanomius)
Great page about NewAge-Issues, an overview of different concepts




Theosophical Society WWW (IL, USA) (Michael Grenier)
The Theosophical Society is a world organization dedicated to the promotion of brotherhood and the encouragement of the study of religion, philosophy and science, to the end that humans may better understand their place in the universe.

Gong Research (Don Conreaux)
Gong Healing - Sound Research - Yoga - Peace Bell Gardens

The Sanctuary (Sanctum VDN) (Lukas Bauermeister)
The SANCTUM (ANKH) Sanctuary! "Where Everything is Possible!" (in Spiritual & Scientific Aspects) (GEPACC) CSASRF HOMESITE CSASRF=The Cultures, Scientific and Anthropologycal Studies and Research Foundation.


Alterate States, PSI, Meditation (Charles T. Tart)
Metaphysics, OBE: Reprints of his published journal articles and miscellaneous papers available

Mind Body Spirit - The Transcend Precept (Future World UK)
Metaphysics, Healing, Meditation: Purpose seeking life philosophy, followed by people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. View all 12 chapters of the transcend Precept.

The Lightsmith Live Wire (Chris LaFontaine)
Metaphysics: Current, clear information to assist in personal and planetary shifts of consciousness.


Metaphysics: Starfire is: A study in the Methods of Carlos Castenada & Ingo Swann. With Current Events on the Teachings of the Naguals Party.



The Bermuda Triangle
Explanations of Triangle mysteries


Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World
Catastrophism & the Great Flood


Alterstated States of Consciousness

Anomalous Cognition

Consciousness Research Laboratory
UNLV parapsychology experimenters

Interdisciplinary "consciousness" research (Lucid Dreaming, OBE)

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
(Scientific analysis of consciousness)


The Alchemy Virtual Library
Seven megs of info on mystical science

Out-of-this-world interactivity

Fatima Home Page
Miracles and prophecies related to the Fatima Incident (1917)

The Gaia Page
New-age consciousness & ecology

The Internet Occult Superstore
Paranormal shopping and networking

Journal of Scientific Investigation
(Real scientist investigate paranormal)

Koestler Parapsychology Unit

The New Age Web Works
New Age Resources, links & more

Shamanistic Healing Energies

Shawn's Occult Resources

Growing source for spiritual information

White Mountain Education Association
New age writings and resources


A grass roots network seeking to give birth to a new way of life on our planet: Newsletters, special reports, database, earth changes, prophecy, current events, mailing lists, many like-minded links.

I Am America
The work of Lori and Lenard Toye, creators of the popular I AM AMERICA MAP, have been featured on such television shows as SIGHTINGS and ANCIENT MYSTERIES. Believing that "a change of heart can change the world," they now have a beautiful web site that introduces their maps, books, tapes, and videos. Their web site also provides regular updates concerning their ground-breaking prophecy conferences.

Earth Shift!
Do we face an apocalypse or a global spiritual awakening? The choice is ours! But positive choice requires knowledge. Visionary author and futurist, Dr. Chet Snow has seen into his own future both in this lifetime, to the year 2000 and beyond, and then into his next incarnation on Earth. His findings have inspired many to release the past and explore their inner connection to the forces now shaping human destiny.

Intentional Communities
An inclusive gateway for information on ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives and other related projects and dreams.

Sedona, Arizona's Open Mind Resource Magazine
A resource guide to mind, body, spirit, healing and health with a circulation of 30,000 throughout Sedona and Northern Arizona.

Key to Sedona
A FREE referral service for low cost lodging, hotels, bed & breakfasts, experienced psychics, healers, tours, seminars and retreats in magical Sedona, Arizona. We've experienced all services and inspected all rooms.

Star Water Press: Angel & Spirit Inspired Tools for Transformation
Star Water Press Ltd., The Center For Self Discovery, has published, and offers to you inspirational products designed to support the discovery and experience of wholeness.


Circle of Light
Spiritual Organization by Judith M. Campbell, workshops,classes, assists other sites with graphics and animations

Leading Edge News
Website from the Editors of the Leading Edge News, published in North Carolina, that includes the lastest updates and articles on the cutting edge of UFOs and the New Age.

Millennium Matters
New Age Site run by Michael Connolly

Information about Unusual Phemenona, UFOs ... run by Georgina (

Site by Robert Bruce
Astral Projection ... New Age topics run by Robert Bruce (

New Age Site by Carol A. Wiggers

UFO/New Age Web Site sponsored by Searchnet. Organizer is Glenda Stocks, who also sponsors a number of mailing lists.

The Mystical Crystal
Crystal Teacher Geoffrey Keyte from England, shares different information related quartz crystals and Atlantis

Web Site organized by Chandara to help activate New Energies on Mother Earth via opening StarGates.

Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas
Magazine which shares articles on archaeological research of ancient cultures in the Americas, Wayne May is the editor.

The Peace Page
This site is dedicated to all dancing particles on the spiritual path. Site is run by Elsa Joy Bailey at:

Golden Age America & SAGE
This site share information about Divine Channels, Astrological Guidance and Education, and New Rays.

Land of Enchantment Metaphysical Page
This site is orchestrated by Patrick O'Connell, ex-publisher of the New Atlantean Journal.

Hank Kraftman's Web Site
This site is offered by Psychic Researcher and Speaker Hank Kraftsman and cover a wide range of subjects including some information on the crystal skulls (Hank has a few in his possession).
Egypt 2000
This site shares information about a special spiritual tour to sacred sites in Egypt happening in 2000
Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru
If you really want to learn more about Peru, you must visit the web developed by Florence Deems. Hatun Karpay is an account of an initiation into ancient Andean spiritual traditions during which we learn to tap into and work with the natural energies of the earth and the universe. The Index area makes very easy for you to choose what to read each time you visit this site, a site worth to be visited many times.
They are helping us to share our free e-books - they share a wide range of free ebooks and course - we highly recommend them!!


VJ Enterprises
Attn: Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
Bloomington, IL, USA
FAX: (206) 350-4985

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